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An effective study of Consciousness In Nature is dependent on how we first define the term “consciousness.” A word is an invention of the mind that serves as a pointing tool of our consciousness. How do we uniquely point that consciousness, using words, to nothing but itself? If we associate this word with an advanced human cognitive function then “consciousness”  becomes something narrow or severely constrictive to point to. It becomes just a human attribute. In my experience, this may only help us feel superior when in reality this is a deep illusion born of  what I call a left-brain dominant “hubris.”  Hubris is a wonderful  ancient Greek term that means overbearing pride, presumption and arrogance. Yielding a sense of superiority, it feeds the drive to dominate and control. When we are so driven to conquer “it” – or something outside of us including nature – then that outside “it” becomes separate from us. When we are at one with something, there is no inside/outside group to contend with. There is no need to conquer and no need for a sense of superiority or inferiority.  When we fall out of this loop, we are estranged.

My life-long study of consciousness has yielded a very different if not opposite conclusion, namely that what we experience as every  day “consciousness” is not a special attribute that belongs to us humans. It is rather proprietary to all of nature that formed us. In fact  my view goes further. It states that consciousness also makes up the essential essence of nature or  the cosmos we live in. Nothing in conventional mechanical science teaches us this proposition. In fact, we need to actually learn a different language than “matter and energy, defined mathematically” to understand this viewpoint deeply. Again words are but pointing tools and changing the language to point with changes the focus of consciousness and life. When the focus is unconventional it will of course be challenged. Yet  I stand firm in my conviction that, really and truly, atoms and sub-atomic particles do not represent the essence of nature (rather they represent the cultural-ideology of a math-based view of nature) and that instead consciousness lies at the very core of our world and of ourselves.

Naturally this stance puts me at odds with chemistry and physics, the mathematical and the systematically mechanical viewpoint. We have been culturally convinced that the latter holds the key to the ” really true”  unifying laws or objective principles of nature.

My experience tells me otherwise, and definitively.

What I know of nature is symbolized by a tortoise and its shell.

This is a metaphor for the difference between the surface appearance of nature (like that of a hard shell) and its depths.  The shell exhibits not hardness and relative lifelessness. Separate from the turtle, it cannot function other than mechanically. Imagine that the depth of nature work  exactly on the opposite principles. The flesh of the turtle is soft. It is consciousness, not mechanical. It is self-moving. It does not stay fixed, unmoving or dead. If you try to transplant the principles of the shell, of the surface, to the depths, what happens? If we inject into the turtle’s blood vessels only the hard shell’s minerals, the turtle will die.

In my opinion, western civilization is on a like path. It has mistaken the illusion of nature’s surface mechanical appearances for the essence of all of nature and thus has begun to supplant and displace surrounding nature’s inner conscious and living depths.

If we assume all is mechanical and then try to remake everything in that image, the result will naturally be to destroy the bounty of living Eden.

Imagine that “consciousness” is not something amorphous, that is without a unique identity. If we can identify that identity, we can familiarize ourselves more deeply with that consciousness, evolve a science, and then help support and nourish rather than destroy consciousness/life in nature. Let me describe this identity as best I understand it. Not to be treated lightly, this definition is the result of about a half a century of inner explorations:

Consciousness-in-nature forms a potentially universal relationship of connection.

Now when two things are glued together they connect. When we think of how this works conventionally, we think of a chemical formula for the glue. However, the glue  may be generating a strong relationship of connection on the surface bond but not necessarily in regard to deeper kind of connective consciousness. The glue is dead. It does not respond or connect to its surroundings. The glue shows no signs of alive awareness.

Imagine a flower with pedals that radiate outward in 360 degree directions. The radiations then also point inward to a single center to unify the whole. Now imagine that not  just a flower but most all organic life wear or display one or another surface badge of its connective essence  and organicity- at least while alive and consciousness. Afterwords they may turn to dust.  This includes  the swirls of a snail, the veins of a leaf, the radiance of our own human eye. Suppose we now work on bringing out this consciousness to sustain life, and rather than what is mechanical. We can begin by constructing a very different global view of the nature and nature’s Oneness and derivative laws. What this implies is a vision that is very different from the mathematical ideology of machine principles that currently dominates modernity – and that is taught virtually everywhere to be believed in.

Obviously the mechanical view of nature, math-defined, is a not an especially consciousness-centered vision of nature. I would argue that its core principles actually stand in opposition to what is consciousness at the core of nature. Would it then be surprising that we are ubiquitously destroying life all over the planet? To understand this innate opposition, let me explain the following. Western civilization has, since the 17th century, been on a course of progressively adopting a math-based vision of nature, the mechanical whose ambassadors are physics, chemistry and biotechnology. Brought into the fold are geology, oceanography, and atmospheric sciences – all ultimately helping to reduce all of nature to mathematics or the principles of a machine.

Machines are distinctly “Alzheimerish”  or unconscious.  We sense this best when speaking to a telephone machine that can’t distinguish between someone saying a thing or two lovingly or in an angry voice. “May I have your credit card please?” We curse at it, and the machine can’t make it out. We also sense can get a sense of this when a bulldozer tramples over a life-form with no real consciousness, feeling or remorse. In this context, mathematics abstracts how to, with potential universality, separate all elements of consciousness. To count objects is to consider each as separate units. The three apples that make up a cup of applesauce cannot be counted as three anymore.  There are endless examples of how mathematics dominantly abstracts relationships of separation, and geometry of spatial separation. Now imagine that consciousness in its essence , and with the same potential universality, represents the opposite or what connects most deeply. Symbols are not mystical tools to discover nature with. They are just inner pointing utencils. Thus mathematics, because of the limitations of what those symbols represent, will not be able to point to consciousness in nature.

Trusting the pointing path of those symbols to blindly – which is what ideologies do -  we end up then adopting a worldview that solemnly claims “objectivity” but actually points in a bias away from the very quintessence of our world. What math symbols do point to well and design even better is machines -  things made most distinctively of separate parts – thus easily math-defined. Bottom line following this ideology of nature, we then either begin to supplant or impinge what is life  and consciousness, and with the opposite principles that really deliver and represent death in nature. We see this with chemical pollution concentrated in supertoxic waste sites that kill all of life and the proliferation of atomic weapons that can do the same.

Our sense of already knowing the core secrets of nature offers a good feeling or sense of a hubris-endowed superior knowledge that ultimately blinds us.

Thus to  urgently rescue us from both our  inner global foolishness and our outer global environment crises we urgently need a what may be called a global mind change or paradigm shift. This means a universal shift in inner perspectives. It is the same as a central or core paradigm shift, one which redirects us from a new core to something universal. Historically there have been very few such shifts One occurred in the transition from the medieval Bible-centered to the present mechanical/ math-centered orientation of our modern times. Imagine we will make the subsequent shift, this time from th math-based view as pinnacle (Principia Naturalis Mathematica) to a consciousness/life based vision.

In a study of our split brain, this same shift can also be considered a transition from a left-to-right brain dominant view. We can shift from a dominant separative consciousness to a dominant connective consciousness. In the process we can literally reconstruct, transform and revolutionize the whole of our essential vision of the cosmos.

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