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Home Depot campaign to remove Monsanto roundup concentrate from shelves

Monsanto roundup

Home Depot campaign to remove Monsanto roundup concentrate from shelves

(Healingtalks) On the on-going campaign to remove Roundup from Home Depot’s shelves:

November 6, 2009 response to Home Depot

“The product is the same internationally. I personally think offering an alternative on the shelves is not enough. It is simply not right to make a profit on a  highly, highly dangerous substance any more than selling heroin and cocaine. The fact that Roundup is not banned and illegal in the US is only because the documented backroom deals between Monsanto lobbyists and Bush administration insiders. I think whoever made the decision within Home Depot to continue to carry Roundup is looking at more the short-term profits picture (on a latest quarterly income statements perhaps with product breakdowns) but which is short-sided overall.

Roundup harms environment

This Roundup product very definitively harms our environment. There is no ifs, ands or buts about it. It also leaves some huge traces in our foods (especially the staples of soy and corn), and thus harms each of us, and our children and for generations to  come. It also harms the surrounding life forms that tread upon the earth’s soil. There really is no logical or moral justification for carrying this product anywhere.  I feel absolutely certain that Home Depot, when it comes to the same conclusion, would gain immeasurably more financially and would make far more profits and significantly more sales by wisely posturing itself as a superior caring and concerned service provider on this critical issue. Taking this off the shelves would send a positive, strong, and powerful leadership message to the entire herbicide industry. The public and media would take note. It would be a breakthrough event for the benefit of our whole planet.

Positive PR for Home Depot with removal of Roundup

Home Depot does this kind of positive posturing with its energy saving products – and for which it should be greatly applauded. Environmental toxins are an equally serious and pressing issue for all as compared to the issue of global warming. I thus would ask that management more carefully reconsider its position. That would mean getting more data first on this issue.If more information on the dangers of this product is requested, please let me know and I would be more than happy to take the initiative to confer with experts in the field and collect that kind of documented information. Thanks again for your followup on this matter.”

November 10, 2009 Home Depot’s response

The letter was thus forwarded to Dan Sexton Business Development Director The Scotts Company Office. He, in turn, wrote a letter to Michael B. Mahler apparently in charge of customer concerns or product procurements (?) with copies to seven other individuals ( Hackbart, Todd; Steiner, Sarrah S; Lyles, Jayme G; Williford, Gladys; Shaw, Geordie; Billmaier, Ed; McNamara, Tim (Corporate). The letter had an adobe response from Scott’s which we will post in the next blog. He is the forwarding letter:The above letter was taken very seriously(as they do not want the Home Depot account to be in jeapordy, millions are at stake).

Attached is a response for your records regarding the recent concern raised by a consumer over the active ingredient Glyphosate.  The Scotts Company, and Monsanto, take these matters seriously and appreciate you surfacing any concerns over our products directly with our companies.  The letter will provide you with more details and a contact if you feel you need more information.

Regards,  Dan Sexton Business Development Director The Scotts Company

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