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Natural organic healing - bringing out the living force of nature | Healing Talks

Natural organic healing – bringing out the living force of nature

natural healing bringing out life force

Natural and organic healing bringing out living force of nature

Natural organic healing – bringing out the living force of nature

By Nathan Batalion, PhD, Naturopath, Triathlete

(Healingtalks) If  the living  force of nature is something real, it is likely not reducible to a simple chemical/mechanical  formula. Our bodies are more than just machines that burn fuel like a car engine would. Our food elements are, however, all chemically defined (carbs, sugars, fats, and proteins).

Life force is not something mechanical

But suppose there is such a thing as “life” and our life force and that this involves our consciousness. Life’s foundation is rooted in this consciousness. Watch the video Planet Earth that shows the countless and awesome faces or species of life on Earth. They are all sentient. Every living being – from the tiniest nano-bacteria to the largest dinosaurs – exhibits awareness. They all act differently than what is mechanical – like telephone answering machine that have no recognition of the difference between a ferociously angry and a happy voice.

What is consciousness?

I have long advocated that consciousness is not an exclusively human attribute. It is rather represents a trans-personal, trans-human principle in nature – and forms the root universal relationship of connection in nature. Consciousness forms what connects everything. When concentrated, consciousness self-organizes life.

Focus on bringing out life and consciousness

If not naturally supported and elicited, we see but barren and dead landscapes.  Suppose we want to bring out more, not less, of this life and consciousness in and at the core of nature.  How do we go about it? Let us not turn to the chemical/mechanical model  that brings out the opposite and ends up polluting and causing extinctions. That view actually misdirects our consciousness. Why? This is a long discussion. Without explaining why, we still can see simple the aftereffects – as with our modern, drug-based, allopathic medical approach that is wholesale failing to heal chronic ailments.

Bringing out life and consciousness with raw food diet

One way to really bring out aliveness and healing is by eating life-enhancing foods. This refers to raw and living foods, especially greens. What exactly is in those foods that carry more life force? This turns out of be something akin to the sap of a tree and the blood of our vessels. It is the alkaline juices of fruits and vegetables. But why one might ask?

Why add juices?

A plausible answer is that if life is grounded in the presence of consciousness, and consciousness forms this awesome universal relationship of connection. What is most connective in our bodies, and in all of nature, should then contain that consciousness and life force. What is most connective turns out to be liquid rather than solid (solid separation). You can see this when you let go of a drop of water into a vast ocean. It reconnects with the whole. The separate identity of each drop disappears. If you bump two solid balls together (studying what is mechanical motion ) the two remain fully separate and do not  connect except superficially by bumping surfaces together and against each other. This is why we use   juice and green blended diets in therapeutic, life-enhancing ways.

Why green juices and blends?

Green is the exact  middle color of the rainbow, generally the most neutralizing, alkalizing and connective. We can see this in the laws of radiant light, or where the opposite colors of red and blue-indigo of the rainbow are pointed together with the middle color green, and whereupon the green pulls the two farthest color separations or far opposites together to remake white, color-separation-less or unified light. This is akin to what happens with drops of water, and water brings out the rainbow.

A life-centered worldview

Such is part of the real, not a mystically imagined, order of nature – focusing on what is connective, conscious, and life-enhancing. This picture of a universe re-understood using life- rather than death- centered principles represents a revolutionary and rescuing global mind change.

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