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Copernican Revolution – With the Sun at the Center

Are we in the midst of a consciousness revolution? The answer depends on our understanding these two terms.

The word revolution means a reverse movement a complete change in perspective – originally as applied to celestial bodies. It come from the old French and was latter and aptly to the  impact of the Copernican “revolution.”

“Nicolas Copernicas had introduced the idea that the earth might revolve around the sun – the reverse of what had previously been believed. This created a complete turnaround or “revolution” in our vision of the cosmos. The same word was latter applied politically, as in the French revolution, the American Revolution and also the Russian, Mexican and Chinese Revolutions – among the most popular applications of this term. There was also an Industrial Revolution and a Scientific Revolution. It was therefore applied to the vast changes in our ideas in many other fields, especially a revolution in our paradigms of physics. We also have the terms cultural revolution, market revolution, information revolution and sexual revolution. Interestingly enough, political revolutions tended to follow the ideological – including even the Copernican. Thus when Copernicus introduced his novel ideas, they later led to a loss of a degree of faith, culturally, in the Bible as the final say or arbiter in our understanding of the universe. During the Middle Ages, the power of the Pope in Rome was to delegate authority to rule of countries in Europe. This was dependent on the deepest faith in the Pope as receiving that vast authority directly from God and through divine inspiration.  When the dominance of the biblical worldview was challenged by Copernicus and later by the new scientific vision of Newton, Galileo and Descartes, there followed a derivative revolution in political authority. The entire royal lineage of Russia was murdered one night in the Russian Revolution. This overturned that countries political rule, among others and in the French and American revolutions.

Are we really undergoing a consciousness revolution or is this just a comforting phrase? That depends on how we understand consciousness and its dynamics. I’ve repeatedly emphasized and elucidated that, in essence, consciousness forms a potentially universal relationship of connection in all of nature. Now why is that, in and of itself, a revolutionary perspective? Well we all know consciousness interacts with our mind. Our mind forms outline images (which are translated into written and spoken words). These help us to focus consciousness in endless directions. They help separate elements of our consciousness. This can happen again in universal directions.

Now what if the more silent, quiet, meditative, integrative, pre-conceptual, word-empty mind (our right-brain) were to suddenly dominate our whole consciousness? Our worldview would then become more holistic and spiritual – as in the Buddhist traditions. On the other hand, if the conceptual mind predominates (the left brain), I would predict that an opposite material worldview would become dominant as more “rational.” I would also argue it ultimately becomes quantitative. Rational comes from the word “ratio,”  a mathematical term. This is because math symbols represent the very highest, most universal of all inner pointing tools of the mind to separate elements of consciousness and thus to point to separate matter. I think of this as the surface appearance of things, reverse postured as the most objective or depth view.

It is finally my orientation that we are on the cusp of moving away from that current dominance of the present math-bound vision of nature, of physics, chemistry and biotechnology (the dominantly left-brain view of the cosmos) – and derivatively of a primarily commercial society. If this indeed occurs, it will be a genuine turnaround of the inner foundations of our modern world, of our modern consciousness. It will represent a true reversal in core brain polarities, and thus a true and real “consciousness revolution.”

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