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If the essence or core of life resides in the concentrated presence of consciousness, then knowing what the latter really is become decisive. William James once wrote that the discovery of what is consciousness will be the most powerful discover of all or to which all other discoveries of science will pale by comparison. Again I have studied these issues for nearly half a century and coming to certain conclusions I consider breakthrough and revolution. The answer to the question what is consciousness, on the face of it, may seem simple, even simple minded. But ultimately the implications are so powerful, the overturn the very root foundations of our western worldview – upon which also allopathic medicine is built. If the foundation is false, it will explain why the system of medicine built on that foundation is now failing and crumbling. Answering that question will thus lead the way to knowing why one is being mislead, and how to retrace one’s steps to truly resurrect, heal, recapture, nourish and support one’s consciousness – and thus rescue one’s life in the midst of a life-threatening health challenge.

It is what we know that will save our life.

Here is the most critical and invaluable insight I want to share. Consciousness forms the principle of connection itself in nature. It is what, at the core, holds nature together and when drawn out of that core manifests as connected-to-wholeness or organic, living, conscious organisms. Why is this view earthshaking and revolutionary? Revolutionary means reverse revolving, just as Copernicus began a revolution in worldviews by observing a literally reverse revolution of the earth and sun (heliocentric rather than earth-centric) as implied in the Bible. In what context then is my view of consciousness revolutionary?

The most important element in any culture is its central paradigmatic worldview. If a worldview is ill, the healing of that worldview has the most powerful effect of any kind of healing because it affects the whole of one’s consciousness and thus life. In the medieval era there was a biblical concept of God that filled this role and directly or indirectly exerted a most powerful influence. Since the 17th century, the quantitative/mechanical view of physics, chemistry, and later genetics eclipsed that of the biblical in at least supposedly understanding the external world.  But what is the essence of that new math-bound view? Math symbols actually abstract how to separate all elements of consciousness and this view elicits, draws out, nurtures the creation of machines made of separate parts. This is why in modern medicine surgery is so important. We cut the body apart and replace parts as we would with a machine.

If life is the concentrated presence of consciousness and consciousness is the principle of connection itself in nature, no view of the core of nature is more opposite, more opposing to that essence than the mathematical. This is why machines designed by that worldview are not alive and not conscious. This is why a system of medicine that is grounded in a core view which systematically elicits/draws out of nature the exact, precise and reverse opposite of what is the core essence of life and consciousness  cannot but fail abysmally. In fact it will support the development of human health and consciousness pandemics. This is precisely what is happening in our modern world.  It is insanity to treat cancer, for example, with the same chemicals and radiation that cause cancer, unless one lives inside the mechanical worldview.

A related implication is that the integrity of consciousness is undermined, why the allopathic/mechanical view is so ripe with deceptions.

The most global implication is a similarly profound impact on all of surrounding life on our planet. This is why we are in the midst of a wholesale species holocaust.

We essentially follow the dictates of technologically advanced but inwardly death-delivering culture which has gained accelerating speed and breadth of global impact over a 400 year span. It takes huge amounts of vision, clarity of mind, courage and knowledge to step outside this culturally-created illusionary and deadly framework. Then we begin to move in a different life-supportive direction along an entirely different path. We understand deeply why the opposite path can’t work – past all the deceptive media information – and towards our own  integral healing.

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