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This is the third and last part of an introduction to a “global mind change” or global paradigm shift.  Part I dealt with how difficult it is to make such a shift. Part II details how this involves quintessentially a movement away from the 17th-century’s math-based vision of nature. This third segment takes us to a next step.

A transcending overview here is right-brain dominant. What does that mean? Our right brain taps into what I call “connective consciousness” the way a radio might tune into a certain channel that specializes in this or that music. What is tuned into prefers to look  at connected wholes rather than separate parts. Transcendence itself is a right-brain process because it moves above (as if to a mountain peak) to look past the smaller separate views .  Then we can see consciousness again as whole. This is akin to the ocean reconnecting its waters’ separate drops or separate feeding from different rivers.

In our modern civilization we use math symbols to connect a vision of nature with. However, these symbols really abstract  how to separate all elements of consciousness. This makes the aim an impossible task.

As stunning as it may sound, a purely separative or math-based understanding  of all of nature, and especially nature’s depths,  is actually a vast misstep. It is both non-objective because it has a cultural agenda. It is a quite unwise way of seeing for fathoming the depths of nature.  Or it falsely constructs a global view that is actually more akin to what is surface.  Because it’s so extremely separative and surface, it is actually creates the most illusionary of all possible constructed worldviews. This seems impossible to digest because the math-based view is so unprecedentedly powerfully, and dramatically effective in designing technology. Drama, however, is exactly what creates illusions in our consciousness. Past the impressiveness of having machines and modern technology, what is the real deeper impact on the rest of our whole environment? It would take many, many pages to explain this in detail.

It is important to note that  money, a form of everyday mathematization of consciousness, does powerfully corrupt awareness. We think we are immune from this corruption process when using this symbolism in a  laboratory to form “laws of nature.” We are not. When oversight is lacking, there is eventually a marriage between the mechanical sciences and corporate profit-drives to harm life on a global level.  Monsanto is the perfect example.

The above is not meant to judge the essential math-bound view. It is rather to critique it as a specialized rather than the supposed way of seeing nature. It is a way well suited for designing machines. It not necessarily a best way with which to objectively interact with all of nature. Not be far. Not when it engenders the greatest of modern illusions.

Machines help relieve us of mechanical chores. There have positive uses. Thus the Industrial Revolution appeared to initially be a progressive development,  as in helping the movement ot abolish slavery.

Crises arose only centuries later, beginning mostly in the 20th century, when we applied this math-bound view far, far too deeply. This is because first consciousness, at the core of life, forms a universal relationship of connection in nature.  Life brings out consciousness, and consciousness brings out that life (like water brings out the same from a seed).  A universally-separative view, the mathematical, is then neither life or consciousness-centered or supportive. It eventually clashes when deeply applied because the essence of life lives deeply within.

In other words, a falsely depth-applied mathematical view becomes predictably death-delivering and harmful on a global level.  It tends to harm life very profoundly. It will, if universally applied, undermine the overall sustainability of life on Earth – that is unless it is reigned in. We see this with chemical pollution and atomic weapons’ proliferation. This is why we so urgently need a fundamental different understanding of nature , ourselves and our cosmos. We can call this a global mind change or core paradigm shift.  Not since the 17th century has there been such a major inner shift – as from the medieval to the modern view. We now greatly need another, a similarly vast and post-modern mind shift

Because the math-bound view is a penultimate left-brain dominant orientation, we must move away from this left-brain dominant to what is a final refuge – a highest right-brain, connective-consciousness view. Since our culture has been primarily left-brain dominant for millennia, or at least since ancient Greek times, the math-bound atomic view has deep roots. A change thereof will take time.  Threatening health pandemics and environmental challenges can acceleate this change. Thus we have an unprecedented opportunity to become next-step more enlightened, to shift away from the present global eco-destructiveness to what will deeper than ever in the past, support, maintain, nurture and promote  life on earth (rather than what is mechanical).

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    I do not generally comment on web sites but I needed to drop in and say thanks for making this, I absolutely agree with the fact and with a little luck people today can understand this argument.

  2. Very informative text. I’ve found your blog by accident but I’m really happy that i did. You have some really good info on here:)

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    Excellent….really enjoy reading your blog.

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