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Global mind change and extending the vision of willis harman | Healing Talks

Global mind change: Extending the vision of Willis Harman


Global mind change:
Extending the vision of Willis Harman

By Nathan Batalion, PhD, Naturopath, Triathlete

(Healingtalks)  I used to host a global mind change discussion group for a New York City Noetic Science group, so this is a topic I love to write about. It was inspired by a book by Willis Harman entitled Global Mind Change. It has two alternative subtitles. The Promise of the Twenty-First Century and The New Age Revolution in the Way We Think. Both subtitles are appropriate but I have a vision a bit different about Global Mind Change than the late Willis Harman’s.  I once confronted him with it, and he didn’t quite catch on. Maybe if I had more private time with him as it was just a passing meeting. Global Mind Change involves some changes in the universal ways we view all of experience, all of life, all of nature and all of our consciousness thereof.

Can we move to a life-centered vision of nature

The core of my view is a shift from the mechanical to a life-centered view of nature. Can we make this shift happen. I would say yes, but it will take time, patience and deep understanding.  We have to overcome the molding of the past. It took at least 400 years to systematically create a cultural view that supposedly our exploration of math symbols and where they point unveils  the core laws of  nature.  If we now attempt a global mind change, we can move away from this 17th century view and toward what I see as  a more depth-true or integral life-centered vision. This transition is not minor and may need centuries to unfold. Only great sufferings migh speed up the process.


Overcoming surface illusions

If I have an apple in my hand and I take a knife to slice it in half, what then becomes visible? Obviously two flat surfaces coming out of the interior of the apple. Which surfaces are revealed depends on the angle of the cut. That angle also depends on me making the choice where to cut. All of this is simple to understand as a metaphor for explaining why a view of nature as surface, superficial, self-created.

Past left-brain dominance & math-based vision

Let us look more carefully at what I call “left-brain dominance.” The left-brain separates, the right connects. In the inner world of consciousness we separate something apart by focusing on it. This “cuts” (like a knife cuts an apple) the experience of reality apart and in the process creates the same kind of momentary surface appearance.  It may take awhile to observe this subtle kind of “cutting apart” of consciousness because it is not something hard, solid or physical to track. It is the cutting apart and creation of surface appearances (illusions or maya) within our consciousness.  Nothing is actually more illusionary than the core math-based vision of nature because mathematics expresses the highest abstractions for how to separate all elements of consciousness – something that can never arrive at an objective (non-subjectively cut apart) view!

I know this is a stunning statement but it is actually true.  This is why our modern world is so deeply in trouble. Thus to make a global mind change we have to challenge some highly deep (actually foundation) beliefs that we”ve been told are unchallengeable – again the core math-grounded view of physics and chemistry being supposedly objective. It is not. For more on this see my other articles on the alternative to the mathematical or “raw-wisdom” or a right-brain-dominant  or “connective-consciousness” view of all of nature.

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    Its a wordpress blog through Ieplexus. But you can make it on your own and have more control

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