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McDonald's Healthy Menu Options Now Available! | HealingTalks | Healing Talks

McDonalds Adds Healthy Menu Options

mcdoanlds healthy menu options - fresh salads

McDonalds healthy food options – salads

McDonald’s Healthy Menu Options / HealingTalks

Can you believe that they are finally offering a McDonald’s healthy menu?

Under pressure due to the obesity epidemic in the US and more of its competitors providing healthier options, the golden arches have added McDonald’s healthy menu options, including fresh fruits and veggies, to their customers worldwide. In addition it will no longer market some of its less nutritious options to children.Among the meal items McDonald’s will newly offer are smoothies, salads, fruits, and whole grains in their oatmeal. When choosing one of “McDonalds healthy menu value meals,” there will be the option to have a side salad or a piece of fruit or a vegetable instead of fries. With its McDonald Premium Wraps, it already offers an option for grilled rather than fried chicken rolled into a flour tortilla with lettuce,, tomatoes, and cucumbers.


The world woke up that something might be wrong with the McDonald’s menu when Morgan Spurlock singlehandledly (as director, producer, camera man, soundtrack, writer and lead actor) came out in 2004 with Supersize Me. It follows his own downward health, to his family and doctor’s dismay, on an exclusively McDonald’s diet. More recently pressure has come from the Clinton Foundation’s campaigns to reduce childhood obesity. Former President Clinton became health conscious do to a heart condition, and went on a planet-based diet to essentially save his life.0 He was before then on death row. He followed the advice of Drs. Dean Ornish and Caldwell  Esselstyn, Jr. Colin Campbell author of the China Study, and many others.

Clinton noted in a Youtube Clinton Interview that there is 25 years of evidence that going on a plant-based diet will result in self-healing for 82% of those going this route. This means that clogged arteries, with cholesterol and calcium build up, will reverse their condition,


It also is in response to McDonald’s recognition that it must compete for the sales of more health-conscious consumers, those who want less fat, salt, and sugar are included in its main. This includes the fact that Burger King unveiled a new way of making fries that reduced fat and calories. The Subway chain has already drawn sales away from McDonald’s with its healthy options.


The changes will occur in 20 of its largest markets and which account for about 85% of its worldwide sales. The plan will take three years to implement.




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