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Facing our modern crises | Healing Talks

Facing our modern crises

facing crisis

(Healingtalks) What can help bring about a global paradigm shift – a core inner change to heal our world – is allowing the huge crises of our times to penetrate us within –or not to block the feeling of pain on an emotional, and spiritual level. Pain, for me, is the greatest messenger of healing so I have never taken pain killers to block their message. Consciousness is the force of connective in ourselves and thus rushes to the site of a hurt, a cut, a separation,  in order to help heal or make whole again. Thus we need to welcome the pains of our greatest crises and allow them to penetrate within  – especially the ones, like global pollution, species extinctions, the death and destruction toll of wars, cancer and diabetes pandemics,  atomic weapons proliferation and so on and so forth, or what may effect us  personally the most, is life-threatening or whose impact really touches us to our core – if we allow that penetration.

20th Century impact of the Nazi era

The first few years of my life I grew up in Germany, right after World War II. I still remember the sight of burnt out buildings. What made the greatest impression was the pain that my parents, and their close family and friends, had endured during the war. My mother was also in Siberia, where she said the “roads were paved in blood.” My step-dad, Gabriel, was in more than half a dozen concentration camps. My aunt Helen was was injected with typhoid as part of a Nazi medical experiment, and lost an eye from the infection that followed. All of this made me very deeply wish to gain a greater sense of the world we live in.

Opportunities to think and feel deeper

All forms of deep suffering, instead of undermining us, can be viewed as challenges. Those challenges can trigger our being called to discover greater means to deeply heal within.

 Cancer as a wake up call

When a person has cancer, they may not realize that they are also facing a huge opportunity to learn from their out-of-touch-with-nature lifestyle mistakes. Cancer can be a wake-up call. However, the individual may not see this as an opportunity, falling into a state of intense fear, often extended by a profiteering medical system. They may then fail to take any personal responsibility for their present state  – considering it a matter of bad luck to have cancer. Instead of correcting lifestyle missteps, they would rather hand themselves over to a doctor to kill and destroy the foreign invader, the disease entity separated from oneself, and using the very same chemicals that actually cause cancer. This is pretty insane but then we live in an insane society. As a result, the cancer may or may not be arrested. The learning opportunity, however, definitely is arrested, stymied and missed.  This is why I am such a strong advocate of going the natural cancer treatment route and learning all one can about it.  This includes multiple forms of detoxification (getting the synthetic chemicals out) and via saunas, colonics, alkaline hydration, and much more. We have on our site a great film called Crazy Sexy Cancer which is  about one young person’s immense journey through such a process of growth and enlightenment in facing cancer.

Converging and penetrating crises 

There are presently many different health, social and environmental crises that can not only penetrate our thick cultural defenses but that are converging together in our modern times. They are all great learning opportunities to help redirect us in more healing paths.

Global paradigm shift

When their combined effects are allowed to penetrate us, they can trigger the most important wave of healing, that of a making more connective, conscious and healing change of our core worldview. It is itself ill. Thus I have advocated in my raw-wisdom articles a path of such a deepest healing begins with a spiritual or inner shift from the current mechanical, death-centered, math-constructed vision of nature to one that is life and consciousness center and thus can help us evolve and heal the most.

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