Published On: Mon, Dec 7th, 2009

Healing our consciousness in seven waves


(Healingtalks) I am considering the task of putting together a book on healing, cleansing and detoxing in seven waves. This was essentially my topic in the talk recently in Waltham, MA. The presentation was well received. The seven waves involve a process of healing and detoxing from the core within and expanding this to encompass the whole of our consciousness – and to remake that consciousness whole.

Healing our consciousness by starting at the core

This again begins with the core of ourselves, the state of our mind’s most universal postures to organize consciousness. Here we make a shift from left- to right-brain dominance because of the following. The left brain is skilled at using words, concepts and symbols and when it dominates, it dresses up a sense of reality. It settles in on illusionary ideologies. The right brain oppositely sees consciousness directly, undressed and in the raw.

Different consciousness-centered worldview

If we make this shift, we arrive at, in my experience, a different and more healing worldview than the modern. There comes about a fundamental change in the integration of mind and consciousness at the very core. We move away from the left-brain dominant, math-based and mechanical (unconscious and consciousness-destructive) vision of nature. With the talk at Waltham, I spent nearly half the time speaking about this change, this first wave or the development of raw-wisdom. This is  because it is the most critical of all steps and from which all else can proceed. This is similar to the choice of seeds to plant in one’s garden, which then determines, more than anything else, what will grow.

Healing emotions, body, home environment & close ties

The other six waves are simply as follows. We have a healing and detoxing of our emotions, our body, our home environment, close social ties (including immediate family and close friends).

Healing larger social networks and the earth

Then we detox or work to heal also our larger social networks (including via right livelihood and a growing sense of community) and finally we work to heal our overall relationship to all of nature. The result is that we manage to include in the healing process a transformation of the whole of our consciousness or life experience.

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