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Steve Meyerowitz (Sproutman) – The Passing of a Health Legend | Healing Talks

Steve Meyerowitz (Sproutman) – The Passing of a Health Legend

sproutman with sprouts

It is with great sadness that I have to share the passing of a great friend and health teaching legend, Steve Meyerowitz, better known as the Sproutman.  This past Wednesday evening, September 9th, Steve was driving his Volkswagen Beetle on US Route 7 in Falls Village, Connecticut when he head on collided with a  pickup truck and was  pronounced dead shortly thereafter.

I first learned of Steve’s work in the early days when he was one of the great pioneers in perfecting sprouting for optimal heath He ranks with the likes of Anne Wigmore and Viktoras Kulvinskas in this regard.  Back in 1977, Steve founded the Sprout House in his Manhattan apartment, where I so well remember attending his courses. Steve was  passionate, joyful and so much fun in his teaching style, while at the same time conveying a wealth of knowledge laced with a mix of memorable jokes and deep intuitive insights.  Over the course of several decades, Steve was a regular at many national health fairs and to thereby lovingly spread his gospel of sprouting for your health.

Back in those days when his apartment was overflowing with sprouts, Vegetarian Times gave him the title “The Sproutman” (1976).  Steve was soon living up to the title by wearing his colorful Sproutman ties, shirts and caps. Thus the title stuck.  A few years ago, I was able to invite Steve to lecture locally in my hometown of Oneonta. He gave the usual rousing lecture. He was a regular at the larger nearby annual health get-togethers (such as the Veg Fest in Albany and New Life Expo in New York City). There he would kibbutz, entertain, and share his means for reaching sprout-filled health. Last year, Steve was gracious to offer to promote my forthcoming book on a life-and-consciousness-centered vision of nature. That work will promote the intake of living foods, in lieu of “dead-weight” foods that feed our obesity/chronic illness epidemics.

Steve was more than just a prolific health writer, overflowing advocate and icon for spouting foods.  He was also a passionate husband and father, a musician, and a pilot. He got his flying license at 17 and passed on that flying passion to his two sons, Ari and Noah who likewise became pilots.  They flew annually to a large airshow in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, and Steve helped organize the local Rotary’s Bike and Fly fundraiser. The airport will do a flyover tomorrow at his funeral.

Born in the Bronx in 1950, Steve was the youngest of three boys. His father was a self-taught performer who won a Charlie Chaplin contest, and passed on his passion for entertaining to Steve, who then became a gifted  comic and mime, especially when he was just “sprouting around.” Friends advised him he should have become a professional clown. But after a 20 year bout with asthma and allergies, he amazingly discovered that a living foods diet made his symptoms vanish, and in just two months. See this account in Steve’s bio on Web MD  as well as at www.sproutman.com/about. Thereafter, and employing his big heart and joy for life, “The Sproutman” devoted himself to helping others reverse their unique long-stinted chronic ills. His core motto became – reclaim your health.  

Steve also tirelessly tested sprouts for the highest quality growing seeds and started a mail order business to sell these finest of  seed supplies and growing equipment. He eventually sold that mail order business and moved his family to living under the clear, fresh air skies of Great Barrington MA.  There he loved to experiment with his different health practices and regimes, doing yoga and acrobatics, along with his living food diet and daily workouts.

Dear Steve…how you will be missed by not only friends and family but millions who have benefited from your wealth of knowledge, your energy and your enthusiasm over the past four decades.

May heaven shine upon you, as you journey higher, flying on the other side. We will so very much miss you here. But we also will promise, from our end, to keep things ever sprouting from the ground on up.

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