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Will they block internet sites against vaccines during pandemic? | Healing Talks

Will they block internet sites against vaccines during pandemic?

Block internet

Will They Shut Down the Internet?

 Will they block internet sites which are against vaccines during pandemic?

(Healingtalks) Will the powers to be, during an Ebola pandemic outbreak, block or shutdown holistic sites postured against vaccine or providing alternative information on the web? Under an Obama Administration executive order put into effect in 2012, the U.S. can block all private websites which do not promote vaccines and pharmaceuticals during a pandemic.  A similar executive order vastly empowers psychiatrists and strips patients of rights, in a proposed medical dictatorship.

US government preparations

The U.S. government has already bought over a 100,000 Ebola hazmat suits in preparation for an outbreak and they have taken out a patent on an Ebola vaccine. The CDC has since issued a national alert for hospitals to get ready for a pandemic. If a pandemic comes, experimental vaccines may be forced upon the population, without knowing whether the inoculations will make things better or dangerously worse. For pharmaceutical corporation and the US government held patents to yield maximum profits, internet discussions by major sites of  natural remedies may become banned, at least if the Obama Administration has its way. Independent voices will be silenced, the Constitution done away with. The authority has already been enacted by executive order.

Natural news has provided its subscribers with an IP address to use to circumvent government censors, if this arises ( ). Even if the DNS servers are seized or cyber attacked, the number should still be accessible.

Alternative media joining Diaspora

The alternative media can also join move sites out of reach with Diaspora. Sites can join the Natural News pod or another that is outside the US.  Time may be running out for having a communications backup plan.

Why governments hid the truth

Billions of lives may be at stake in a global pandemic. Yet no government is testing colloidal silver, medicinal herbs or any natural remedies, being more ingrained in their vested financial interests and ties to Big Pharma.   Some believe  governments don’t want to stop Ebola, where involved in developing a genetically modified virus that triggered the Ebola outbreak. Might that explain the slow global response?  In an article entitled Ebola, AIDS Manufactured by Western Pharmaceuticals, US Department of Defense,” a Liberian scientist outlines a story how  Ebola is a genetically modified organism (GMO) that was tested secretly in Africa as a future bioweapon and that WHO and UN agencies are implicated. If the author is correct and certain governments have been using Africans as guinea pigs in a GMO bioweapon experimen, will the same governments allow that information to get out?

What you can do, don’t wait until its too late

  1. Take advantage of Naturalnews’ free  www.BioDefense.com natural healing information in the event of a pandemic. Download their FREE MP3
  2. Join Natural News or a similar offshore Diaspora pod…as at  Share.NaturalNews.com
  3. Subscribe to our email newsletter to say informed
  4. Write down the emergency IP address
  5. Urge all other alternative news websites to launch or join their own Diaspora pods.

In the event of a national emergency, do not let others take control of the information that reaches our minds – especially if the controlling forces are the most greedy, power hungry, indifferent, unconscious and diabolical forces. Let us do everything possible to prevent that from happening.

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