About cleansing, weightloss and detox diets

About cleansing, weightloss and detox diets

By Nathan Batalion, PhD, Naturopath, Triathlete

(Healingtalks) The Internet is rife with misinformation about all kinds of diets, especially cleansing diets, weight loss diets and detox diets.  The purpose of detox or cleansing diets is not just to lose weight but to cleanse the interior of the body, eliminating toxic residues left behind and stored in our cells due to a  diet that is denatured, refined, and chemicallized. A detox diet will simultaneously help us shed the fat deposits that hold toxic chemicals and wastes.

Using fruits and veggies for a detox diet

A detox diet focuses attention on eating more fruits and vegetables – in a solid or liquid form, and veering favorably toward the liquid.

liquid diet
More liquid foods for detoxing and greater life force

We can take those same fruits and veggies and blend them into a smoothie diet (more of solid meal substitutes). This will have a distinctly detox and vitalizing effect.  We recommend the use of a high speed blender such as Blentech or Vitamix – which we offer on our shop-healing-talks-store. Another approach is simply juicing fruits and vegetables. This takes out the fiber. Drinking juices will more strongly carry the life forces into the body provided the juices are freshly made and not cooked. It will enhances a more thorough flushing out of toxins or impurities.

Optimal healing

By stripping our diet down to such “fluid basics” we can achieve greater healing effects and new levels of inner vitality. For still more on this subject,  see our other articles on juicing and blending.

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