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healing consciousness

Healing consciousness

Healing Consciousness

In order to know how to “heal consciousness,” we first need reliable means to know what it is to “heal” and to have  “consciousness” or to become “conscious.”

What Does “Healing” Mean?

Healing, in one form or another, tends to be a way of connecting something living to wholeness. This is why when a cut mends we say it is “healed.” Also when a heart is broken and then mends we say it is healed.  The former connects something physically asunder. The latter connects something in our spirit. There also can be mental healing, environmental healing and so on.

Nature of Consciousness

Imagine that what is consciousness forms “a potentially universal relationship of connection in all of nature.”  This is a powerful definition when practically applied.  Thus to be “aware” or “conscious” imagine that we simply connect to something we are so aware or conscious of. If this is a reliable and depth insightful definition, then  the very presence of onsciousness will tend to mend or heal what is asunder.

Evidence of Healing Consciousness

There is evidence of this. Thus when a stone falls on our foot, for example, and we have a cut or bruise,  there also immediately occurs a heightened awareness we call “pain.” I might cry out, for example,  “Oh my God it hurts.” God here is a connective inner cosmic image – trying to pull down the power of healing within = and the experience of pain is also subliminally connected to the connective healing process. This is why I strongly oppose most pain killers or chemical drugs that engender just unconsciousness and therefore interfere with integral healing.

Healing Consciousness

This phase has two major meanings:

  • Healing Consciousness can use the word “healing” as an adjective. This  means consciousness with the characteristic of being healing. But this is actually a redundant phrase, something that is critical to know. Western medicine is grounded in the mechanical, math-based vision of nature. Mathematics abstracts how best to separate elements of consciousness – moving our awareness away from the very essence of consciousness itself! This is why machines, made of separate, math-delineated or designed parts, tend to be relatively unconsciousness. Also in modern medicine, based on the allopathic/mechanical model, we can expect trouble with any attempt to depth heal systemic ailments since there is no science therein for the foundational healing of consciousness.
  • Healing Consciousness can use the word “healing” as a verb. This can mean the mending of our state of consciousness. Consciousness itself actually can never be healed as it is foundation of healing itself. It is rather that our state of incomplete consciousness is what can be mended, reconnected or made whole.

To do so requires a deeper understanding and an advanced inner technology.

Healing Our Entire Being

This can be accomplished by physical, mental and emotional means. Actually we have potentially seven waves of depth and complete healing, beginning with the healing of our state of consciousness and then expanding progressively to transform mind, emotions, body, immediate family and social relationships and finally our overall posture to our environment and cosmos as a whole.

This is the core of the raw-wisdom philosophy.

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