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Five Deepest Insights | Healing Talks

Five Deepest Insights


Five Deepest Insights

Nathan Batalion, Global Health Activist, Healingtalks Editor

(Healingtalks) The following is a an introduction to my life-and-consciousness centered worldview, a core philosophy that can be used to help transform all the healing arts, in fact all of modern life that has been using the mechanical vision of nature, and that has been leading us to our own global self-destruction.

It is a positive message that life need not to be lived that ill way.

1 –  How does consciousness
emerge out of nature?

A related question is how does consciousness emerge out of ourselves and to a higher level. In our culture it really doesn’t.

In fact statistically it tends to recede over a lifetime as is evidenced by the wildfire growing epidemic of Alzheimer’s – the fastest of all the major growing health epidemics of our time.

That disease now affects more than half of those over age 85 or older. Not far behind are two other major consciousness epidemics – diabetes where one suffers from neuropathy or conscious loss of feeling in the hands and feet….and the epidemic of cancer spreading silently, that is unconsciously. Modern medicine, through lack of wisdom, helps creates the multi-drugged, walking the halls like zombies residents of old-age nursing homes. It is a travesty, a practice of medicine rooted in criminal ignorance. But all of this is really the result of a faulty worldview, the mechanical.

While it is obviously true that our bodies house life – and this includes consciousness – is it also true that our brains appear to be the main storage house of that consciousness. Or is that really true?

It is one of the deepest insights of my life that life and consciousness do not come out of the physical world at all, and thus with the latter not arising out of our brains (an illusion derived from our left brain male-like function, projecting-images-outward-from itself like a penis)  but rather the reverse.

This means the physical world comes out of what makes up consciousness.

How is this possible? This begs the question, first and foremost, what is this consciousness?

2 –  What is consciousness ?

There is a growing movement in modern science  “towards a science consciousness.” But the movement is grounded again in the 17th century mechanical worldview that created classical physics, chemistry and modern medicine.

These three disciplines point to a math-defined physical world as the foundation of nature.

Mathematics designs machines. It is thus the mechanical, life-less view.

This overall physical world also includes our physical bodies with distinct brain hemispheres and brain cells that undergo chemical reactions. This all supposedly creates what we experience as consciousness in us. If those brain cells are damaged, the consciousness is no longer the same way – which seems to support this thesis.

My alternative view is that our experience of consciousness actually represents something deeper to the taproot foundation of nature.  This would require consciousness not to arise just out of our brain cells.

So let us first define consciousness in a novel way, namely imagine that consciousness is the principle of connection itself in nature.

What does that mean and imply?

A symbolic analogy and image is a body of water or an ocean that connects countless separate drops as one, and out of which those separate drops manifest.

In the ocean we also find fish.

Now it would be a stretch to believe that the ocean arises out of the fish! We instead are more convinced that fish are birthed, grow, and develop  out of the ocean, out of their source environment.

Imagine the same could apply to the relationship between a physical world made up of separate objects and an inner world composed of the connected “ocean” of consciousness. Forget what you learned in high school about physics and chemistry making up our world.

3 –  What is Life?


Imagine that life concentrates and models the presence of consciousness – just like machines model mechanicality and/or a mathematical order of nature.

In short, imagine that consciousness is at the core of life and creates life.

Secondly imagine it connects us to the world around us and within. It makes whole and healthy. So to be healthy you don’t need chemical balance through drugs, you need simply more consciousness.

An Alzheimer’s patient who has vastly receded consciousness cannot connect events or memories to each other. He or she cannot connect parts of a face to recognize the whole, even of a life-long loved one. He or she has so little or no sense of the whole that they may have trouble even knowing where they are in crossing a street. Their inner vision is totally disconnected.

This is why, if the essence of life is consciousness, it would make sense that life requires an organically whole or connected physical form to thrive in – like the radiant form of a flower or the iris of our eyes.

Life therefore would leave whenever that physical form is cut apart severed or dissected to death.

It would leave if transformed into a schemata of just machine parts, as in the mechanical hand shown above. Knowing this it suddenly makes sense that if our food is progressively cut apart, processed or made no longer whole, like milled flour products for example (cookies, breads, pasta) and that are subject to life-killing high-heat, it would make complete sense that eating such dead foods as a staple will eventually cause us to develop consciousness diseases.

And this is precisely what is happening in our modern industrialized and commercial world where dead foods have greater shelf life, greater commercial value, better mathematical-dollar-tagging qualities, better death values.

Life, when fully alive, also feels conscious pain when its organic form is disconnected.

Life also becomes polluted and has its consciousness recede when it is drugged into a stupor by synthetic chemicals.


Chemicals are organized mathematically. It is as simple as that. This is why the vision fails in a living terrains. Mathematics uniquely abstracts how to separate all elements of consciousness. Three separate apples can be counted as three until you make applesauce. When connected the apples cannot be counted.

This is why there is no chemical drug to cure Alzheimer’s and there never will be!

So if we compare something living (organically connected) with something dead or mechanical, unconscious or robotic (math-designed mechanical) and disassemble the latter back into its separate machine parts… we can always put those separate machine parts, such as of a car, back together as a whole… and the machine or car will not only continue to run it may even run better.

We cannot do the same with life or with a whole organism that is conscious.

Cut it apart systematically and it dies. Life leaves. Consciousness goes away.

Imagine this is because consciousness, at the core of life, is the root principle of connection itself in nature. 

The equal sign of a mathematical formula does not connect nature or replace that principle.

4 –  Are there laws of this consciousness, akin to the mechanical, math-defined?


Absolutely and they can be powerfully applied, especially in the healing arts.

They function, however, in an entirely different way than again the laws of physics and chemistry.

Let us first look at the mathematical view of nature.

Numbers beginning with the simple number “1” represents the universal separate and indivisible whole  (1/1=1) or one divided by one equals one. Its the final building block.

We can call numbers the building blocks of mathematics as a resutl, like individual dots are the building blocks of lines and the rest of geometric space.

With this understanding, if nature is truly mathematical, then nature must also  be organized in this way. This arrogant presumption, and it is a left-brain-originating assumption, can be easily shown to be both illogical and non-empirical or unreal.

But this means putting our consciousness above the mathematizing process, which the 17th century, in its arrogance, never bothered to do. Galileo, Descartes, Newton and others  just applied the vision universally with blind self-assurance to lead us to our modern Industrialized age.

When through the invention of high-powered electric microscopes, atoms were found not to be indivisible,  how inconvenient was. Still this blind ideology was kept in tact because otherwise the whole system of this bankrupt understanding would collapse.

Returning to our core question, are there laws of consciousness?  Looking at the picture above, we can contrast how fight and flight, or fear and anger represent separative emotions while love represents a connective posture. If consciousness is the principle of connection itself in nature, having a loving posture becomes more conscious. It is as simple as that.

A universal principle of connection is what can integrally make our world one.

Something that moves toward oneness ends up being simple. Complex things are not at one.

The simple understand is, at the same time, a deep and profound understanding.

5-  Revolutionary understanding to re-guide daily life

sir isaac newton principia

In the modern western worldview, the most powerful applications of the math-bound view became Industrial Revolution – large-scale machine applications from simple sewing machines to computers that have helped build the modern world.

But the same vision fails to halt the more important modern receding of consciousness.

Newton especially helped guide the transition from the medieval (bible-centered) to the modern math-centered vision of nature.  This was his revolutionary thesis of his main text Principia Naturalis Mathematica (The Laws of Nature as Mathematics). The later was more often translated as The Mathematical Principles of Nature because it was an ideology assumed to be absolutely true.

The fact is that machines never once occur naturally in pristine nature didn’t bother them. How can what never occurs anywhere in  nature represent the universal order of nature?

Newton’s vision is essentially contradictory. Abstractions of separation cannot possible best connect the essence of our world. This is why the vision fails to support what is most connective in nature – life and consciousness.  This is why it destroys life globally on earth, and its consciousness. This is why the earth is becoming ever more polluted and species are become extinct – something Newton or Galileo never foresaw, being blinded by their own ideology!

Newton, the left brain genius (the left brain separates elements of consciousness)  went insane toward to the end of his life – symbolic of the fact that one cannot connect a vision of nature using the absolutely most separative  symbols in the whole of our human consciousness! Newton went crazy and schizophrenic.

atomic bomb

What those symbols can best help us do is to create atomic weapons that can destroy all of life on earth.

This is because that vision is the by-product of a root contradiction.

Yet it still dominates our times as our modern world is falling apart at multiple seams. It is not leading us toward higher consciousness.



The most powerful applications of an alternative vision is not for building atomic weapons but rather for a deeper and greater support of  healing – reconnection of the life-and-consciousness.

We thus need a new…..bio principia naturalis.…..a virtual opposite vision to that of Newton’s.

The primary focus is no longer again toward creating machines made of separate parts but rather toward the discovery and creation of what connects us within (and all of organic life) to a higher level of consciousness and health and wholeness.  We gain the knowledge of a mending of the life together – of mind, emotions, sensations, body and consciousness as one.

It also is a model for mending of our social bonds with each other, and not through a dominantly commercial society.

Will the Newtonian view take us to the same place?

I am afraid not. The proof abounds as in the pictures below.


Again no pharmaceutical (math-designed) drug will cure Alzheimer’s patients. This is because we hold on unconsciously to the Newtonian vision, and patients are fed not one but multiple chemical drugs to mislead them down the path of unconsciousness and death.

Multiple drugged patients then occupy nursing room halls like zombies.

Crudely said, they become cash-machines for Big Pharma rather than functional, living, conscious human beings.

Notable Physicists Who Became Alzheimer’s Sufferers

charles kuen kao raymond davis jr gerson goldhaber

Charles Kuen Kao                              Raymond Davis, Jr.                       Gerson Goldhaber
(2009 NOBEL/Physics)                  (2002 NOBEL/Physics)                 (1976 NOBEL/Physics)

Nowadays half of those 85+ again suffer from Alzheimer’s.

These terrible victims include Nobel-prize-winning laureates in physics (the above pictured Charles Kuen Kao, Raymond Davis, Jr., Gerson Goldhaber, etc.).

This is because, as I contend, their Newtonian vision fails to well guide them.

This is a hugely revolutionary statement.

It knocks on the door of overturing the core modern worldview that has ruined indigenous wisdom.

Newton’s vision overturned also the medieval God-centered view, forming the core spirit of our modern world. This means we need a second and vast global mind change to overturn the Newtonian view – otherwise we are headed down an ever darker path.

As noted by an organization of senior citizens(AARP). “you have brilliant physicists, physicians, and mathematicians getting Alzheimer’s as well as average people in familiar occupations.”

What this means is that the worldview they learned does not really enlighten us.

john-douglas-frenchNewton 1726
John Douglas French MD
Founder of the first Alzheimer’s treatment center in the US  who
himself became a sufferer! & Newton, portrayed at age 81

The great Sir Isaac Newton himself died with the  fate of severe schizophrenia.

That illness manifests when the right brain’s connective consciousness shuts down and the left-brain’s separative  (disintegrative, falling-apart consciousness) prevails.

Mathematics once again is the zenith left-brain dominant symbolism for the separation of all elements of consciousness.

Math squiggles on a blackboard are the very highest and most universal symbols for that separation.

They are the mental tools for therefore designing machines made of separate parts.

But these are immensely misguiding symbols in trying to optimally connect both a vision of nature’s essence and the healing arts that bring our life and consciousness back together as one.

Thus the failure of even Nobel-laureates, or greatest mathematicians or a preeminent  MD who formed the first exclusively Alzheimer’s treating center in the US, himself falling prey.

This is telling.

Briefly My Life Story as a Renegade and Global Health Activist

As a former child math prodigy, I had a high fever and apparent stroke at the age of 17 that caused my left-brain to shut down.I was escaped thereby the ideological confines of our modern vision. I broke through its deep illusions, to become a mathematical renegade, I left the fold and abandoned the Newtonian vision.

I made the leap rather to a life-and-consciousness centered view of nature

The Biocentric View


A life-centered vision has been called “biocentric.” This is ecoed by Robert Lanza, MD in a book called biocentrism – and where this knowledge builds not dazzling machines but helps us heal and reach our real and true highest potential of life.

Closing Statement

Our civilization appears rich in material things, but is not integrally rich. Out health statistics contradict the surface appearances of all things being well. This is why we need the deepest of new insights to liberate us from the declining environmental and health condition we have created.

This can only happen through a new and deep revolution of thought and toward a more authentic, healing vision.

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