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Why turn to a raw food diet? | Healing Talks

Why turn to a raw food diet?

why turn to the raw food diet

Ann Wgmore advocating a raw food diet

       Why turn to a raw food diet?

by Nathan Batalion, PhD, Naturopath, Triathlete

(HealingTalks)I would like to answer the question, why it is so beneficial to our health to turn to the raw food diet. Ann Wigmore, one of the founders of the raw food movement, advocated was that we should eat a living foods diet primarily for their  life-enhancing enzymes. Get your daily dose of enzymes was the rallying cry. These enzymes aide digestion. They also speed up countless chemical reactions in our body. If you heat a food over 110 degrees, most of the enzymes tend to die.

Because of “life” in raw foods

Here I will argue that what is “life” in our food is not reducible to any chemical formula of elements, reactions, principles or enhancers. The reason why is explained below.

Not reducible to what’s math-defined

In my opinion and contrary to what we are all taught, math symbols are not infallible and objective tools for discovering the core essence of nature  – which represents a 17th century ideology that has fervently taken root . Why?

This is simply because math symbols  point (all symbols are but pointing tools) to universal relationships of separation in our consciousness. When we count two objects they must be separate to be able to count them. However, we cannot effectively connect a vision of nature with these penultimate symbols of separation because that represents a cosmic-in-scope contradiction. It is a contradiction at the core of our vision of nature.

who is logical and who is illogical

Who is logical and who is illogical

Illogical vision of nature

It is absolutely not logical or logically possible. It is not a wise vision as a result – and universal acceptance and teaching of that vision doesn’t make it wise or true. It just shows how foolish we remain.  It shows how absorbed we are in a cultural illusion that is thousands of years old. The math-bound vision is no doubt profoundly powerful for technological constructs, but on a deeper level is, in my opinion, a very failed and failing view of nature’s core. Now imagine that the essence of what indeed forms “life” in nature is the presence of what we experience every day as consciousness – and that consciousness rather forms this universal connective relationship in nature. It is what subliminally math-bound philosophers sought to discover, but with the wrong symbolism,  Math symbols are a poor choice for this purpose because they abstract consciousness separations.

Thus a false guiding vision of nature

What I am trying to convey, to those whose minds are not closed to new and paradigm-busting ideas, is that our dominant vision of a nature’s essence is a false view (as to nature’s depths and not its surface appearance). It is also a hazardous cultural construct. The fruits of that construct, in my experience, ultimately harm nature’s essence in ourselves and around us. I know these are shocking statements and either I am completely whacked out (as some will believe), or as a former math prodigy I am trying to convey something much more advanced – whether the general public is as yet ready to hear it or not.  In fact, our whole ideological focus in the modern world about nature ‘s essence is really clashing and threatening to unravel the whole web of life.

global pollution

Polluting reality manifests from inside to outside

Again this is precisely what is happening in our modern world, and many of my blog posts go into details. The global and growing pollution of our soil, air, water, food supply, interior fluids – all within just a hundred years of the mass application of this vision – is the mounting reality-evidence. Something is obviously going very wrong and we must stop thinking that we are just victims when in fact we are the real creators of what we reap.

What to do and not to do with mathematics

So imagine that math symbols should not be used to form a dominant guide to our consciousness of nature but rather subserviently – that is subservient to an integrally connective (right-brain-dominant) orientation to all of nature. It is again impossible to have an integrally connective or integrally conscious view using the most separative of all symbols as revered inner idols or symbolic God-like guides. For example, let us take the use of a phone number in daily life. It helps us to target (separate-out), focus towards, tag or find someone to then connect with them. This is different than using math symbols in the more dominantly “separative ways” – which physics and chemistry routinely and supremely masters.  An extreme result – virtually predictable as the materialization of Descartes’ 17th century vision,  is the designing and bringing into being of atomic or nuclear weapons.

atomic bombs

How atom bombs came to be from inside out

What we visualize inside of us we then “materialize” or create in the outer world.

Underlying the formulas of Dr. Fehmi for creating atomic bombs were Cartesian coordinates – the radical mathematization or separation (and therefore explosion) of space.

Another consequence is the growing pollution and harm to all of life on earth due to the proliferation of what has been math-designed or brought-into-being synthetic chemicals. Of course we are taught that following the math-bound trail is just a matter of objectivity rather than ideology. It supposedly liberates us to discover nature’s “true objective” laws and we look then at the creation of math-designed, mechanical technologies as undeniable proof.  But let us look instead at all of nature, mechanical and non-mechanical, including the overall impact on life!

Mechanical philosophy of nature’s impact on life

To test the underlying entirely of the math-stuck view (rather than one chemical in isolation so as to later market a profitable product) let us take a very random and large mix of chemicals to test the whole of the philosophy/ideology of chemistry and throw them into a living environment (such as a garden or compost heap) and what happens?

All of life, yes all of life dies and for a predictable, knowable and even stupidly obvious reasons.

The underlying order, the mathematical, clashes with the very essence of what is life and consciousness in nature. That is why life considers anything mechanical as anathema. We innately hate doing mechanical chores or creations. We loath working in mechanical, assembly-line factories if indeed we have a choice about it.

species going extinctSpecies going extinct

Organic life

Math-designed things are usually made of separate parts (interchangeable machine parts).  Organic life does not function in a mechanical or separate-parts way. Life operates on opposite principles and thus violates everyone one of Newton’s mechanical, so-called universal laws of nature. Cut a living organism apart and try to put the pieces of an organism back together (like a machine) and the living organism dies! Progressively apply such principles and species all over the planet begin to become extinct.

Opposite principles

What organizes a machine (principles that are mechanical/mathematical/unconscious/separative) and what organizes a living things(principles that re non-mechanical, non-mathematical, non-separative) is very much not the same – and to reduce one to the other can be and is devastating to nature. In fact the two core principles are exact polar opposites. Exact polar opposites! To again force the world of nature to fit the mechanical model is pretty insanely stupid and yet commonplace. It is worse than stupid. It is essentially unconscious, especially of what are headed towards globally. It has disastrous consequences both within our being and without in our environment. A “within consequence” is growing consciousness ailments like cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer’s all going rampant.

A root vision of nature  that so very foolishly is bond to a dangerous vision undercuts our collective evolution. If we only understand the machine-like order in nature, rather than life and consciousness, there has to be huge consequences. Ultimately a vision of nature whose essence is in direct opposition to the core principles of life will undermine, destroy, or annihilate life – and the compost heap is a microcosm of the potential macro-effect. This again is exactly what is, in my understanding, happening in our very, very challenged world. This is why we have a reacting environmental movement. This is why we have a reacting  natural healing movement. Might this be why we are experiencing alarming extinction rates that are unprecedented and in every corner of the planet?

Consciousness at the root of life

There are profoundly and deep reasons why all of this is happening non-accidentally. Consciousness, at the root of life, forms a distinctly and potentially universal relationship of connection. This is again the exact opposite of what math principles point to via the culturally-learned doctrines of physics, chemistry, and biotechnology of our times.

Living organisms

Living organisms bring out of nature its life and consciousness. Machines bring out an opposite order of dead and unconsciousness. Machines rather model the mathematical perspective or represent its bias-ideology creations.  The two can compliment each other, but not when the math-bound view is dominant. What is most separative has the potential to destroy what is most connective in nature, life.  When we thus cut any whole food or living thing apart , aliveness and consciousness is lost. For that reason it is a HUGE and bungling intellectual goof to reduce life to just mechanical principles as physics and chemistry, and more recently biotechnology does. These are the very principles whose universal applications are again what is most threatening life on earth. The resulting advent of atomic weapons are but a single example. There are many more

Detoxing the inner world

It is not accidental, for example, that Alzheimer’s patients (those who receive multiple drugs that are math-designed) routinely walk the halls of nursing homes like unconscious, consciousness-depleted zombies. We are told that some new chemical wonder cure is just around the corner!  We really fool ourselves tremendously in believing this, derivative of the same core ideology of nature, underlying allopathic medicine.  We need a completely different, more enlightened understanding of nature and guidance for the healing of ourselves. We need to know exactly how to raise the consciousness of those who have fallen – and ingesting math-designed pills will predictably lower, damage, or expunge consciousness.

Detoxification is more in order, taking out and not putting in synthetic chemicals. Tell that to the chief physician at a nursing home! More importantly we need to crow-bar ourselves out of the  entrenched and underlying root ideology that creates all such a vast mismanagement of the healing processes of life. When also our inner visions are detoxed and healed, then physical healing will manifest more integrally – and surface manifestations of pollution will disappear in tandem.

The deeper pollution is always in our mind’s visions, understanding,  spirits, souls, or consciousness. It is the non-physical pollution of awareness within that creates the surface manifestations.

living food diet
Why turn to a raw living foods diet to heal

As part of a revolutionary life-centered vision of nature we can thus turn to some new means to bring living forces out of latency in our bodies. We also want to bring life out of  nature’s bosom all around us as well. One way to do this within, or for ourselves, is via learning to adopt a  living and whole-organic food diet. It is a royal and wonderful and reliable means to heal. With due respects to Ann Wigmore, this offers a  non-reductionist and a life and consciousness-centered reason for adopting the raw or living food lifestyle.

Enzymes speed chemical reactions. Tying this chemical perspective to the chief rationale for adopting a living foods diet is a huge mistake that is part of the larger insanity of look at the cosmos mechanically. This is similar to explaining why the same raw food diet reverses diabetes due to enhancing genetic expressions. The gene model is actually at the heart of the mechanical worldview applied to biology or to all of life’s organic manifestations.


We turn to the raw food diet in order to elicit life and consciousness, and thus connective healing.

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    Sometimes I write daily and at other times once a week, depending on my schedule and what moves me. It will take time to lay out for readers my whole philosophy of healing in seven waves – healing consciousness, mind, emotions, body, close relationships, larger societal relationships and finally how we interact with all of nature. The foundation rests in an understanding of life and consciousness in nature, and ourselves to be elicited for healing – rather than the mechanical principles at the heart of the western worldview

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    Great, to be on the same mind-team in this era on the planet.
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