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Michael Connett takes on ten ghostly ideas that justified flouridation in the 1950’s | Healing Talks

Michael Connett takes on ten ghostly ideas that justified flouridation in the 1950’s

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michael connett

(Healingtalks)  The following video is of Michael Connett, head of special projects for the Fluoride Action Network, giving a powerful presentation in March 2014 at a San Francisco Clean Water rally.

In this video, Connett eloquently outlines how large corporate and government entities began to father the idea that dumping one of the most highly toxic of waste products, fluoride, into our public water supply was a GREAT idea – a ghostly and phantom notion that  continues to cling to us.  Looking at corporate sponsored science in the 1950’s, we now find, as revealed by declassified documents, that much of that science was corrupt. This led communities to do something unprecedented, to take a proven highly bio-accumulative and highly bio-cidic substance into our bodies on a long-term basis. The substance could then reach all cells in our body. Granted we have biocidic medicines in the modern pharmacopeia. Chemotherapy, antibiotics and like substances are taken in, but always for a very brief time, in a targeted way, and with patient consent.

Back in the 1950’s, however, some of the most powerful industrial players, principally in the mining and  war industries, knew that fluoride, even at extremely miniscule levels, could harm their workers and surrounding communities. In fact, investigative reporting has revealed that studies proving damage to workers did not come to the light of day. This exposure to liability meant these entities were on the hook for an enormous amount of cash. To lessen this financial risk and prevent also a public relations crisis, one serious enough to shut down America’s atomic bomb building plants during the Cold War, something had to be done. An illusion had to  be intentionally created that fluoride was not all that harmful, if at all.  Helped this illusion along was the industry-known knowledge that fluoride was topically used, and effectively with teeth, being biocidic in relation to tooth bacteria and preventing cavities. The neat illusion was thus deepened that fluoride was a health benefit, rather than a hazard, even when and especially when take in internally. In fact, it was so safe that even children could ingest for decades without any harm whatsoever. Legal liabilities were then mitigated and the public relations crisis was halted. Much of this early history of fluoride’s promotion is sordid, with falsified papers submitted to dental journals, and with key players like Harold Hodge, chief toxicologist for the Manhattan Project, injecting also “harmless” plutonium into patients. It was Harold Hodge who in the 1940s determined that 1ppm was safe.

Ten ghostly illusions

1) Fluoride benefits come from swallowing

Back in the 1950’s, it was seriously believed that the primary benefit of fluoride was from swallowing. We now know otherwise As one of the world’s leading dental researchers,  John Featherstone,  has pointed out in a 2000 cover story in the Journal of the American Dental Association,  swallowing has no effect, zero, zip, nada impact on teeth. That at least the principal effect of fluoride is topical has been reluctantly acknowledged by the American Academy of Pediatrics, CDC, and the American Dental Association.

2) Fluoride is an essential nutrient

If the primary benefit of fluoride is from swallowing, then it must be some kind of nutrient. Sorry but this was mistaken. The CDC has confirmed that levels of fluoride in teeth have no relationship to tooth decay or tooth health. Fluoride, instead, acts in a bio-cidic manner to kill the bacteria that release acids which cause tooth decay.

3) Fluoridation will reduce tooth decay by 50-60%

Today the most ardent researchers claim a 20% cavity reduction. Many other researchers think the benefit of public water fluoridation is nil, zip, nada, none at all – and in the light of the general population using fluoride and other antiseptics topically. with 95% of toothpastes containing fluoride plus given comparative population studies which show fluoridation banning did not cause a rise in cavities or oral health problems.

4) Ingested fluoride is excreted and is not bio-accumulated

Research now shows that this is absolutely false. Fluoride remains in our bodies to the extent of  50% of the fluoride ingested remains in the body and only close to 50% is excreted. What remains in the body tends to settle in calcified tissues such as bones and the pineal gland where it does no good. It ultimately impacts every cell in our body.

5) The cosmetic problem of fluorosis will tops affect 10%

Originally it was believed some minor, negligible, almost unnoticeable fluorsis would at most affect 10%. Between 2003-4 CDC provided research that indicated 41% of all US teenager suffer from fluorosis. A percentage of these have advanced forms of fluorosis, causing a decay and crumbling of the enamel – with the highest levels in poor communities.

6) Industrial harms with acute fluorisis are clearly impossible

Harold Hodge once stated that fluoride was so safe that you could take a full tank in your local water plant, dump it accidentally into the local water daily and no one would suffer harm. It is impossible to cause acute fluoride poisoning. Tell that to the guy in Alaska who died within a day of an accidental fluoride dumping, with hundred more were hospital treated.  Oops, we made a mistake.

7) Kidney patients had no increased risks of harm

In 1970’s they realized that dialysis machines were not filtering out fluoride and patients were developing osteomalacia, a softening of the bones that leads to fractures.  The National Kidney Foundation subsequently withdrew its support of fluoridation. Sorry Whoops. We made a mistake.

 8) One of the top public health achievements of the 20th century

In 1999, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) made this statement. Let’s think now, most of the western world did not fluoridate their waters. They said no thanks. We do not want medicines in our water supply. What is telling is that their tooth decay rates are either the same in terms of oral improvement, if not less. If this was one of the top health achievements, why is there no discernible difference.

9) There are no known dangers with fluoridation

Why is there a constant trickling in of research, week by week, month by month, year by year showing fluoride has a bio-cidic negative affect on nearly every known tissue system in the body. One of the most active areas of research  in the last 25 years has been brain studies. There have been 38 studies showing modest exposure to fluoride is associated with lower IQ. What gives us confidence that fluoride is the cause, and not some other population factor, is the presence of 30 of 32 animals studies showing impaired mental functions with animals fed modest amounts of fluoride compared to controlled groups. As a Lancet paper acknowledge in February 2014, fluoride is a developmental neurotoxin. Yet it is being added to our body everyday. This is not easily noticed. Using lead in gasoline persisted for 40 years before it was removed  We now know lead in gasoline, for those exposed, was reducing IQ by about 7 IQ points. Fluoride is known to be more toxic than lead and in comparable concentrations. We have now added this chemical not only to the water supply, but indirectly to most processed foods and drinks made with that water supply.

10) The push for fluoridation was originally based on honest and sound science

Much the opposite is the case. As with experiments conducted to show DDT, asbestos, and lead were harmless, there was a preponderance of corporate science undertaken for corporate agendas. This is the larger context and where open, honest, and transparent knowledge was stifled and stunted, where lifeless beliefs came into being, ghosts we must now leave behind. The time has come for the government not to force this very serious chemical on others.


How do we rid ourselves of this ghost, giving more rights to human life and dignity, as we move into the 21st century? Its time to look at the new data, and more forward, not backward, to protect our lives. We cannot put our heads in the sand and lean on early ideas proven wrong, which most European countries have rejected. Here in American we have a job ahead of us, and if the people will lead, the leaders will follow

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