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What is enlightenment? | Healing Talks

What is enlightenment?

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(Healingtalks) Can we define what is Enlightenment? Is there is clear path to such enlightenment or does it just happen instantaneously? Can there be a whole Age of Enlightenment and are we living in one?

Age of enlightenment

We supposedly had such an Age of Enlightenment. What historians call the  “Enlightenment Period” traces back to 17th and 18th century Europe. This also overlaps with the Renaissance or again the so-called “rebirth of civilization.”  It is in this era that philosophers and thinkers began to introduce certain key ideas underlying our modern world.

Should we question the historical account of the Enlightenment

Was their thinking really all that wise, spiritual and enlightened? Did their cultural  influence and impact leave behind a truly enlightened way of thinking, higher reasoning and wisdom? Did their literature offer a lasting guide to becoming more deeply enlightened and wise?

We can review the writings of the luminaries of that era, of Leibniz, Voltaire, Kant, Berkeley, Hobbes and Hume, or Galileo, Descartes, and Newton among others, and one common thread was a sense of excitement. A new worldview had just been born that would supposedly free humanity from the shackles of the medieval era.  What really transpired as a result?  The Industrial Revolution was born.

A counter-cultural view

I have a counter-cultural view of their guidance being not all that enlightening. The 17th century introduced most importantly a universal math-based vision of nature, the mechanical. This formed the inner ideological foundation for the Industrial Revolution. This best guides us to bringing out the mechanical nature of nature, including via the invention of machines. But does this really connect us with the true depth essence of either nature or our core human consciousness? Enlightenment somehow involves a raising of our consciousness to a higher light.

What is consciousness?

This brings up the underlying question: what is consciousness? My view is that  it forms the potentially universal relationship of connection in nature. If this is true, then the divine gift of consciousness that living things have is what really connect us to each other and also to all things around us. When an Alzheimer’s patient cannot connect one memory to another, or connect the visual image of a face – even of a familiar loved one –  there is an extreme breakdown of consciousness. Thus most importantly, imagine that consciousness is what connects us not only physically and externally but also within. Therefore without that inner consciousness, we would not only not be alive but would start to disconnect at all levels – mentally, emotionally, and spiritually – including with our bodies falling asunder and eventually turning to dust. Again if this view is true, it brings up a very curious dilemma.

Revered symbols of mathematics

Symbols are but pointing tools and the symbols of mathematics point us most powerfully to relationships of separation. To count, adding and subtracting, is to see things separately that are so counted.To divide is very obviously to separate something mentally into parts. To multiply is just a reversal of the same.

Conflict and bias

So if consciousness is again the potentially universal relationship of connection (potential because there is unconsciousness in the world as well) then guess what? The symbols of mathematics and the resulting worldview point us diametrically and directly away from the same – what is consciousness and life in nature! This forms a worldview bias rather than an objective orientation.

What happens when we lose consciousness

When we lose consciousness, it is as if the light within is turned off. We become de-enlightened. Darkness looms  within as if a shadow-creating cloud travelled over our heads. The world of a dementia patient is not enlightened. What all of the above ultimately means is that armed with this modern worldview, the mathematical, which the 17th century heralded as the new light for our world,, we can very easily elicit what is really not enlightening, principles of death in nature.

Ever wonder

Ever wonder why we live in an age filled to the brim with unprecedented species deaths? Why is the atomic bomb the invention of high-order mathematics? Or why do we live in an “enlightened” age filled also with unprecedented health pandemics, like  diabetes. Diabetes is evidenced by a growing cellular and body unconsciousness or neuropathy. Ever wonder why we have a growing epidemic of Alzheimer’s diseases where again the connectedness of the mind falls apart? As explained in the philosophy of raw-wisdom, there is a deep reason which we critically need to know if we are to become truly enlightened.

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