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Nathan Batalion, Global Health Activist, Healingtalks Editor

(Healingtalks) Aricept, a drug given to Alzheimer’s patients, has the following potential “side-effects” –  difficulty breathing; depression; fainting; seizures; severe dizziness or headache; shortness of breath and tremors. Would you give that drug then to an aged person or loved one? Given that the drug does not reverse Alzheimer’s disease at all but offers these so-called “side-effects,” wouldn’t you call that an Alzheimer’s drug fraud?

Alzheimer’s as a consciousness disease

My intuition tells me that such chemical drugs as Aricept will and even cannot reverse Alzheimer’s disease, by their very nature as pharmaceuticals. The reason is that Alzheimer’s disease is a consciousness disease – and which then leads to a number of insightful conclusions.

What is consciousness?

First you need to know exactly what consciousness is in order to treat such a consciousness ailment. William James once wrote the discovery of what consciousness is will be the greatest of all discoveries, paling other scientific breakthroughs. He was right. Let me thus clue the reader in on solving this mystery of mysteries. Perhaps the single greatest discovery of my life was to realize that consciousness forms the universal principle of connection in nature, or the principle of connection itself.  As a universal principle, it then unifies nature as a whole, forming nature’s essence and the essence of ourselves and our life force – a view that is contrary to the mathematical central paradigm of nature which Sir Isaac Newton advocated in the 17th century. Newton died a schizophrenic which tells you how much he knew

Manifesting consciousness

As machines manifest or model mathematical order, we as living organisms manifest this core consciousness in all parts of ourselves – and especially in our human brain. When that consciousness recedes through aging and in our highly polluted world, we fail then to make good brain connections, especially with our memory. We fail to also connect images as a whole – such as in the vital face-recognition of loved ones.

Why chemical drugs will never heal Alzheimer’s

And here is the root philosophical reason why drugs will never cure such a receding of consciousness. Remember that philosophy offers the greatest of wisdom because it is a peak view, the  “eye on the whole,” or what looks especially in the healing arts at the most holistic perspective. So philosophically, it is critical to know that we first create drugs synthetically in the laboratory and under the designing guidance of a 17th century, math-bound vision of nature. What’s wrong with that quantitative view applied to living domains and not just machines?

What is wrong with the mathematical view
representing and altering the essence of life

All symbols in our consciousness are pointing tools. Math symbols are indeed very special and point us where? They expertly direct us  to best separate elements of consciousness. That is what counting does. We can’t count three apples if we make apple sauce or connect what was separately counted.

Math symbols point us thus to the polar opposite of the connective quintessence of consciousness – the opposite or what opposes the essence of life!

How can that be is our technological age also helps our advancement. That is only because there are double negative ways of using machines and technolgy – such as to have a machine do a mechanical chore so that we avoid doing something mechanical. Double negative only form superficial positives that have no depth to them. That is why the chemical drugs impact our consciousness in such ways as to change symptoms but not to heal chronic and systemic illnesses.

Testing the mathematical order of chemical designs, including drugs

What happens when we take a random and large mix of chemicals, including drugs  in order to test not a drug in lab-isolation as the industry does to convince us of their value…but synthetic chemicals as a whole?

This destroys the entire life in the compost heap. Nothing can then grow with that compost becoming a supertoxic waste site!  What happens inside our bodies is the same.  Synthetically-isolated/separated chemicals pollute our bodies living, conscious cells. Synthetic chemicals pollute our overall living surrounding environment.

Abominable nursing homes, Big Pharm profit-centers,
where innocent patients are drugged

Now in regard to Alzheimer’s disease, almost every day I drie past a most beautifully-looking nursing home in my home town. It is beautiful at least form the outside, in the surface appearance or in the continuation of an illusion. Indeed the outside lawns are magnificently kept as the nursing home has plenty of dollars to do so. Inside the patients are, in my opinion, heartlessly poisoned with terrible chemical drugs that but feed an industry’s profits. The more drugs these nursing home patients take, the more they will walk the nursing home halls like unconscious zombies. This is a HUGE and indescribable tragedy in our culture because reaching old age should be a time for the warmest, most loving transmitting a lifetime of wisdom to our next generations. Instead our aged and beloved are poisoned and rendered unconsciously useless – useless except to the profit-garnishing, scavenger drug companies profit activities.

Extent of Alzheimer’s epidemic

Note that Alzheimer’s disease now affects over half of Americans aged 85 or older. But Americans who are 85 or over with Alzheimer’s only represent  only1/2 of 1% of the US population. Alzheimer’s more broadly affects 11% of those over 65 (who in turn represent 12% of the total US population). Doing the math, 11% X 12% equals 1.3% of the US population as Alzheimer’s sufferers.

Selling yet more drugs, with doctors as the frontline salespersons

The above creates a relatively limited selling market. It is not great news for Big Pharma. How to solve that commercial problem? The drug industry has a plan. They are campaigning to potentially triple sales. How ingenious! Indeed the NY Times announced that “medical experts” have such a plan via changing the criteria for the Alzheimer’s  diagnosis. This is now the typical route for increasing sales in dozens of disease venues, sometimes even creating disease names out of thin air – or where there are little or no real symptoms to sell drugs with.  As the NY Times chronicles:

“The new diagnostic guidelines, presented Tuesday at an International Alzheimer’s meeting in Hawaii, would mean that new technology like brain scans would be used to detect the disease even before there are evident memory problems or other symptoms. If the guidelines are adopted in the fall, as expected, some experts predict a two- to threefold increase in the number of people with Alzheimer’s disease. Many more people would be told they probably are on their way to getting it. The changes would help drug companies….The biomarkers were developed and tested…provide strong indications that Alzheimer’s is present, even when patients do not yet have dementia or even much memory loss. Dr. Aisen says he foresees a day when people in their 50’s routinely have biomarker tests for Alzheimer’s and, if the tests indicate the disease is brewing, take drugs to halt it…This is a major advance.”

It will certainly be a potentially “major advance” strategy for Big Pharma sales and PR, namely to now reach the 50’s crowd (27.5% of the US population instead of a paltry 1.3%) with the fear of getting Alzheimer’s to drive sales!  This doesn’t mention that the biomarker tests themselves can be harmful and can even cause cancer and can help induce Alzheimer’s.

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  1. Joshua says:


    Build-up of toxic aluminum, which is a massive threat that we are all exposed to, is a leading cause of Alzheimer’s and other neurological disease, as you probably know.

    It is important to regularly detox the body of these heavy metals, especially aluminum in regards to this topic. What are your favorite ways to detox heavy metals?

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