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Increase Testosterone Naturally | HealingTalks | Healing Talks

5 Ways to Naturally Increase Testosterone and Sexual Appeal for Men

Increase Testosterone Naturally / HealingTalks

increase testosterone levels naturally

(Healingtalks) There are several ways to increase testosterone naturally and without using steroids. It is not necessary to take hormones or synthetic chemicals that mimic natural hormones. Among the most common means are the following:

1) Muscle Building Exercises

Exercises involving resistance training are anabolic triggers for the production of increased testosterone. If you can’t regularly get to a gym, try a committed regime of simple and regular squats, situps and push ups.

2) High Quality Fat Intake

A major component of all hormones is fats. Try adding the richest of omega-3 rich fats to your diet, such as flax, chia, and hemp. Add avocados to your diet and try freshly grinding and blending nuts and seeds with your favorite recipes. You may see a major improvement in your sex hormone levels. As long as these fats are uncooked, they can healthily comprise 10-20% of your diet’s calories.

3) Plant-Based Protein Boosts and Deprivations

This is going to be hard for some to believe, those who cannot swim counter-stream in their minds, but the meat and dairy industry have done a fabulous, mega-billion dollar  job in lying to the public about the importance of constant high levels of protein intake. As one of the most comprehensive of nutritional studies, The China Study, has indicated, diets with constantly high levels of animal proteins (over 10% of caloric intake) tend to be toxic. They equate with increased levels of degenerative diseases, especially cancers across the board. Only a 2-5% of caloric intake from high quality plant-protein sources is optimal, supplemented by 20-30 grams right after a workout. A plant-based protein powder drink, or avocado or a few ounces of nut butters will do.

Jim Morris, a former Mr. America, got ripped on the plant-based diet because everything else just didn’t work quite right. Taking in more than 10% of your calories from just protein sources, even plant-based, can be problematic and unhealthy. It is too much for the body to handle. Proteins are highly-highly complex substances used to build cell membranes, the harder structure of the body, and we can only utilize so much, and not too much. See the linked  chart for more specifics for the protein content of different nut butters.

Try taking some tahini (notorious for building strength throughout the body – bones, muscles, and blood vessels) with crackers to the gym. Tahini is 20% protein.

Be sure all your nut butters are raw, not roasted. This will substantially boost their nutrition further. Deaden foods build dead cell membranes. Thus to bring out their life force, it is worth the effort to soak the nuts overnight and then blend them to make the best in fresh nut butters, or put them through a food processor, with added fresh flax seed oil and some spicy, get-you-going ingredients. I like garlic, ginger, cayenne, tumeric and the like.

Stop listening to all the propaganda lies. The cell membranes that soak up proteins are a small part of the cell as a whole, why we don’t need excess proteins. Protein digestion also takes up a lot of digestive energy, to break them down into amino acids, why the soaking or sprouting process helps to predigest or break down those elements. You cannot predigest animal proteins.

Thus a  low dietary level of plant-based protein (except right after a workout when the muscles soak them up) actually triggers greater testosterone production and manliness, contrary to all the conventional ad-manipulations of our consciousness,  fostered to sell meat and animal by-products. Testosterone actually offers a muscle-building backup system triggered by eating less, rather than not more protein in your diet. Go figure, and you need to figure this out for yourself to get the best figure.

4) Take Natural Hormone-Boosting Creams and Supplements

There are several creams on the market. My favorite is Textro Max by Life-flo. The formula contains Tribulus, DHEA, Longjack, horny goat weed, mucuna pruiren, and other helpful ingredients. You can further use ProgesterAll, formulated by the late Dr. John Lee. Progesterone is a general hormone precursor, good for building male and female hormones.  Also recommended is taking 250 mg of Forskolin (also known as Forslean) twice a day – just before training and the other with a meal. In a 2005 study, Forskolin (the Indian herb coleus forskohili) was found to reduce body fat and increase testosterone naturally in training individuals, compared to a placebo.

5) Healthy Sexual Activity

This is a no-brainer. If you keep sexually active, in a healthy and safe manner, you will also psychologically, physically, and spiritually keep alive your male essence.

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