Published On: Wed, Oct 31st, 2012

Melinda’s One Year Anniversary


Melinda Lichter Elliott

(HealingTalks) On October 30th, we remembered the passing of Melinda Lichter Elliott, a loving partner and mother, and an extraordinary human being. Melinda was the creator of Raw Wisdom and had a Youtube channel sharing her knowledge. For more on her extraordinary life, please take a look at the HealingTalks tribute to Melinda here.

Contributions in Memory

We have set up a memorial fund in Melinda’s memory. By donating through the link on Melinda’s memorial page, you are supporting a breast cancer sufferer who is in need of treatment through natural therapies at the curative Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Nathan Remembers Melinda

Melinda Lichter Elliott, my beloved partner, was a great spirit of light and the creative webmaster for October 30th is the one year anniversary of her passing. During her life, Melinda  produced over 200 helpful videos which can be found on her ShiningStarMiracles YouTube channel.  She is also author of Healing Breast Cancer through the Arts. For more information on her book (and to obtain a copy) please visit her blog at  For more details about her rich life’s achievements, visit our tribute on and her biography at

Thank you for supporting her memory in love!

Nathan Batalion CTN
Certified Traditional Naturopath
Global Health Activist
Superhealth Man

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