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What Is Consciousness

The question of what is consciousness is not at all trivial nor ordinary.

To approach consciousness, you have to know it isn’t something you can simply wrap your hands around. It is not physically contained. To make matters worse, consciousness is always present. You can’t escape it. You can go to China to study China but you have to be open to go everywhere to study consciousness. We can argue all is nothing but an experience of inner and outer, normal or altered consciousness. Do we limit ourselves to just human consciousness studies? To whole streams or separate bits of consciousness? But how do we approach this vast global subject – in order to know and explain what is consciousness itself beyond its different higher or lower levels, contents, maps, charts, diagrams, states or stages and laws? And what is the difference between real and artificial consciousness?

This question is especially important when we are faced with a variety of “consciousness diseases.”  A diabetic may step on a nail and not  feel a thing. How is it that an Alzheimer’s patient can’t recognize a closest relative, child or spouse?  Thus knowing exactly and precisely “what is consciousness” may be the single most vital for our extremely health and environmentally challenged times.Consciousness disease pandemics are such a powerful sign that whatever we know falls short of deepest insight.

In my own life, and after an experience where my left-brain shut down to help me see things in the raw, I came to the conclusion that – or began to put into words for the left brain, what is the right brain experience. From that came the following definition to understand collective and cosmic consciousness: Consciousness forms a potentially universal relationship of connection in all of nature. This means that matter, which we experience as separate things, is not really what nature’s root foundation is all about. It only appears so in an illusionary, phenomenal or surface consciousness, but not in  the deeper layers, levels and states of consciousness. Imagine the latter really connect everything. Also mathematics is not a well-designed tool to then understand that consciousness because math symbols point to consciousness separations or actually directly away from the essence of consciousness, which here is seen as forming the essence of nature. Can this create problems? You betcha. Take a look at global pollution or fact that life dies in the presence of large mixes of synthetic chemicals,. As you can see, if we try to seriously overturn the taproot premise of physics and chemistry, the math-bound view, this leads to a vast and deepest of revolutions in thought.

As a naturopath, I have  applied this consciousness revolution to the natural healing arts, to help reverse cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and less serious consciousness diseases. Consciousness is real. We can directly induce, raise, awaken or bring it out of nature as simply as we pour water over a seed.  The reason we generally don’t or fail to fathom it is because we are knee-deep stuck in the 17th century’s stale, math-bound vision – the mechanical, unconscious, dead-bound view. Thus knowing “what is consciousness” becomes a the pivotal catapult for a most powerful revolutionary global mind change or shift in the whole of our lives.

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  1. Good points raised here. I am grateful to you for that, however you deserve more thanks than that. I suffer from color blindness (deuteranopia in my case). I mainly use Opera browser (no idea if that changes anything), and a consider as bland a number of web sites. They are challenging to comprehend thanks to a careless range of colors used. However, here the range of colors is good and the design is extremely tidy and very pleasant to comprehend. I don’t know whether it was a premeditated and conscious undertaking, or just the ‘luck of the draw’, but I still thank you.

  2. batalionn says:

    Indeed thanks for noting that the choice of colors and form is also an expression of my consciousness. There is much too that. A person of low consciousness/connectedness cannot organize colors and forms very well.

  3. Hello,I love reading through your blog, I wanted to leave a little comment to support you and wish you a good continuation. Wishing you the best of luck for all your blogging efforts.

  4. Darren Wray says:

    It’s refreshing to find people who have such an interest in consciousness, which is probably the most underrated subject in the world. I think that consciousness diseases as you have referred to them are of critical importance in the search for information about human consciousness. All the best, D J Wray http://www.atotalawareness.com

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