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Heavy Metal Poisons Detected in Fluoride Used For US Water Supply | Healing Talks

Heavy Metal Poisons Detected in Fluoride Used For US Water Supply

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Contamination of drinking water

(Healingtalks) Based on findings in Natural News’s heavy metal detection labs. the fluoride commonly used in our public water has been found to contain  traces of arsenic, lead, tungsten, strontium, uranium, and aluminum.  These labs used employ detection techniques similar to those FDA uses as well as leading research universities to detect contaminants.

Details of research

The samples used for the research came from six Chinese manufacturers, all common sources for public water treatment materials. A total of about half a kilogram of samples was examined in the aggregate, which was further broken down into 0.5 gram samples. These samples werre subjected to processing with acids in a kind of digestive process that allows for trace metal analysis. The results were calculated in  parts per billion (ppb) and showed significant traces of at least six heavy metals that could represent a potential health hazard. The largest concentration was aluminum, with 69364 parts per billion, on average.  Many of these trace elements have been linked to health problems as follows, aluminum and lead concentrations to Alzheimer’s disease and other brain abnormalities, tungsten to stroke risk, and arsenic to rising cancer incidences. We never see lead or aluminum pipes in residential plumbing systems any more, and for a good reason. Why then re-add those elements to our water supply, unbeknownst?

Implications of the findings

The Natural News forensic laboratory provided irrefutable evidence that the fluoride in our public water supply is often contaminated with heavy metals and radioactive isotopes. Use of fluoride in water treatments thus can provide an indirect way of putting these toxic elements into that purified water supply. The EPA requires local governments to test their water treatment programs for heavy metal pollution. However, the testing is done, at times, before the fluoride is inserted into the water supply.

Truth is stranger than fiction 

Fluoride is the only chemical put into our public water supply for the purpose of medicating the public, rather than purifying the water, something which brings up considerable ethical questions. Does our government have the right to “play doctor.” Furthermore, fluoride itself is an EPA recognized environmental toxin, and the leading medical association in the US that specializes in studying environmental toxins, the American Academy of Environmental Medicine, is strongly opposed to water fluoridation as indicated in their official AAEM statement on water fluoridation. These are the top experts on the subject in the US. So how did fluoride ever get into our water supply? In the early part of the 20th century, the US mining industry needed a way to get rid of an environmental toxin to make their mining processes more profitable. So they turned to dentists, who were so narrowly focused on teeth they knew virtually nothing about systemic impacts, and much as occurred with the tobacco industry, they solicited the endorsements of health professionals.  Since then, numerous population and clinical studies, however, point to fluoride being bio-accumulative and implicated in the spread of bone cancer. brain cell damage, and infertility. For example, water filters are often found in dialysis machines because the fluoride is known to cause bone cancer. 

Rise in  Damage to Teeth Due to Water Fluoridation – Fluorosis Epidemic

That truth is stranger than fiction occurs because the same fluoride is actually a major cause of irreversible tooth enamel damage. This is why a coalition of dentists and other health professionals have banded together and issued the Fluoride Action Network statement to oppose water fluoridation.  Incidences of fluorosis have also been significantly on the rise in the US. Tragically, this condition now affects tens of millions of children in the US.


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