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Healingtalks Journal Oct 2, 2011 | Healing Talks

Healingtalks Journal Oct 2, 2011

Nathan at Pit Run on Sunday, Octber 02, 2011

Healingtalks Journal Oct 2, 2011

On the Deepest Essence of Ill States, Seen From Within

By Nathan Batalion, Global Health Activist, Healingtalks Editor

(Healingtalks) October 2, 2011 Today was a really memorable day.


First I ran the Pit Run, a 1oK race here locally in Oneonta NY. Four of our community members cheered me on and I cut about 4 minutes off my 6.2 mile time at 58.33. Not bad for being nearly 62. And a few hours later a recovery. We are going to post a video soon on the site of the race, and how I felt afterwards. Watch for it…I guarantee the bit  at the end of the clip…I won’t spill the beans and tell you what it is… will surprise you.

All this is only made possible by the kind of high-vitality, life-centered lifestyle I try to lead, be an example of and promote on Healingtalks.


Got an email from a friend who read my articles, especially the one on inflammation and this has inspired this person to continue on their health journey.  It give me a warm feeling to know I am inspiring others. This also triggered some thoughts which I thought I must journalize.

So posting this journal, rather than just an article, is a new adventure.


There are a thousand and one names and signs and symptoms for illnesses. Doctors specialize in groups of them. But health is a state of oneness. And from an inner, not outer surface view, there are only two manifestations of illness – though they have countless names also.


I am going to share with you something I consider a secret of secrets, and if I may dare say, something very profound and wise.  It applies to countless situations. There are really just two essential ill states, the first duality of the movement away from inner oneness. Why these two states. Because our oneness is built around our consciousness(where consciousness is the universal relationship of connection within making us one). Consciousness is also the universal relationship of connection in nature. It is an illusion of the left brain (because of how the left-brain functions)  that consciousness supposedly originates in the brain. Don’t believe it.

If we lose that consciousness, we lose EVERYTHING. We lose not just our health but our life. However, it doesn’t happen all at once, but rather in dying and downhill crawling stages.


The first essence of all ill states is thus the initial slipping of that inner consciousness when we feel charged up or simply inflamed.

To explain this, try to remember when someone really got you upset and you lost it. You got fired up into an inflamed state of anger. When so charged up, you were not  good with the fine details, not fully there or with it but rather taken up by the anger.

Imagine this symbolizes the early movement away from the direct connection or presence of consciousness.

The fire takes out the inner and not just outer light. It breaks things down that way.

Also think of the rainbow, as colors breakdown white light. The early or initial colors that come out of the unity of white light are the three fire colors, red and orange and yellow.

The feel of this essence may be called a fever, especially in children who bring it to a higher temperature. Or it may be called an “itis” like arthritis, an itch, an irritation, a stimulation or even an awful stirring pain. See our article on natural and powerful anti- inflammatory remedies, which includes this understanding about inflammations.

In one way or another with what I call “inflammations” there a stinging irk. There is a noticeable discomfort.  With our inner state, something is apparently wrong to make you feel ill from within, and that keeps you from also feeling at peace,  tranquil, in harmony or whole. The good part of this is that you still feel something. You have a consciousness of some sort – even if it is disturbing. So the worst thing you can do, in this light, is take a suppressant, a pain killer, etc (except in emergencies) because that takes you further into an ill state!


This becomes clearer by understanding the second essential inner experience of illness. It is precisely the experience of not feeling at all.

Or we can simply called it unconsciousness.

It may take the name of neuropathy, or the death of nerves, as in diabetes; or the death of insulin receptors, as cell membranes throughout the body die, again in diabetes, or the loss of memory, making mental connections as with Alzheimer’s impossible; or the silent spreading of what is destroying life, as with cancer.

The list goes on but it is all the same from a deeper inner point of view.


In between these two polar and defining consciousness opposites… at first the inflaming and burning out of consciousness but with the presence of consciousness still there… and the final or complete burn out or the death,  disconnection and loss of consciousness, there is a full continuum.


Because understanding again these  two defining end pins is so simple (any real understanding of the movement to and from oneness must to be so simple, a telling sign of integrity of wisdom) you don’t need any doctor or guru to ultimately fool you ( and themselves) into thinking this is a very complicated  process…to heal oneself…or that it involving mysterious knowledge of  hundreds of thousands of possible chemicals/drugs and countless interactions that only the doctor can claim to best advise you about or be an experts about. This is why you must empty your pockets for them. We are  taught something like that by endless TV and newspaper ads, and on TV with paid actors who are essentially paid to lie.

This allows us to fall into a world of illusions, the breakdown of the integrity of consciousness which itself is an ill state!

Oh yes I know, in emergencies  fast acting drugs have their place, even to save a life.

But for inner and depth healing, all we need is simple things, like gentle fasting for detoxification, or  eating whole foods, or meditating on love – peace – oneness …exercising regularly…and health, wholeness follows. Thre are also anti-inflammatory herbs, like curcumin.

So go to it. Have a life worth living and in a state of optimum health.

Keywords: Kinds of illness, definition of mental health, illness of the mind, consciousness illness, illness from within,inflamation and curcumin.

Short video on curcumin

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