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Why is living consciously an indispensable part of the healing process?

For me, there is much evidence that our healing is enhanced by just simple consciousness being present.  This is why our body immediately sends conscious awareness, and even with lightening or urgent speed, to the site of any acute illness, injury or distress.  If we have an accident such as when a rock falls on my foot…. ouch…. doesn’t it hurt instantaneously and in the very same conscious moment!

Or if we have a car accident and break a bone, modern emergency medicine will come to the rescue. A doctor can give us a pain killer (to make us  fell less conscious) and reset our broken bone mechanically. In such situations, consciousness is amply present and not an issue. We just need the doctor for a mechanical fix, just like  when we need to fix a car. If our consciousness needs fixing, the doctor is not likely to have a clue.

Thus allopathic medicine can well treat acute  or accidental situations, including with pain killers and by again setting bones mechanically. For modern medicine is so immensely grounded in a root math-based, mechanical, consciousness-absent vision of the 17th century. We just don’t recognize it as “a” worldview but rather as “the” worldview. Latter I’ll discuss how critically important it is to wisely choose your healing worldview. This ideology of nature that currently dominates and guides modern medicine actually denies the existence of any “ghost in the machine”  – unless consciousness can be brought into the fold –  “scientifically” described in a lab by math-measured/mechanical means!


With deeper chronic ailments, the opposite, however, is true as to the best treatment approach. The same consciousness that has tried to heal the body now has presumably failed to do so. Imagine it has burnt out in the process, lacks force and ultimately leaves the scene. The pain stops but the illness remains and has deepened. So rather than there being an on-going conscious awareness or connection to whatever is hurt, there is now a disconnection or lack of awareness. And this disconnection or numbness can become deeper and deeper over time until a tissue dies.

If an arthritis patient, for example, still has a lot of pain, this is actually a GREAT sign of hope or that they are not yet too far gone.

And because such consciousness-depletion processes occur unhampered, we now have growing epidemics of what I call consciousness illnesses. Modern medicine profoundly fails to reverse these conditions. Again this is very simply because the underling mechanical worldview hasn’t a clue as to what to do. This tragically applies to the conditions of Alzheimer’s patients, those suffering from diabetes and having neuropathy (stepping on a nail and feeling nothing), or the scary and frightening lack of awareness of spreading cancer.

So to give a clue as to how such unconscious conditions come about and work, first it is vital to know that  “healing” is simply a process of reconnection.

So defined, chronic diseases or ills are actually illnesses of consciousness. Why has to do with consciousness being the gateway to the connection and reconnection of our being.  We then are not first or dominantly focused on fixing what represents matter and energy in our bodies but rather what shows signs of consciousness or unconsciousness! What a different perspective!


In the Indian philosophy of consciousness there is such a thing as maya. It is the surface reality that fools us about the depths. Is the western mechanical/math-bound vision of nature grounded in that “maya.” I’m going to argue it is – and sorry for knocking down the presumed highest intelligence and wisdom of an Einstein or other math whiz.

An acute illness happens briefly or in what I call “the surface of time.” The treatment approach is likewise superficial and/or mechanical. With deeper ailments which are consciousness illnesses, the superficial/mechanical approach predictably and always fails. This is because literally all chronic diseases involve a deeper “consciousness-disconnection.”

The gross sign may be a physical tear or cut or open wound. The more subtle signs may include the presence of acidity, toxicity and inflammation. If any of these acute ailments are left as is, not healed but suppressed, over time there is an unnoticed slipping of consciousness - and tragically with little or no knowledge at all of how to reverse the process. Lives are ruined or left to develop worse consciousness ailments.


All the major chronic illnesses of our times can be thus or so re-understood, and I will argue very profoundly and more effectively for their treatment and reversal.

Arthritis, for example, is the result of inflammation and acidity, and centered more at the joints (burning out the connective-consciousness where bones are meant to connect as part of the wholeness of our body). It is not the result of a wearing down of those joints as modern medical mythology would prefer to believe – and which better fits the modern underlying mechanical paradigm! Actually the more one uses one’s joints, as with exercise, the less one is ever likely to develops arthritis!

How and why do fire, inflammation, toxicity, oxidation, and acidity “burn out consciousness” is another large topic, but it is one that is very essential for understand healing overall – and imparting that understanding to others makes one quintessentially a healer.

And when a person suffers from a lowered consciousness they are literally in the dark. They do not know where best to turn to find the light.

As when fire burns down a house, inner inflammation will burn away the forces that hold together our body. It will undermine one’s consciousness. The wife of an old friend of mine (75 years of age) the other day emailed me that he, after years of being on the absolute worst of diets – McDonald-type food, couldn’t find his way back home and forgot where he parked his car!


Now when a chronic ill person turns to someone whom they believe can help and whom they can truly trust to uplift them up and out of their illness – hopefully they will make a wise choice.

They are willing to pay dearly for this help and guidance as well. This tends to be a turning to a licensed MD trained as an allopath or in the mechanical worldview but who evidences his or her knowing with a diploma on the wall or showing they have passed very rigorous requirements of medical school and any subsequent specialized training.

But medical school teaches mostly the zenith high-level left-brain skills (learning calculus and math-based, mechanical principles of physics and chemistry before allowed to enter med school).

Sorry to say, but that healing or unifying worldview actually still leaves one in the dark in relationship to consciousness illnesses. Thus a person in the dark is turning for guidance to another who is also in the dark – and of course this won’t work.

The math-bound vision as an overall guiding map, a healing or unified worldview, is actually not just off the mark. It is the absolute pinnacle left-brain dominant view, the worst of preliminary trainings for knowing how to heal chronic illnesses. It guarantees a later failure in practice – when trying to understand and treat those chronic ills.

It is actually not just non-healing but anti-healing knowledge. This is because it strips awareness of the role of consciousness in healing and promotes what is separative rather than connective on a deeper level than that of maya, the surface of our consciousness.

It opposes the root knowledge of the very simplest principles of how systemic diseases come about through a gradual depletion of consciousness.

However, it works dramatically well and effectively for emergency medicine. The drama of rescuing accident victims feeds the  illusion that the same approach works for deep, non-surface chronic ills.


There are countless philosophies that philosophers have proposed over the ages but only a few are structured to guide the healing arts. These are the one’s we need to focus on and chose between.  Each has a profoundly different effect. For example, iff I want to take an herb, do I analyze its chemical composition (per the modern western view) its yin/yang properties (Chinese view)  or whether it is still a living or boiled-to-death plant (the Essene view). Or do we look at how it affects different body-types (the Ayurvedic view). Or do we try to figure out its Godly or satanic properties, perhaps as guided by what’s mentioned in the Bible (the medieval, prior western view).

I have a very different philosophy than any of these and for the overall mapping of our healing. My experience tells me there is indeed a  Oneness to nature that all these philosophies recognize and alternatively try to access. Then because we are microcosms of that macrocosm, when we heal we come back to our own oneness within. To heal, we reconnect. We also can lose our way immensely, become ill or disconnect. When we do, we need to have the absolute clearest, most powerful guiding philosophy of how to do so. Otherwise we get lost and remain ill.

Or we turn again to doctors, and hope or trust they know their way and are not themselves in the dark. If so, they will misguide us and we get yet more ill.

Thus it is critical to have an overall philosophy of healing that is sound. Mine begins with a recognition of the underlying oneness, which all such philosophies again do so as well. The formula E=mc2 expresses this in the mathematical view, or matter and energy being seen as one. The taichi symbol does the same in Chinese healing philosophy – showing how yin and yang are integrally one. But the way these philosophies disagree or diverge and differ is that they all begin to choose different  first dualities - like again matter and energy in the mathematical view and yin and yang in the Chinese view. With the Essene philosophy it was a path or life and death guided by the Godly and Satanic – a prelude to the medieval view.

Thus and again, before you even begin to try to heal yourself, take time to study and choose a healing philosophy. Down the line, it will determine all else – and the final outcome of your efforts. Make the choice with utmost care as a first step. Make the choice consciously and you will see the powerful impact it has.


My view differs from all the visions that have ever been proposed in the past on our planet. The reason there is a divergence is because I insist that the defining first duality of my worldview – the first split of consciousness differentiations  – the movement away of seeing the Oneness – is defined strictly by the Oneness and absolutely nothing else.

Why? Internally this is because when I was a teenager, and after having been a math prodigy, my left brain shut down and I learned to not only see the world in a right brain way – but more importantly how to use the right brain dominantly to tell the left how to conceptualize a real, non-illusionary way of seeing our world.

Externally or the second reason why is to eliminate cultural subjectivity, bias  – the cultural whim of choosing one path or the other that isn’t really getting us back to the true underlying Oneness directly and most powerfully so we can heal. If the path is most purely known, the methods of healing become far more potent and authentic. Otherwise it is easy to chose very illusionary paths to remain yet more  ill.

My healing philosophy is the foundation of our all. It is what I trust the most to guide everything else. Don’t thus skip this step of choosing a workable philosophy. And I thus emphasize the importance of that philosophy because it is again, if I need to repeat this a thousand times, what most powerfullypulls the whole understanding together as One. Iself represents the healing process itself.

So now to the next step. How do we define a first distinguishing duality in such a worldview? We need to choose it carefully.


Nature tells us how its best done, if we pay attention or become self-conscious.

Consciousness itself has a first “split” or duality. It manifests in the two root ways that our right and left brains tune into the reality of our world.

Each becomes a receiver of opposite forms of consciousness, what I call the separative and the connective – the flowing away from the underlying oneness  or separative consciousness, and the flowing or returning thereto or connective consciousness. The latter knows the truer, deeper road to healing. This works like an ocean wave coming out of an ocean and always returning to it constantly. We enact this paradigm daily when we expend energy and return to sleep or reconnect our inner consciousness.

Let us look at this in more detail because it is very, very, very critical for a deepest understanding of an effective healing art.

The left brain is skilled to best separate all elements of consciousness and dramatically so. Its highest paradigms are quantitative and mathematical. Why?  Because math symbols guide the pinnacle and universal separation of all elements of consciousness. Without getting too technical on this subject (most of us are not math whizzes), you can’t count two apples that are mushed together to make applesauce. The apples first have to appear as separate in our consciousness to count them. These math symbols best help us to design atomic weapons which most powerfully tear our world apart.

Thanks Einstein for your mathematical genius.

They are the absolute and incomparably worst symbols to use in guiding the depths of healing arts!

They can, however, help us superficially, and thus in fooling ways if we think there are also appropriate for deeper uses. We can use mathematical/mechanical approaches in what I call reversal modes. A simple example is measuring how far a thermometer’s temperature departs, separates away from a point of balance. We then reverse that departure to bring about healing.  We use 98.6% Fahrenheit or the equivalent in Celcius as the point of temperature balance. The point of balance represents the connective or healing state. But numbers like 98.6% are totally useless in any absolute or objective sense. They actually stand in the way of any deeper, real, and profound wisdom of what’s truly going on. A second example is where we use mechanical tools designed mathematically to help us avoid doing things mechanically – things anathema or counter to life. Once again this is a reversal use.

Reversals involve the negation of a negative, which yields but a superficial positive.

The right brain does the exact and polar opposite. The right brain tends to intimately and deeply connect all elements of our consciousness. It needs no reversal use. The connection is integral, truly and deeply connective/healing, not superficially or skin-deep or surface-fooling. It is thus the gateway, the authentic way to approach a healing of ourselves.

Ever wonder why the push to give everyone chemical drugs or pharmaceutical is a sham.

Now you know.

On a very deep level, this is because these drugs are math-designed.

It is precisely for that reason that they intrinsically cannot heal us.

None of the other major healing philosophies of our planet – the Chinese, Indian, Middle-East, and Roman/Greek – will give you this insight because they all start with different first dualities. None have strongly resisted the avalanche of pharmaceutical uses in the West nor what is the foundations of the growing pollution epidemics of the West.

To do so requires a different knowledge.


While we have these two sides split, we really need both  to function well in a complementary way.  What matters rather is which side dominates. If the right brain dominates, we tend to connect what is most separate. We heal the worst of diseases. We also make connective sense of our world. If the left brain dominates, we separate what is most whole. We harm consciousness and destroy organic life. Also right-brain damaged patients become schizophrenic, unable to connect their world. Newton, one of the greatest of mathematical genius or with the highest of left-brain skills, died a schizophrenic.

Parenthetically I once made contact with a direct descendant of Sir Isaac Newton. Actually he work for me during the time when I dared to explore  being in the “Belly of the Behemoth” or Wall Street. I was running a securities brokerage firm at the time, if you believe that but its true. The employee’s last name was also Newton. He was very mechanically-inclined, would fix things around the office like no one else. But like his ancestor, for me he knew almost nothing about a much truer foundation of our world.

He did, however, have a great sense of humor.

So to continue, if those left brain skills are used in say a reversal or self-negating or connective mode (under right-brain dominant guidance) they will help us.

If not, they can easily take us down some immensely toxic, polluting, non-sustainable and globally life-harmful and destroying roads.

The ecological history of the past 350 years bears this out strongly.

Healing worldviews are meant to bring us essentially into harmony – to being at one – with the world around us.

The very fact that medical wastes so immensely pollute the planet is just another screaming example and hint that the underlying guiding philosophy is profoundly false, very much out of tune and out-of-harmony taking. When pharmacists themselves get cancer for just handling the chemical drugs they dispense – drugs supposedly made to heal patients – we wonder how much more off the track this train could be?

The right-brain dominant approach is for me the most enlightened and conscious way of seeing our world. It gives us depth of insight and reliable healing knowledge. It teaches us the importance of all things “connective” – like the importance of love, the practice of peace, of tolerance and acceptance. It teaches us the role of peaceful meditation and of eating in ways that are more alkaline rather than acid. In so many endless ways, it guides us to very reliable, not sham, commercially-corrupted and fooling ways back to our own Oneness, to our own healing, to the raising of our connective consciousness.

Continued in Part II

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