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Successfully treating lyme disease naturally | Healing Talks

Successfully treating lyme disease naturally

treat lime disease naturally

Treat lime disease naturally

Succesfully treating
lyme disease naturally

By Nathan Batalion, PhD, Naturopath, Triathlete

(Healingtalks) How can we treat lyme disease naturally and with consistently successful results?  It helps to first have to deep understanding of the illness.

What causes lime disease

Lime disease is apparently triggered by a various animal bites or ticks which transmit a type of spirochete bacteria called Borrelia burgdorferi. When the immune defense system is deficient, the bacteria  apparently penetrates the cell membrane, causing the presence of an intracellular disease. This makes lime disease typically chronic, latent even if symptoms are suppressed and thus more difficult to treat, or at least relatively more difficult than extracellular ailments like diabetes.

The difficulty, however, can be seen in a positive light as the lime disease carrier is called to follow a higher level of diet and lifestyle.

Successfully treating lime disease

  • HERBS AND SPICES – It is not surprising that anti-inflammatory herbs like turmeric and anti-oxidant herbs like amla can greatly reduce the impact of limes disease – authentically enhancing health rather than just suppressing symptoms with drugs. There are many other  herbs with similar impacts, but these are among the most powerful.
  • ALKALINE DIET – Familiarize yourself with alkaline/acid foods and follow a more alkaline diet. Simply shift to a higher proportion of relatively “lighter” and light bearing foods, salads and fruits compared to heavier, more complex proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.  Restrict fats to the more omega-rich which are alkaline. Avoid fried foods. An average, a plant based diet, avoiding meat, dairy and eggs, is far more alkaline. Test out your diet with urine PH test strips upon rising. A PH below 7 is acid and above alkaline. For more information, see how to test PH.
  • LIVING FOODS – Add more life-enhancing foods to your diet, green juices, sprouts, probiotics, positively fermented foods, and superfoods. Eat mostly fresh, whole, uncooked and organic.
  • REGULAR EXERCISE – Engage yourself at least three times a week with exercise that makes you sweat, circulating life force, speeding up healing and taking out toxins.
  • DETOXIFICATION – Make detoxification a regular part of your life. You use saunas, colon cleansing, along with juice and water fasting.
  • POSITIVE MIND SET, LOVE YOURSELF – Keep it simple. See this “illness” as a blessing calling you to a higher, more conscious lifestyle.

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