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US Secretary of Agriculture Takes on the Labeling Issue | Healing Talks

US Secretary of Agriculture Takes on the Labeling Issue

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gmo 93% want label
Tom Vilsack, US Secretary of Agriculture, has called for a meeting of both sides of the GMO labeling issue to sit down and work out a compromise. The Dark Act was such a contentious issue so that not even a single pro-GMO Democrat was willing to co-sponsor the federal preemption bill to stop mandatory labeling in Vermont (given that 93% of American are for mandatory labeling). Last month our office sent emails to numerous agricultural assistants individually in the Senate to let them know our position and to send them the infographic shown below.

This whole issue is such a hot political potato, it was intentionally thrown into the lap of the Secretary of Agriculture in December and out of the hands of the Senators to reach a compromise. The Secretary plans to have a meeting within weeks so this is time NOW that he needs to hear from you. In accord with what the Organic Consumer’s Association is advising in their latest alert, let Vilsack know the following:

  1. Not to Preempt Vermont’s Law
    Allow Vermont’s law to take effect by July 1st and not to override the will of VT’s residents. We could agree on a federal standard afterwards that meets or exceeds what Vermont’s law calls for.
  2. Mandatory Labeling
    If there is a federal regulation past, it has to be mandatory.
  3. All-Inclusive Labeling
    The regulation needs to cover meat and fish products as well.
  4. Public Meeting
    If there is a compromise meeting, it must be public,not private and behind doors.
  5. Contains GMOs Wording
    There have to be words and not just a symbol indicating the presence of GMO ingredients, and those words need to be in the nutritional content section of the label.
  6. America Wants Labeling- 93% of Americans want labeling, there are reasons for health concerns as shown in the tumor of the rat in the infographic, and it will not be a burden on industry as falsely claimed.

Rather than having to focus on lobbying on 100 Senators, we can, for now, put pressure on just the Secretary of Agriculture . THE TIME TO CONTACT HIM IS NOW:


You can send your opinions (including copying any of the information about) to USDA via their website at:  http://www.usda.gov/wps/portal/usda/?navid=FEEDBACK_FORM


You can also write or call the USDA as follows:

Headquartered in Washington, D.C., USDA’s Postal Service mailing address is:U.S. Department of Agriculture
1400 Independence Ave., S.W.
Washington, DC 20250Information Hotline: (202) 720-2791


There is also an OCA’s petition at addressed to the Secretary of Agriculture as follows:
OCA Petition

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