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Our synopsis of Lorna Green’s revolutionary view of consciousness | Healing Talks

Our synopsis of Lorna Green’s revolutionary view of consciousness

lorna green consciousness

Healingtalks) We have long advocated a Global Mind Change – one that moves us from the current math-based, mechanical view of nature to one where life and consciousness are really at the core of all of nature.

Lorna Green’s vision

One of the exception proponents of this view is Lorna Green, PhD and here is a synopsis of her vision:

earth gently held

Themes for the now

  • We are in deep trouble – with both the state of the Earth and ourselves. Our Earth’s ecosystems, millions of years in the making, are globally collapsing. The oceans and the Arctic are at a ‘tipping point.’ Fisheries are disappearing and coral reefs are disintegrating. The bark beetle, and other undertakers of nature, are poised to take out what is left of the North American forests and while bees are dying en masse.
  • Greatest extinction of life - Some environmental scientists predict future waves of extinction will rival those when dinosaurs disappeared and when 97% of all life forms vanished, presumably due to an asteroid. Now it seems to be due to our own foolishness.
  • A broken web - The disappearing species are not isolated creatures. They are vital links in the whole interconnected web of life and thus also our food chains upon which we are dependent. So we too are ultimately threatened with extinction along with the whole web. But the crisis for the Earth and ourselves is again of our own doing: driven by a conquering arrogance and blind ignorance.
  • An indictment – So we find ourselves in deep trouble that is an indictment of civilization – its ideas, values, attitudes and practices. We are ravaging and raping the Earth, being led by thought forms that are ill. To put it simply: we have no idea of what we are doing and who we really are to be doing what we are doing.
  • Revising root assumptions - Many people say that we have to revise our root assumptions about nature and ourselves. We do know the old paradigms are not working and driving the destruction of the Earth. So obviously we need some new ideas to support a more thriving planet and a viable future for us all.
  • To save the Earth and ourselves – Ultimately the true foundation of civilization is our Earth. We destroy the Earth, we destroy ourselves. Obviously the human race has not got the Earth and perhaps the universe right – so we must now get it right to avoid self-destruction. There is ‘an army of Light’ engaged in this struggle toward more wisdom, to save us and the Earth. This includes those who struggle for the inalienable rights of men and women, all peoples, and ultimately of the earth that supports us – visualizing a world based on love and truth rather than ongoing wars of aggression and lies.

earth's future

Themes for the future

  • Big questions – ponder the metaphysics of all things, what is nature, what is the universe, and all of life therein.
  • Our human place in the universe – explore how we human beings are a key to the universe, and the universe is a key to understanding ourselves. But if we do not change our human ways, humanity’s arrogant, adventuresome thrusts may soon be over.
  • Our scientific age – critique the view of many people that science is the new and truest religion. Modern science owes much to Descartes, having written his views over 300 years ago, and where the debate between science and religion was cast in a split Cartesian framework – viewing nature as Spirit-stripped and mechanical.
  • Revolutionary role for consciousness –consider how consciousness has emerged as a problem in modern science. Most scientists believe it cannot be explained by other than scientific principles or that consciousness is something produced by matter, and can thus can only be explained mechanically. But what if the exact reverse is more true. What if a depth understanding of consciousness turns on a light bulb inside and calls into question mechanical principles standing on their own. What if consciousness, not matter and energy, form the root foundation and the overall essence of nature. In other words, what if consciousness is the truer basis of the universe, and where matter is an expression of consciousness.
  • Native wisdom – honor the native view for if consciousness is more truly the root foundation of nature then ancient cultures, like the Native American Indians, “had it right.” They may have used different key words, such as the term “Spirit” and to describe various principles of consciousness in and throughout nature.
  • Consciousness-centered view – letus mine deeply into the implication that matter and all else becomes viewed as a surface expression of that consciousness – experienced in, though and by consciousness – and where all is ultimately consciousness or Spirit.
  • New heaven within/without– imagine the experience of consciousness, steeped in the nurturing of life and with love, is not reducible to mechanistic physics and chemistry but rather the reverse.
  • New universe – visualize a universe of  not matter and mechanism, symbolized by a Grand Machine, clock-like, functioning in accordance with chance and necessity, and ruled by forces that are ‘blind’ or unconscious – but rather see the universe awake, aware, intelligent, creative and spirited – and where what Aristotle called ‘final causality’ belongs ultimately to consciousness.
  • New earth, see the universe as not made up of matter and mechanism, commodities and resources (and reduced to board feet or measurements) but habituated by awake, aware, alive and intelligence or spirited things throughout. Imagine the existence of consciousness within consciousness within consciousness, and so on – as a continuous consciousness reaching out to Oneness.
  • New human  – know that immortal spiritual beings may be seen to reincarnate, and to come here not once, but again and with conscious plans and purposes for being here.
  • Loving to write – visit Lorna in her chair by the window through which she sees ancient trees, tall grasses, and fields beyond, and then hills, and snow-capped mountain peak. So she writes from a place of prayer with words, insights, and ideas that come through my Earth connection, plus a place of heart-warmth and peace.
  • We are the Elders – speaking up for the Earth and a conscious universe, if we do not do so, who will? As the Earth is being destroyed, is dying, we cannot remain silent. What we are doing destructively is an indictment of ourselves. We have surrounded ourselves in a human-fabricated world (machines never occur naturally in pristine nature and thus do not represent or model nature’s essence) and of the mechanical ideas that have led us thereto. It is time to re-write our old “man-u-factured” paradigms. It is time to show that the Emperor has no clothes.

global mind change life centered

Global mind change

Imagine finally that a truer science will and must emerge with a vision of the universe made up of consciousness in and throughout – as wise shamans and spiritual leaders have told us before – and that physical nature is but an outer reflection and revelation of Spirit.

With this view, we can re-think most deeply the foundations of everything – science, philosophy, religion, society, culture, you name it – in a “global change of mind” as we re-envision the universe.

This is similar to the change that happened from the medieval to the modern world, but this time, for God’s sake….. let’s get it right!

About the Author

Lorna Green Phd

Lorna Green, PhD: While highly educated in conventional science, philosophy, and great books of our world’s cultural and spiritual traditions, she now finds herself amidst America’s southwest deserts, with nothing between herself and a view of the Universe or where she can live deeply, walk windswept paths to heights and pester the Spirit for ultimate answers.


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