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Why go organic now! | Healing Talks

Why go organic now!

It is a serious question… “why go organic now?” There once was time when we did not need to ask such a question or when we could eat whatever was served on  their dinner plate. Now foods are so vastly adulterated with chemicals, chemically grown and highly processed foods that one needs to be cautious. Man has dramatically changed our natural surroundings including the food we eat. What we now perceive as food is either a clone or a fabrication of what was once real. The number of chemicals injected into our foods seems to be forever increasing and it is becoming a lot harder to find whole organic foods, which is now more costly than in times past!

Chemical and genetic pollution

About 10,000 chemicals are used in food processing and storage, and 3,000 directly in our foods! Furthermore, we have the added lethal “bonus” of genetically modified ingredients which are not labeled! This is not only an insult to our very own intelligent but it is also an assault on our physical and spiritual beings as well. In other words, the food industries have secretly declared war on all people.

Secret Monsanto meetings

This was the result of some secret and private meetings between executives of Monsanto and the prior Bush administration. A campaign was started to sell the world public on the false idea that genetically-modified foods are “essentially equivalent to regular foods.”  The diametrical opposite is so.  Never has there been a more radical change to our common food supply, plus this is systematically hidden from the public. When a fish gene is spliced into a tomato, or a worm gene into an apple, something is more than fundamentally wrong.

GMO processes are violent and harmful

The process is also violent, using a gene gun that violates the conscious and aliveness of genetic membranes. It’s time to call a spade a spade. The food that we often find in the super market, have been molested, genetically speaking. Perverted thugs who run companies like Monsanto have found a way to molest our food and genetically rape it. They leave our food void of fresh, innocent and vibrant life while inserting their own poisons into the very food we eat.

Why we are sick as a nation

This is the reason that we are sick as a nation. Not just in the U.S, but this is a world wide phenomenon. The end “food” products turn out to be predictably harmful to our environment and our bodies.  2/3rds of supermarket foods are now ripe with genetically-modified  food ingredients?

In self-defense – go organic

These GMO “foods” first hit the market in the early 1990s. This was thanks to no real safety testing or regulatory oversight or labeling. What can the consumer do in self-defense?

Go organic!

In your buying choices, we must also support those organic farmers who have integrity, who care for us, who are not polluting the earth or ultimately our  bodies and that of our children for generations just to reap short-sighted profits.

There is only one way to go, go organic!

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