Genetically modified foods or GMOs: How they got on our dinner plates


Genetically modified foods or GMOs: How they got on our dinner plates

By Nathan Batalion, Phd, Naturopath, Triathlete

(Healingtalks) Genetically modified foods or GMO’s are a major concern. There used to be a time when we could, without much thought or worry, eat whatever was put on our food plates. Times have changed dramatically. The number of GMOs, as well as chemicals, injected in our food supply has skyrocketed! About 10,000 chemicals are now routinely used in food processing and storage, and about 3,000  chemicals are added in the processing of our foods! This is in addition to the lethal “bonus,” of genetically modified ingredients which are not labeled!

How genetically modified food got on our dinner plates

The prevalent presence of GMOs is the result of secret and private meetings between executives of Monsanto and other industry giants with the prior Bush administrations. A campaign was started to sell the world public on the false idea that genetically modified foods are “essentially equivalent to regular foods.”  The diametrical opposite is so.

Genetic rape

Never has there been a more radical change to our common food supply, plus this is hidden to the public. When a fish gene is spliced into a tomato, or a worm gene is put in an apple, something is more than fundamentally wrong.  The process is also violent, using a gene gun that violates the conscious and alive genetic membranes. I call a spade a spade. This is genetic rape.


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