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Modern medicine is logically grounded in a vision that itself grounds our cosmic view. It is meant to bring our knowledge of healing into harmony with the rest of nature. That makes sense, of course. But what if the approach is profoundly unwise?

What if it fails to heal chronic ills. Our modern western worldview is rooted in a mechanical, math-based, consciousness-absent and I will argue healing-opposing philosophy of nature. It is based on a theory introduced over 350 years ago in the 17th century as being absolutely true. We then have peer reviews to make sure everyone submits to that “absolutely true” view.

In reality, I am convinced we culturally mythologize the surpassing genius and insight of thinkers who arrived at that vastly odd theory – that math symbols of the master keys to nature Actually to me they were clueless as to now immensely unwise that choice is or the ultimate effects of  very systematically and exclusively applying that assumption – with left-brain dominant arrogance – such as a later creation of atomic weapons and the growing, global, deepening pollution of our planet.

Secondly they were just as clueless about a fundamental and core contradiction in their vision that cannot ever be fixed or reconciled.  Math symbols abstract how to separate all elements of consciousness and thus absolutely cannot ever really guide us to what’s integrally best connects, glues or holds together our universe!

Because this foundation-pillar contradiction and the fact that it is not reconcilable – and I challenge any philosopher or scientist to demonstrate otherwise – there is an element of insanity in the vision. In short the Newtonian “principia naturalism mathematica” – the laws of nature as supposedly mathematical – described less kindly, a very much an insane theory of nature’s depths. These squiggles on a blackboard or piece of paper supposedly point to nature’s essence – but in my experience and decades of challenging explorations they really don’t.


To be far kinder, the math-bound objectively represents the innate and highest perspective of our left-brain consciousness – which itself tunes into an essential part of all of nature. If a person is left-brain dominant, then that special perspective really does manifest the highest of high left-brain or separative-consciousness understandings.

That objective aspect of the math-grounded vision is not at all made up, concocted or culturally invented. It is for real transpersonally.

This lends great and convincing force to the whole math-formulated vision of nature.

It is also what fools us.

For on the “other hand,” or from the other right-brain perspective, the view is as much invalid  because left-brain consciousness is again surface-traveling, illusionary and not depth-sanity generating.

Rephrased again,  from a limited viewpoint the vision is 100% valid, and from another, nix. A house may appear completely blue in color when you are just in one room, but not in the house as a whole.

The same applies to what happens for our system of allopathic medicine based on this mechanical vision of nature. For limited applications it works and is 100% valid – even dramatically so. For deeper time-space applications or chronic systemic ills, it fails. And the former fools us in regard to defending and expecting success with the latter.

Again the cultural dream that the depth-core of nature is mathematical (which was brought to new heights in the Renaissance and our modern times) is either valid nor objective from a right-brain perspective. It is totally valid from the other main view of our inner being. This forces us look from a trans-brain-split view to choose wise directions of consciousness and mind.


This is similar to the ancient dream of geo-centricity. How self-complementary to think we are at the center of the universe. From a self-centered view looking up at the sky it really and truly looks that way – as one consciousness separative view. If we imagine looking down at the earth from multiple and more whole perspectives, it is entirely an illusion – and a very convincing one.

The mathematical view is the equivalent inner cosmic reversal illusion, also begging to be overcome.

For us to achieve this second Copernican revolution is of far greater importance because of the potential to screw up our world from within is so much more profound.

To unwisely separate and quantify all elements of consciousness is to bring out the penultimate surface view and the penultimate reversal illusion of illusions to the forefront.


Thus not surprisingly Newton died a schizophrenic. He went insane with the very best of left-brain skills and surface knowledge. His contemporaries thought “Newton knew more than all of humanity combined.” His intelligence, like that of Einstein, was mythologized (or so I see it from a right-brain dominant view, thought not from the left-brain perspective). Newton was  far off the mark and his life reflected that.


What’s wrong with using separative (math) symbols to best try to connect a cosmic vision of nature?

There is nothing intrinsically wrong. We are free to choose whatever we want to believe in. It is just contradictory and will thus predictably fail on certain deep levels.

Theories of cause and effect are  also means of connecting events, and thus the mathematical view will most dramatically fail in this domain not best describe cause and effect except for what is mechanical. It will especially fail to understand cause and effect in the healing arts.Have you ever gone to a doctor who says, we don’t know what causes this. Just take this drug and it will take the symptoms away?

You really can’t get around this core of core contradiction unless there are again some limited applications, such as designing machines using math symbols in order to make gizmos with separate that never occur naturally anywhere in nature. Not even the simplest of machines, such as a bicycle, ever occurs naturally in nature. We have to create and recreate reality to fit the vision’s dreams, bias. When the brain-polarity bias is not self-consciously seen, the vision becomes delusional and dangerous.


Tell that to a professor of physics and chemistry something of this kind and he or she may shake their heads profusely – and with the same self-certainty that Luther refered to Copernicus as “the fool wants to overturn the whole of the Holy Writ.”

Then they too may suffer at the end of their lives with consciousness ailments like cancers, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease in proportions similar to the rest of the population, we need to wonder why chemistry and physics fail to give the needed insight. I know of even one Nobel Prize-winning physicist with Altzheimer’s.

Such is the way of our world, quite unenlightened and on an accelerating non-sustainable path.

Newton was r-e-a-l-l-y immensely off the mark relative to a deeper understanding of life and consciousness at the core of nature, as well as of his own nature. His own state of consciousness went downhill later in life as added evidence of a lack of power to prevent that of his theories. There were rumors of Einstein was also becoming senile in his last years of life.


Thus, in my opinion, the math-bound theory of nature, with all its failings, is very long overdue for more than a minor overhall -(such as only choosing between quantum mechanics and the prior more hardcore mechanics). The entire view, at its roots, is not a best central paradigm to unify the whole of our vision. It thus must be superseded and replaced if we want to both save our planet, overcome growing health epidemics,  massive drugging, unnatural living, genetic engineering, and the spreading polluting our planet.

May heaven and earth, so to speak, help us to meet this greatest of spiritual or inner challenges.


Before I referred to disbelief.  It is natural for there to be a denying and resisting (as Thomas Kuhn explained the process in his classic Structure of Scientific Revolutions). The denial is that there is any problem at all at the core of our view of nature. Its thus normal for scientists to exclude from their consciousness the possibility of any cultural delusion or profound spiritual illness in choosing that root cosmic math-bound view of the 17th century. Instead they are likely to place a blind eye to contrary evidence, even overwhelming  evidence that the math-engineered view of nature  is not really working to protect and guide us well.

Forget the idea that it mightbe  progressively threatening our survival.

That’s impossible.

Or is it?

We must rather believe the Industrial Revolution is a movement towards heaven on earth – or purely about “progress” and  “better living through chemistry.”



We see this kind of deep and intractable denial and resistance when treating cancers . These cancerous conditions are obviously caused by chemicals synthetically created through various math-designs and unleashed everywhere to the global depths of nature and everywhere to our cells.  We then think these same chemicals can’t possibly be screwing up inner and outer world because that would mean our underlying vision is failing!

We would have to admit again that the slogan “better living through chemistry” was defective all along. This, in turn, would threaten the ideas, systems and industries – the whole modern lifestyle  that promotes not just chemicals but the  soul of the industrial revolution.

Actually the failures of the 17th century vision are  all around us, and in threatening ways. We just refuse to face brute facts. Even medical wastes have posed a major and growing threat to our global environment – to our ground and depth water reserves! You can imagine what the same chemicals do to our internal environment and where so-called harmful “side-effects” are actually disguised primary and centrally-harming effects.


Thus I  never take any prescription drugs for any chronic diseases  – none.

But then I have no typical chronic illnesses of our culture at 60 as I should because I know how to avoid them. However and at the same time, such medicines, to be objective, may have important functions but mostly for acute emergencies. For example, if I  have a car accident and was losing my blood rapidly (with my blood pressure falling in a life-threatening way)  I would need to turn to an MD for a drug to raise my blood pressure or clot my blood more quickly. The drugs that have such quick effects can be toxic for the moment, and my body can handle it.

But when the same drugs are used for chronic ills they tend to be harmful. Discretion is needed why we turn to MD prescriptions. But most major chronic ills are not reversed or healed by the same means. They are rather treated – including diabetes, arthritis, hardening of arteries and so on.

Lifespans are extended by mechanical means. But again we are not qualitatively healed or made whole and more conscious. One can remain barely alive in a vegetative state. Seniros are essentially turned into cash-machines like in Vegas and stop being conscious human beings. Drugs are massively marketed to the most unwary, those who have slipped are allowed to slip their consciousness yet more.

Drugs are marketed, despite and even precisely because they are not curative.

A curative drug of a major chronic illness could bankrupt the seller who markets it!

It’s like soliciting a continuity program to focus on on-going treatment drugs, again not anything curative.

For this reason, non-curing, rather symptom modulating chemical prescriptions are hot!

They are being handed out like candy for trillions in dollars.


The end result: half of Americans now take at least one prescription drug. This includes very young children and teenagers whose lives are being poisoned and devastated. Massive traces of toxic, cancerous chemicals have even been found in the womb, in the placebo sac of unborn children. I have often seen the much later results, enough to make one cry and want to do something to change our consciousness-corrupt and spiritually-ill culture. These later results gain force in the senior years of most Americans.

In fact, five out of six Americans aged 65 or older are on drugs plus half of those seniors take three or more medications!

it appears America has become the most sinister, mass-medicated nation on earth.

Modern psychiatry especially has also become, and quickly in the last couple decades, little more than a prescription-writing business to optimize monetary gain – trapped in a left-brain dominant way of “helping” patients.

Yet when one understands the underlying philosophy of modern medicine is corrupt, it cannot really guide a raising of consciousness for those patients treated for symptoms, but not cured for the underlying causes of major chronic ills.

Then Alzheimer’s patients end up walking the halls of nursing homes in unison like zombies  – with much lowered rather than higher consciousness –  and especially when given multiple medications.


Modern medicine hasn’t a clue why. But the answer is actually simple. It is because our entire culture, now on a planetary level, is being falsely guided by an outdated, failing, illogical, unwise mechanical understanding of both our bodies and  actually all of nature or the cosmos.

It is taught to all of us when we are very young in mandatory curriculums and when we are so subconsciously open to believe.

If we could culturally make a shift, a revolution in thinking, it would represent not just a breakthrough, but the greatest spiritual breakthrough of our millennium.

Not having this accomplished this as yet-  not challenging the root math-bound view – we face ever growing consequences such as  half of Americans aged 85+ – many of our beloved parents – becoming  “lost souls” to the ravages of Alzheimer’s disease.

Insulin-treated diabetics suffer as much to become blind in their eyes and numb at their extremities.

My step-dad went blind after 50 years of following medical misguidance in the treatment of his diabetes. A co-worker had his leg amputated and shortly thereafter died. The doctors are caught in their worldview’s directives and do not know better.

The same kind of development occurs with virtually all cancer and other chronic illness sufferers.

The reasons are very, very deep – and sorry to say they are real.

Just yesterday the NY Times reported another trial for an Alzheimer’s drug that need to be aborted because it made the condition of Alzheimer’s patients worse. Still the drug companies do not give up, both because the monetary goal blinds their vision and the root worldview as well.

No chemical drug, I guarantee you, will ever cure Alzheimer’s principally because – and this is what’s critical to understand – the guiding worldview that creates and designs those drugs is itself blind.

Thus there is a failure of vision on the deepest of deep levels.


Furthermore, my greatest insight on this topic is that consciousness is the principle of connection itself in nature (a massively revolutionary proposition, and for me with far more profound consequences than Newton’s discovery of an apple-falling-on-his-head view of gravitation). This is why it makes such  sense that nature immediately sends conscious awareness to any point of our body, mind or spirit that is ill, torn, distressed or injured.

We then feel the sting of pain.

To be aware, or to be present in the moment, is to lean towards being connected and reconnection – which also equals the quintessence, the  many times distilled essence of  healing!


So it is best to live in the moment with right-brain dominant consciousness. It sees the ocean of consciousness as One, past the cut up, surface appearance, or left-brain dominant view – extended to extremes mathematically. The laboratory is the extreme temple for seeing separatively – including using microscopes to cut apart 100x or 1000X surface appearances of light.

The two main directions of consciousness – left and right, separative and connective – need to have resolved a relationship between each other – or as to which makes primary choices. Does the left brain separative perspective restructure the right brain’s view – as in the mathematical vision. Or do we accomplish the exact opposite – use the right brain’s wisdom to reconstruct and heal the left-brain view – telling it which concepts to use to get back to an integrally unified perspective.

That latter is what I call “ raw-wisdom.” It is integral wisdom, not a sham.

It is a kind of modernized Daoism.

The Chinese philosophy taught that the “Way” cannot be put to words.   It is rather learned in meditative silence, and absolutely not through mathematical knowledge that takes us most powerfully back to surface appearances, to maya.

For the left-brain a) mathematizes consciousness as its primary anchor and b) uses outline images (concepts, words) to dive into conscious experience.

Either approach separates elements of awareness, and potentially takes us away from the healing view.

Since consciousness connects nature – rather than mathematical cause and effect – a surface illusion – it thereby forms the quintessence of life.

Thus the raw-wisdom both guides us to a better understanding of our selves and the world we live in – to why things happen the way they do.

It takes us away from the forces that are also destroying life to near extinction in our modern ecologically devastated world.


The reader therefore might personally need to make a critical choice for your own life – and as to which of two main paths to tread upon in our  inner consciousness.

We can choose to remain left-brain dominant, math-guided, or boudn to the separative-consciousness view. This is the conventional and usually talk view. Or we can choose an opposite path.

If the latter, we will veer towards seeking more love, peace, alkalinity, consciousness, aliveness – all the forces that connects our insides as a whole to heal.

My dad had conventional beliefs.

They guided his life.

He, like many, died with Alzheimer’s disease.

I am therefore passionately dedicated to following a very different way – and leading others on a similarly alternative, consciously healing and revolutionary path.

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