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Raising Consciousness

When one lives a  life dedicated to raising one’s consciousness, that of others and our planetary culture, it is also a path veered toward the healing arts. Why? This is because consciousness is the principle of connection itself in nature.

Since healing is a re-connection, healing and consciousness are inseparable. This is why when a rock falls on our foot, consciousness immediately rushes there. It is the consciousness of pain.

In this light, however, imagine “raising”  consciousness is akin to raising a step-child or orphan in our modern world. This is because consciousness is not well recognized in modern physics, chemistry or biotechnology. There is rather the emphasis on outer than inner manifestations. The outer world appears on the surface to be made of separate objects – the material world. Our inner experience in deep meditation is of a connected ocean of consciousness. If the main focus is on that outer material appearance, with everything “real” reduced also to what can only be mathematized (and where mathematics abstracts how to separate all elements of consciousness) – then the opposite reality – the principle of pure connection itself in nature is essentially excommunicated from such a “science.”

It becomes like a “ghost” or mirage in the machine made of, of course, separate, consciousness-less mechanical parts.

We can raise our consciousness like we might raise a newborn child. Love is the most connective of all emotions and thus love raises consciousness. Integrity of mind, or not harboring contradictions, enhanced the connectivity and unity of our mental terrains. We may raise a child to have integrity of mind and character so too we raise our consciousness. Learning to heal our body, to make it whole likewise raises consciousness.  Ultimately we uplift our consciousness by being peacemakers and healers, as well as by being true to ourselves and each other and planet Earth- with compassion and caring.

We can raise our consciousness to highest levels by developing an overall worldview that transcends illusions.

It transcends even the final hurdle of inner consciousness – its first separating split. This is the first duality of  the whole of consciousness and manifests in our right/left hemisphere split. How do we transcend that highest of inner rifts? We do so by putting the wisdom of  the right hemisphere, its connective consciousness, above the left-brain’s lower separative consciousness. The later evolves  a purely math/mechanical dominating  worldview. We really need to make it subservient.  Then we can connect what is most separative and harness the mechanical for the benefit of life. If we do the reverse in a worldview, we yield atomic weapons and chemical pollution. We disconnect most powerfully what is whole.  We end up with essentially a non-sustainable planetary culture.

Our present inner understanding, visions, and postures are thus challenged to grow As Dr. Gabriel Cousens recently shared in an email:

” The world is at war on many levels.  Chronic disease is on the rise.  Violence pervades the Middle East.  Animal agriculture is taking a devastating toll on ecosystems everywhere.  Economic exploitation has become business as usual.  Earthquakes, floods, volcanic eruptions, and other symptoms of climate change are becoming common occurrences.  Every twenty minutes another specie of plant or animal becomes extinct.  Every year, 15 million children die of hunger.  Proponents of genetically modified foods claim that they can solve this crisis, while hiding data about the destructive effects of these elements on human health and environments…..These are all symptoms of the ‘Culture of Death….. What can one do to effectively counterbalance these destructive forces…. infuse Light into these dark places….celebrate the Culture of Life …..and protect all beings and Mother Earth?”

A) If consciousness is the permeating essence of life and B) our culture upholds a mechanical worldview to yield highest truths, and C) we can logically then conclude that guided by the latter we’ll create, in time, a culture of Death. The past four hundred years bear this out. We thus must raise our inner consciousness - you and I, friends and family –  to the very highest levels and not just as a mere luxury but a real survival necessity.

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