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Picture of Smokers and Non-Smoker's Lungs | Healing Talks


(Healingtalks) A picture can certainly tell more than a thousand words. This especially applies to the fate of smokers vs. non-smokers…..




Nathan Batalion, PhD, Naturopath, Triathlete

City Dweller Non-Smoker’s Lung Compared to Smoker’s Cancerous Lung

(Healingtalks) These are dramatic contrasted pictures of smoker’s and non-smoker’s lungs Note below the small carbon deposits on the normal lung from City pollution – a relatively minor effect.

non-smoker's-lung smoker's cancerous lung

City Dwelling Non-Smoker’s Lung Compared to Smoker’s Lung With Emphysema

We, again, see tar build up and a radical degeneration of the lung on the left

non-smoker's lung2 smoker's-emphysema.lung

City Dweller Non-Smoker’s Lung Compared to After Years of Smoking

Smokers especially are known to suffer from over a dozen major forms of cancer * as well as emphysema and bronchitis.  The cancers include those of the throat, lungs, thyroid, bronchial tubes, larynx, bladder, pancreas, liver, gallbladder, kidneys, cervix, and lips

healthy-lung smoker's lung

                  Aging and smoking


Smokers are also more likely to:

  • Get colds and flu
  • Have shortness of breath and wheezing
  • Get cataracts and macular degeneration
  • Have gum disease and yellow teeth
  • Have problems getting pregnant
  • Become impotent
  • Have problems sleeping or falling asleep
  • Have memory problems
  • Develop stomach ulcers
  • Have high blood pressure
  • Develop emphysema, chronic bronchitis, or asthma
  • Have diabetes complications
  • Have circulation problems
  • Develop premature facial wrinkles

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  1. joshuapelland says:

    What about picture of Cannabis smoker's lungs?

  2. joshuapelland says:

    I'd also like to see comparison between those who smoke Tobacco, or Cannabis, and then again those who smoke both. I believe the Cannabis clears out the tar and is anticarginogenic so it at least partially reverses the damage. Obviously best to vaporize ganja and use no nicotine at all :)

  3. Just came and read, this is wow! I was seek from many blogs, but here is the best, I love it.

  4. Going to try giving up smoking and actually think this may help.

  5. Mark Freeman says:

    Oh yes, more terrible lung images. I dont think they actually work to get people to quit smoking – that is until they are almost ready. It is a useful tool to help push a smoker over the edge to become a non-smoker so soemtimes the shock does work.
    Check my signature for another pretty disgusting lung comparison image if you dare.
    Regards –  Mark

  6. Miriam kenny says:

    i’ll try to persuade my mother to refrein from smoking

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  9. chlorella says:

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  10. Ty 7 says:

    I used to be a smoker from the age of 15, i am now 62, when i was 47 yrs old i suffered a heart attack and had to have heart by-pass surgery six months later, i have tried nicotine patches and chewing gum with little success because to me i was still putting nicotine into my body and found the only way i can do it is go cold turkey.
    which ever way you choose to give up smoking ,it will be the most positive thing you could possible do, no more bad chests, smelly clothes, bad breath ,etc and most of all possibly keeping your lungs from getting cancer.
    This year 2011 has been a terrible year for me and my family, my two older brothers [tw ins] both died within 11 weeks of each other, the first died on march 7th with a massive heart attack and it was his first and only H.A.,  and his brother died may 28th with lung cancer which spread to other parts of his body and there was nothing anyone could do to save him.

  11. Daniel Khan says:

    I’m sad to see how bad the effects of pollution are on our lungs. I don’t smoke, our lungs show enough damage without cigarettes. Just look at the bottom picture of the “healthy” lung, all those carbon deposits. Disgusting, American needs to work on cleaning its air. 
    Smoking is a choice, having to breath in polluted air is not!

  12. Anonymous says:


  13. Viceal says:

    My step dad smokes. Ill show him this and hope for the best

  14. Rixsta says:

    Im 35 and have smoked since I was 12, Ive tried 5 times to give up and I just cant seem to do it, its pretty scary what Im doing to my body, even more so seeing this. I wish I had never started, I see school kids smoking like I used to and its pretty sad. I get out of breath alot these days and I somehow have to stop before its to late

  15. Wisty Allgood says:

    thats disturbing……………-_-

  16. Laurapaige says:

    yeah it hurts me to an never smoked my advice go to a a smokers awareness class

  17. Dawud mohammed says:

    may God bless u with the good work ,may it really makes the smokers quit as seeing is believing, thanks

  18. roxyluvsyal says:

    hello i am roxanne i think thats very gross and kids that smoke should use there brains not damage there lung 

  19. Gonzaleznick78gmail.com says:

    wow so scary!!! I just googled this to show my 13 year old son what I have been doing to myself before I quit smoking I just recently started smoking the e smokey cigarettes the kind you pour the liquid nicotine in it its been 2 weeks and I stop completely smoking cigarettes do to their constant you’re killin us all with your smoking in the house to here that made me very sad 1 of my sons is on football team they learn a lot at school not Chicago Public Schools lol but long and skining try it it may save years of ur life for if not for u them!!!!!! Good luck!!!

  20. Robin says:

    I know what you mean, I’m 45 and my most recent chest xray showed COPD, I’ve been smoking since I was 11 I also have shortness of breath and stomach ulcers so this is what you have to look forward to in as little as 10 years. I hope this will help you before you do as much damage as I have. Good Luck, I’ll say a quick prayer for you while I’m begging God to help me.

  21. Robin says:

    When you do show your step dad be supportive and willing to help him, go fishing or to a ball game or whatever to help distract him. It’s really hard to quit even if you get a diagnoses of COPD or emphysema, I know this because I am going through it alone other than the support of my fb friends.

  22. Robin says:

    I am so sorry for your loss, I lost my baby brother when I was 6 he was 2 and fell in the water and drowned. I havea friend who just had a heart attack and had stints put in he had to quit cold turkey, my step dad died of a massive heart attack in December and he wasn’t a smoker other than an occasional pipe. I am having to quit due to a diagnosis of COPD and I’m only 45, I also lost both of my grand parents on my moms side and my grandmother on my dads side years ago and my dad 5 years ago all to smoking related illnesses. Your post reminded me how many people I have lost in my family to smoking related stuff. So Thank You for that, and good luck with everything.

  23. Teresad says:

    Hi… I am also using the E-cig.. i know its not approved by the FDA, but i have decided it is at least safer than cigarettes. It only contains nicotine, which is bad enough, however, it removes all the other carcinogenic components from the smoking of conventional cigarettes. Im almost 5 weeks into my journey, and i’m already feeling the benefits, both healthwise and financial…best of luck to all and i hope ye all succeed in kicking this nasty habit no matter how you succeed :) :) xx

  24. Jadenvarnell says:

    thats black stuff is called tar

  25. kayla says:

    yeah and how old are you know

  26. Micheleadvancedesigns says:

    I DONT KNOW WHAT is wrong with me , Im 44 years old and was just told i have emphysema and only 40 percent of my lung compacity left .. why doesnt that scare me enough to quit smoking .. I know I must but i have tried 3 times now and have failed .. what can I do … I know its bad for me but I love smoking .. this is sooo hard ..  im also overweight and just started menopause soo this is like  wow ..  I NEED TO QUIT SMOKING , LOOSE WEIGHT AND DEAL WITH MENOPAUSE… 

  27. Troymbarr says:


  28. Codyrisler says:

    not good

  29. Ddweidman says:

    i have never smoked think its disgusting,  my 17 year old basketball player daughter is smoking and i plan on showing her this,  hope it helps.

  30. Jocelynrose says:

    that is disturbing like for real!!!!!!!!

  31. Owenscottunited says:

    can smoking mariuanna give you lung cancer as i dont smoke tobacco but alot of mariuanna

  32. Lungfish says:

    Carbon deposits in lung tissue? Is this something that we are taking seriously or has it simply become acceptable to populate polluted urban areas? With all of our resources…

  33. Thanks for putting the pictures on t. he internet.  They’ll help me to convince family members to quit smoking.  I started to smoke when I was about 14.  I smoked for about 10 years and at the end I was using 3 packs per day.  One day I saw a program on TV about a man who was dying from lung cancer.  Before he died he, his wife and his children were interviewed concerning how the smoking was changing their lives.  After the man died an autopsy was done and his lungs were displayed along side of the lungs from a nonsmoker.  I stopped smoking on that day.  I’ve never smoked since and my doctors say that they can NOT find any damage or evidence that I ever smoked.  I’m 73 years old now and going strong.  I did have some side effects from quitting.  I would wake up at night and be all worked up and frustrated.  I figured out that I had been dreaming and in my dreams I had smoked.  In my dreams I would be upset with myself for smoking and it would wake me up.  The dreams stopped along with my being upset.   

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