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Conscious healing

My intense study of consciousness, the essence of life, led me to the conclusion that it forms the universal essence of nature as well. This means that life, and not the principles of the machine, lie at the core of nature. The modern world has a different view. It uses mathematics to describe the essence of all things in nature. But math symbols abstract how to separate all elements of consciousness – creating mechanical things made of separate parts and going directly against the depth essence of consciousness and life. Force that vision deeply onto nature and you inevitably harm and ultimately destroy  living nature, and the nature of ourselves.

If you wonder why our world today is an incredible mess…why we are on the verge of economic and ecological collapse…why there are vast health pandemics out of control…go to the taproot reason…take a look at the core guiding (or misguiding) philosophy of nature …its sister profit/quantification of consciousness motive..or what has dominated us pervasively the last four hundred years. Wherever there is a deepest  corruption of consciousness, socially, money motives are involved and an essential left-brain dominance to disintegrate vision.

This is not accidental and is a trend that has been on the rise since ancient Greek times, culminating in the 17th century European culture and coming to a dark fruition in our times – global pollution, atomic weapons, and GMOs, among those fruits.

Lorna powerfully keys into this. Here is a synopsis of her ideas.

Summary of Lorna Green’s Theory of Consciousness

Here is a brief summary of Lorna Green’s points in her What Is Consciousness In the Scheme of Things. Her thesis is something I wholeheartedly agree with:

Consciousness As An Anomaly
Thomas Kuhn, in his Structure of Scientific Revolutions pointed out that the discovery of anomalies (evidence that contradicts a theory and cannot be explained within it) is the foundation of all scientific revolutions. In this context

  • Understanding “what is consciousness” appears at a leading-edge frontier of modern science. It is the last of the major unconquered territory for the real depth understanding of our world.
  • At the same time consciousness fails to be explained by existing scientific principles that are mechanical. It precisely an anomaly.
  • Thus if consciousness were to be explained, it tends while it fit uneasily in our classical assumptions, this can become the trigger for revolutionizing our whole modern worldview.

Let me add my own example to Lorna’s thesis. Living organisms actually and really violate all of Newton’s mechanical laws of motion – one of the foundation assumptions of physics that that is how nature works – mechanically. A runner, for example, can run around a track and with a certain inertia or momentum. But being conscious and alive, he can then decide to abruptly turnaround. Where is that explained in Newton’s laws? How and why does that happen? Why, in fact, is mechanical motion anathema to life, as in working on an assembly line all day long.  Suppose the reasons are profound, and why cannot be reduced to mechanical explanations (which was how 18th century philosophers tried to solve this unresolved problem).

Moving Away From Old Renaissance Assumptions
In order to thus revolutionize our worldview, we must move away from century-old notions about consciousness such as:

  • A) Consciousness emerges at only the high end of a path of physical evolution
  • Consciousness is tied to the development or evolution of  our physical brain’s activities. It is produced and derived from neuron activities,  a by-product of a computational organ with impressions.  It is not something existing in its own right.
  • Consciousness is a helpless ghost or shadow in the machine, in the material/physical world
  • Matter and energy defined mathematically is exclusively what is really or objectively real in our world.

Near Death Experiences – The Means to Overthrow Old Consciousness Assumptions
Lorna points out that a study of near death experiences may offer the pivotal means to overthrow our old assumptions about the world we live in. There are several on-going studies worldwide to determine if consciousness is really separable from the body or can exist independently on its own – with real powers of its own.

We Are In The Position of Forming A Second/New Copernican Revolution
If the results of on-going Dutch and English experiments show that consciousness is incontrovertibly separable from the body, then our modern worldview must change in ways that are almost unimaginable. It could involve of reversal of root terms – or where consciousness becomes the primary and fundamental stuff of the world, and not matter. She calls this The Consciousness Paradigm. Matter become derivative and secondary  rather than the other way around. This, by the way I would add, can go beyond conventional panpsychism – or the philosophy that consciousness is in all of nature. The latter can still presuppose that consciousness emerges from matter. Here we make a radically backwards inference. The universe suddenly becomes no longer just a machine, Newton’s Grand Clock, or acting blind and unconscious. Just about everything we believe about nature, and ourselves, then is revolutionized. Or the whole of nature and its causal laws might be seen as primarily or first an express of consciousness in things (rather than an expression of what is the machine-like functioning of matter). Also consciousness might ever exist within consciousness… ad infinitum, like a Russian doll is made with a smaller doll inside which in turn has ever smaller dolls.

I would add a stirring example to Lorna’s point. A person, in deep hypnosis, can often image a hot iron touching the skin with the result that a blister forms. Matter here then emerges out of mind and consciousness rather than the other way around – the common modern assumption.

Impact Of A New Theory Of Consciousness
With the above revolution in thought, or reverse understanding of the foundations of nature, all departments of knowledge and all human activities are impacted. This is what happened in the 17th century with the transition from the biblical worldview to the modern mechanical underlying the Industrial Revolution. This kind of a global mind change can happen again.


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