Holistic healing targets mind body and soul


Holistic healing targets
mind body and soul

By Nathan Batalion, PhD, Naturopath, Triathlete

(Healingtalks) The idea of balance is central to holistic medicine. A holistic lifestyle involves achieving equilibrium. Physical imbalances may be the result of any number of factors – lack of exercise, unhealthy foods, toxins, emotional upsets, a shortage of sleep, etc. It goes without saying that these broad issues can be addressed through holistic healing, which aims to restore the overall balance and stops bodily and inner abuses.

Holistic Healing … Non-Drug Approaches

According to many holistic healers, even physical problems can stem from within – from mental or emotional upsets. Alternative therapies, however, do not involve prescription drugs or ingesting powerful toxins, pain suppressors or stimulants. Allopathic suppression of symptoms with toxic agents or via surgery and radiation is not the same as healing. Alternative medicine rather uses detoxifications, healthier diets, herbal or homeopathic supplementation, exercise and finally ways of healing one’s inner consciousness  – all these are typically prescribed instead.

Holistic Healing … Time-Tested

Most holistic remedies trace their roots back hundreds or even thousands of years, with  time-tested healing techniques that have prove to be effective of millions.

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