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Core mind and consciousness change | Healing Talks

Core mind and consciousness change

higher consciousness
If we are serious about reversing some of the main ills of our world, such as environmental pollution and the vast growth in chronic health pandemics, we need to go within for root causes or what needs to be healed

Core consciousness

To detox and heal our core inner consciousness, however, we obviously need to know more about what that “consciousness” is. Trans-personally, I’ve defined “consciousness” several times in this blog as the  potentially universal relationship of connection in all of nature. More profoundly it produces what we experience as “life “and it also it holds that life together. We are through the presence of inner consciousness kept whole, alive, and healed. When there is a wound, consciousness travels there in order to heal, to mend it. However, when we violate this connecting consciousness, as in surgically cutting apart our bodies, life is impinged. If we cut a living organism apart systematically it dies.

Going past  the modern worldview

Our modern vision of nature is centrally math-dominated and defined. Chemistry represents one major branch of this dominance. The philosophy of chemistry also began to be globally applied to nature via the introduction of endless modern industrial, health, cosmetic, cleaning and agricultural products. This trend first accelerated  in the middle of the 20th and this was thus the time when our environmental problems began to surface. What, pray tell, does one thing have to do with the other – a math-dominated vision of nature with our environmental problems?Mathematics represents the very highest or most universal set of symbols ever used to help separate all elements of consciousness, and with precision to infinite smallness. Since consciousness, however, is defined here as the “potentially universal relationship of connection in nature” – and which also brings out, maintains and returns us to life,  a universally separative view is then, by definition, anathema and in opposition to life. In other words, it really involve the polar opposite or the penultimate representative of a death-centered vision of nature. Since visions are working models and not just ideas, they are used to organize our way of living in this world. It then becomes predictable that we increasingly surround ourselves with enveloping toxicity or pollution, denatured environments and wholesale extinctions of life. A universally separative view is hugely wise. It will eventually undermine consciousness with or without being fatal, as when someone takes multiple chemical drugs to make that  person almost dead – or walk the halls of a nursing home like a zombie

Compost heap pollution

Also when a very large and entirely random mix of chemicals is thrown into a compost heap that supports plant life, this can test the essence of math-designed products in our soils, and by implication, perhaps the underlying worldview. Intentionally we do not test the effects of one or another chemical in laboratory isolation but rather in a medium where life interconnects. There we look at the whole impact. What happens? Plant life that seeks nourishment from the heap now dies. It happens every time in super toxic waste sites. This kind of pollution applies also to water, air, and virtually all other surroundings. The significance is denied. The focus instead is on isolates for profit or separative, lower consciousness.  It is not easy to go past some of our very deepest cultural paradigm illusions. When we do, we transform our inner mind and consciousness.

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