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Should we follow the Dr. Andrew Weil anti-inflammatory diet? | Healing Talks

Should we follow the Dr. Andrew Weil anti-inflammatory diet?

Dr Weil Anti-inflammatory diet
Should we follow the Andrew Weil anti-inflammatory diet?

(Healingtalks) Does eating a large amount of fish help reduce body inflammations?

Yes, according to Dr. Andrew Weil, a popular holistic physician based in Arizona. In fact you get a sense of how important fish is in his diet by how, in the above picture fish is on top of the rest, akin to its placement in Dr. Weil’s anti-inflammatory diet and pyramid. He fails the mention the vast pollution in our oceans which should prompt us to limit, and for vegans, to eliminate fish from the diet. No doubt fish is high in omega fats,  but there are great plant-based alternatives.

On the same website he also recommends that we eat a diet 30% fat and 20-30% protein, very much out of line with contemporary nutritional science.

Dr. Andrew Weil

No wonder he looks pudgety(fat), if not obese, following his own advice.

Dr. Weil vs Gerson Therapy

I got a sense about the dubious advice of Dr. Weil some years ago when he attacked the Sedona Gerson Wellness Center and its juicing program (which I had help start) – making local front page headlines in Arizona. That centerhelped many reverse incurable ailments. Needless to say I lost all respect for him at that time as a leading holistic physician in the US quoted by the mass media.

He also recommends eating dairy, and there is hardly a food that is more inflammatory. Weil has been known to also recommend ample amounts of soy, which might be defensible, but without mentioning that most is genetically modified and has ill effects. 

Dr. Weil is not alone in promoting such a mainstream view.

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