Racing to control Ebola pandemic in Sierra Leone

Ebola in Sierra Leone

Ebola in Sierra Leone

Racing to control Ebola pandemic
in Sierra Leone

(Healingtalks)  In the effort to control the Ebola pandemic in Sierra Leone, a country with a population of six million, medical martial law been outright declared and enforced by the Sierra Leone government, searching for Ebola victims. In the meantime, all residents have been ordered, at gun point, to remain in their homes for three days. Volunteers will hand out over a million bars of soap.

Ebola campaign supported by US military and UN

Thousands of U.S. soldiers have been enlisted to help contain a frighten epidemic which, even if contained within Africa’s borders, could kill millions of Africans.  The quarantine, supported by the UN and WHO, could backfire, encouraging Sierra Leone residents ill with Ebola to free its borders, spreading Ebola far and wide. A three day lock down of the nation will also have economic repercussions on those who are Sierra Leone families with minimal incomes.

US already has similar plans in case of a health pandemic

Plans have already been drafter in the US, accompanied by Presidential executive orders which allow for  a taking control of vital resources, food and water and to quarantine US citizens, declaring a gun-point military takeover and where all rights will cease to exist. If this has come to fruition in one country, it can happen anywhere.

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