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Detox our inner world to save our outer environment | Healing Talks

Detox our inner world to save our outer environment

 inner alchemistry
In my life experience – spanning over half a century – I have noticed how the most ardent and committed environmentalists have been educated in the very same modern worldview as their opponents.  Thus a person may have a deep spiritual path, like Buddhism, and which teaches a meditative emptying of minds to past  illusions. However, at another level, they still subconsciously buy-in to the dominance of the modern vision, again the math-based, “advanced scientific,” atomic modern worldview. We have been taught this is objective scientific truth about the outer world. This is taught to us in earliest impressionable childhood. Things in nature are thus just so many chemicals put together mechanically

Food chemically analyzed

With this in mind, and for example, a simple apple is supposedly, objectively and scientifically made up of about 90% carbohydrates, proteins, fats, sugars and calories (CPFSC). There are also trace mineral elements, vitamins and phytonutrients therein.  Please not these  are all chemically-defined concepts. They all hinge on the same underlying atomic view of nature. We are told we must see things this way. It is a gospel to calculate our measured ingesting of these CPFSCs or chemically-defined ingredients. Then we can follow this or that diet at will,  tweaking the relative percentages and interactions of these chemical elements. This is what virtually every and all nutritionists, dietitians, naturopaths and allopaths – together and as one – tell us, and in a well-meaning way.

Illusion of truth

When there is such total and complete unanimity, the appearance is one of having rock-solid, reliable, peer-reviewed, objective knowledge rather than a culturally-subjective and ingrained view.

Another way to understand

It is, however, possible to re-understand our foods using what I consider a much better-guiding, more healing and quite different, almost opposite model.  Our foods can be said to be whole or  processed (heated, chemicallized and cut apart) living or dead, organic or genetically modified. They have certain other key features which are significant in a totally different worldview. A chemical assay tends not to focus on these other aspects. Everything hinges on the worldview’s bias or ideology.  Not that we can’t retool our chemical model to become useful. It is just that, in my view, this doesn’t get to the deeper more important core issues. This is why our culture is suffering from what David Wolfe calls a “nutritional holocaust” and which, in turn, relates to growing epidemics of chronic diseases. The conventional model, in my understanding, stands in the way. It’s conventional use makes it harder to see through our deepest illusions to heal ourselves. It reinforces, first and foremost, the root mechanical vision of nature. This is what, at the deepest core level, is misguiding us to destroy our planet. Do we really want to feed this fire? Or should we look for some water to put the fire out?

Root problem 

Imagine that ultimately the mechanical model of nature is the most culpable spiritual problem of our times, calling for an inner transformation of our own core consciousness. How can we turnaround our environmental crises by  looking for causes “out there” or pointing fingers at others, when our outer environmental pollution will not magically stop until our inner world detoxes first.

Brain polarity shift

The above involves the same as a “brain polarity shift.” It is a moving from a left-brain dominant to a right-brain dominant view. It is a shifting from a separative, math-bound and atomic or material view. The shift is towards seeing of an underlying connected ocean-of-consciousness. The resulting vision is also consciousness and life-centered. This blog offers guidance toward such a shift. We also provide links to many articles and videos on the subject of raw-wisdom.

When we truly empty ourselves of surface illusions (ills of consciousness) we begin to detox the outer world around us. Again as we heal the depths within, we become shining stars and magnetic attractors for the change we want to see everywhere in our world.

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