Toward A Global Mind Change

Life on earth is hugely stressed with extinction rates that are climbing. Global warming is accelerating this process. Is the massive dying off of bee colonies symbolically telling us something? Looking forward to the next couple hundred years, is it possible that the overall sustainability of life on earth is threatened?  Most importantly, is our core modern worldview implicated. We form our world through the beliefs and stirrings we have inside. Is our inner guidance overall undermining life on earth? It is not easy to overcome deeply held beliefs and to move to another vision. It took at least 400 years to systematically create and apply a cultural view that upheld the belief that math symbols make up the core laws of  nature.  If we now attempt a global paradigm shift away from that view, and to what I call a  life and connective-consciousness centered vision of nature, this transition will also not be minor or immediately unfolding.


If I have an apple in my hand and I take a knife to slice it in half, what becomes visible? Obviously two flat surfaces coming out of the interior of the apple. Exactly which surfaces come to the surface or become revealed depends on the angle of the cut with my knife. That chosen angle essentially depends on me, or the person using the knife to make the key choice where to cut. All of this is quite simple to understand. Now keep in mind this is but a metaphor for how a worldview can be created using a subjective decisive where to focus. The subjectivity then entails a self-created surface view or illusion.

Let us look more carefully at what I mean by “left-brain dominance.” Our left-hemisphere of the brain tends to separate elements of consciousness, while the right connects. Now what does that mean more precisely? In our inner world of consciousness, we separate something how? One way is by focusing on an object. We isolate it. We tunnel our vision to see it. This “cuts” the experience apart on a consciousness level. It creates what the above apple example referred to as a surface appearance but with something that is non-physical – the experience of consciousness. It may take awhile to understand this subtle kind of “cutting apart” of an inner fabric of awareness. It is the cutting apart and creation of surface appearances (illusions) within our awareness of reality. Diving into the ocean of consciousness with a predetermined focus (often defined by a personal or cultural belief, thought, or ideology) creates the equivalent of diving walls in our consciousness and similar to how physically diving into an ocean we then indeed separate the waters.

The following may seem like a most stunning statement but in my view the most revered 17th century philosophers – those who promoted the dominance of a math-based vision of nature to supplant the biblical – did not really understand what they were doing. They were directing us to a vision replete with illusions and ultimately dangers to life on our planet. This is because the core math-based vision of nature, underlying physics and chemistry, principally uses mat symbols to define reality –  and they are the highest abstractions for how to separate all elements of consciousness – something that can never yield for me an objective (non-cut apart, non-surface) view in our consciousness. I know this is again an unsettling statement – the mathematical view is illusionary – but I know it from inner experience  to be absolutely and profoundly true.  This is why modern medicine, grounded in physics and chemistry from pre-med courses on, deals with mostly symptom-oriented, surface-perceived evaluation to derive treatments that fail to turnaround systemic ailments.  This is also  why our modern world is overall in trouble. Thus to make a real global paradigm shift or mind change is of critical importance.

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