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What really is consciousness | Healing Talks

What really is consciousness

what is consciousness

What really

is consciousness

When I tell people I really know the transpersonal nature of consciousness, one reaction I can anticipate, especially from philosophers and scientists, is skepticism. And there is nothing wrong with having such healthy skepticism. One should generally never believe what we can’t see or verify.

Still I make this claim about something that has escaped some of the greatest minds of all times. So what makes me so self-assured that I truly and really know the solution to this most ultimate and difficult of all puzzles?

There are a couple major reasons.

One of these is that my model actually works in practice and helps explain some inscrutibl phenomenon. For example, why does money so powerfully corrupt consciousness. We cannot know the answer to that important question without first knowing what consciousness is. Similarly, we can’t help reverse consciousness diseases without intimately knowing the nature of consciousness. A second reason is how I came to this understanding, as explained below.

Now having a hypothesis about the nature consciousness that really works in practice and also helps explain things that otherwise can’t be explained….all of this is not minor event.

It ladens me personally with a responsibility to explain or to share this message no matter how difficult that task may be.

For this understanding has radical, revolutionary and powerful implications and thus applications.

How I came  to an intimate first sense of what consciousness is

But the simple fact is that I was the beneficiary of some unique circumstances and experiences.

In my youth I was a math prodigy who, like Jill Bolte Taylor, had a left-brain shut.

This changed my life as it had changed her life indelibly. But my take on that traumatic experience was very different. Just as I had once mastered certain math skills to a high degree and quickly, I now was drawn to an accelerated mastering or gaining the commanding knowledge of something very special – the transcendent, transpersonal nature of our right/left brain divide and derivatively of the interconnecting nature of consciousness itself.

What I discovered is invaluable knowledge.

It also and absolutely cannot be understood immediately.

It took me decades to pinpoint and find just the right words to express that nature, working on an accelerated schedule.

The reach of this knowledge of consciousness

When the mathematical philosophy of Sir Isaac Newton was first introduced in the 17th century, his Principia naturalis mathematica,  no one really knew where this whole Newtonian/Cartesian/Galilean cosmic vision would ultimately lead us to know or master. There was just an exciting sense that nature’s truest truths had been tapped into and that would push forward the evolution of all of human life.

Yes and of course they knew it could give us a commanding knowledge of mechanical motion, but otherwise little else concrete.

It took at least 400 years for all of us nowadays to experience more of the fullness and depth and breadth of their vision’s implications and applications. This includes the rise of the modern Industrial Revolution and its supporting commercial society. It includes all the inventions that have come about thereby – manufacturing equipment, cars, trains, jet planes, TVs, radios, computers, cell phones, a host of chemicals, genetic engineering, atomic weapons and so on.

Similarly knowing what consciousness is, and the vast implications and applications of that knowledge, cannot quickly be fathomed. It takes time to apply a universal vision universally, but this makes the task all of the more exciting.

Secondly this knowledge materializes in an essentially different domain (different than that of building ever better machines or mechanical moving things) – which also opens the door to surprise us.

If I tell you, the reader, now immediately “what is consciousness,” and in a single sentence, the knowledge then may appear cheapened.

“Oh that is what you think it is.  Sure..hmm”

Then it goes potentially, so to speak, in one ear and out the other. It takes an open mind – consciously and subconsciously open, to grasp a vast idea with revolutionary implications and expectations.

What I can answer to this smirking reaction is…. “No, it is not really and truly what I  think it is at all, but rather….”

So let me explain this further.

Consciousness “in the raw”

When I had a left-brain shutdown, I didn’t just think verbally or in words about “what is consciousness.” In fact, I couldn’t.

For a while I was distinctly aphasic, unable to even speak in any whole sentences.

But I continued to experience consciousness without words or “in the raw”  (why I later called this the pathway of raw-wisdom).

Consciousness translation

The right brain “silently speaks” actually very different language than that of the left.

In fact the connective syntax or grammar of each  language has an opposite nature. It thus became a huge task, as a translator, to find a language that would best tell the verbal brain what the non-verbal one “thinks” or experiences.

I had to create a Rosetta Stone to bridge the gap, and rather than the reverse. What I mean by “rather than the reverse” is as follows. The right brain can explain its language to the left, providing a right-over-left dominant view. This is rather than the left-brain, which tends to be normally dominant, to aggressive, telling the quiet shy right brain how to bridge the gap and see reality.

To compound the problem, we really have these two fundamental kinds of consciousness. There are these two opposite forms of consciousness (with a common ground) which, when separately tuned into, really create a right/left brain split.

Is then consciousness brain-centered or derived?

One of those two fundamental forms of consciousness requires our left-brain to function and to project consciousness outward from itself. This can give the powerful appearance that consciousness originates from the brain.

Seen from a left-brain point of view, there is some truth to that appearance.

But ultimately consciousness has a more transcendent and trans-personal and trans-human foundation. This is innately difficult to see because we are bound in our human consciousness, and proud of and in love with our rare human brain skills. We can, with our brains, make a million and one language distinctions while cats can only meow or hiss and dogs growl and wine. So with our brains we have an edge. And what gives us that edge makes it appear that our consciousness comes from our brain. Yet it really isn’t so.

With that said, I have to ultimately conclude this introduction and then “spill the beans” or tell the reader finally what is my understanding of consciousness. This is at the risk of saying this prematurely, whereby it is minimally understood or misunderstood.  But ultimately I have to unveil my definition of “what is consciousness” and open myself to challenges.

This view embraces, by the way, no mysticism or religious view to explain consciousness based on a belief system.

What I discovered rather by observation, as if from outside, is that….

Consciousness is simply the universal relationship of connection in nature.

Said in a simpler way, consciousness is nature’s principle of connection itself.

The average person can read this explanation and thereby know what this string of words is saying conceptually. We can understand it with our left-brain.

Or we can alternatively look at some Asiatic paintings/mandala of meditative postures and which show a yogic radiation of consciousness in every direction. We can intuitively have a visual, pre-verbal or right brain sense.

But for a still more whole-brain and depth understanding, what do we need to know? That really comes about with a more depth application to one’s life, and thus knowing the links from the one-to-the-many,  or the far-reaching, cosmic, cultural and personal  implications of a revolutionary re-understanding of our whole world.

If accepted, processed and applied universally, these implications are more than powerful than anything we can imagine.

This refers to vision reconstruction of all of consciousness in every direction.

All civilizations somehow intuitively strive to have an integrally integrated or healthy and whole core view of nature. It is what binds everything together without flaws or contradictions- and such views tend to be dominantly monopolistic. You really cannot have two competing views that tie everything together as One.

We are rather left with an unreconciled duality.

Visually you cannot have two centers of a flower unifying all of its pedals together as one.

This is why the early 17th century attempted at a marriage or coalition government between science and the Church that soon fell apart as it had to.

Initially the former studied the outer world. The latter ruled the inner.

But within a hundred years the science of psychology developed to really evolve one central paradigm view of the whole to dominate. As a result, the spiritual power of the Church further declined. Architecturally and symbolically, modern municipal and later commercial structures soon dwarfed medieval church steeples – which previously were the highest architectural structures built at the center of cities and pointing to God.

Thus a new core vision, if it really universally reintegrates all of consciousness, must also supplant and surpass the dominance of any prior or existing view of a similar sort! It cannot be otherwise

In this case, if our vision of consciousness is true to itself, it must then supplant the taproot inner foundation for western civilization as introduced in the 17th century – the vision that supplanted the medieval.

This would trigger a second major global mind change.

The original global mind change of the 17th century catapulted us straight out of the medieval world (with its aim for humanity to come ever closer to the will of God)  and into the new modern world (with the aim of  ever more commercial, industrial and technological progress).

Again another replacement core vision changes the latter.

It offers not just a re-understanding of our cosmos and its quintessence, but derivatively of the essential aim of life, our own and that of all others coming together to form a civilization.

It changes the vision of what life really is all about.

Nathan Batalion CTN

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