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Outline of a life-centered and healing vision of nature | Healing Talks

Outline of a life-centered and healing vision of nature


Life-centered vision of nature


of a life-centered

and healing

vision of nature

Nathan Batalion, Global Health Activist, Healingtalks Editor

Introduction: Shifting from left to right brain dominance or what triggered my  personal shift toward a different vision of nature

(Healingtalks) As a child I was a math prodigy. This meant that by age 12 or as a young teenager I was able to master forms of advanced mathematics. Before entering high school I passed a proctored, comprehensive integral and differential calculus final at Fairleigh Dickenson University (accomplished within about 2 months after picking up my first Algebra I book) and later won a regional high school competition in mathematics, and by a wide margin. At age 17, however, I had a high fever and that triggered the equivalent of a stroke. It shut down my left-brain functions almost completely – both verbal and mathematical. I became aphasic, unable speak well in whole sentences. This took me to uncharted territories within. In fact I felt lost and like my world had fallen apart. I dropped out of attending New York University, unable to relate, and for about five years what kept me alive was  lived  in an intentional community located in upstate New York. It was founded upon  a spiritual philosophy left to us by the Russian philosopher Gurdjieff. The teachings of that community essentially taught me how to put my inner observing consciousness very high above – above the left/right brain divide – and to  help me fathom this most disrupting life experience I had gone through.

What I learned

This taught me something critically important. It even forced me to become, though I fought it for years, a worldview renegade, one that a)  stopped believing in the conventional vision of nature  – the math-based and atomic and b) actually formulated an alternative vision that was right-brain rather than left-brain dominant in its vista.


 Are YOU right or left brain dominant?

There are simple tests on the web, series of questions, that help determine whether you may be right or left brain dominant.  One of the questions on that link asks: do you prefer algebra over geometry or are you more analytical than visual?  Looking at the above pictures of the left/right brain divide itself, do you understand it better visually or via the pictures on the left or the verbally – the words on the right?    Are you more a  business person who loves to wear a suit and tie and feels comfortable in working in an office cubicle plus revels in making a million… or are you more a hippie who loves to be out in the garden, to   wear lose tie dyes with a flower in the hair  – and has a goal of being a spiritual master  meditating on love, peace and harmony?

                                                                left-brain business man and woman      right brain hippie couple


Which above way of dressing, living and thinking do you better relate to?

I once interviewed Viktoras Kulvinkas and asked him what scientific or lab protocol he used at the Hippocrates Health Institute in the early years when they tested different sprouting and living food approaches. I was more than stunned when this former physicist answered that he prayed every night and communed with the Source! One need only look at his book Life in the 21st century – a best-seller filled with the drawing of Peter Max, to sense that he is right-brain dominant person on a high level.

Determining our personally or culturally favorite worldview

Worldviews are supposed to be objective – past personal and cultural biases. Right?

They should nakedly describe the world as is really is – not as we internally might like it to or believe it to be – no doubt!

But what if a whole culture can be tested and found to be either left or right brain dominant?  Is it possible that its internal view of reality is eschewed toward that internal proclivity?  Might there then be a bias, a lack of worldview objectivity, and for the whole of its population and its educational system imbued that view to its young?

Modern lab science is just science. It is not something we challenge or question on a far deeper level.

              crowd of businessmen and womenrainbow tribe  gathering

Is our whole civilization – our collective consciousness – more right or left-brain dominant?

This is not very hard to determine.

It is obvious which side we veer towards dominantly in our culture as a whole. Wall Street rules politics

Thus do politicians, or those who control our culture, wear suits or tie dyes?

Furthermore you can just take a look at how the hippie movement of the 1960’s was co-opted, and  by commercial forces armed with the law and uniformed police. You no longer hear beatle-style folk music dominating the airwaves, and with spiritual overtones.  One of the major steps taken to make this happen, and later in the 1990’s, was a consolidated control of the media via the Telecommunications Act of 1996  – so that the cultural revolution of the 1960’s could never happened again. When I was at an anti-war rally recently, with over a hundred thousand people in Washington DC, it had hardly any corporate media coverage – CNN, ABC, CBS, etc.  Owning even marijuana to see reality in a different way, though this is a healing herb, soon became a felony.

The left-brain dominance of our culture has appeared virtually complete.
boustrophedronox plows a field back and forth

Historically larger and more subtle way of seeing this

The right-brain dominant approach always takes a larger overview to see things in a holistic way.

Keeping this in mind, the internal nature of our language is actually a more important indicator of brain dominance than how we dress on the surface.

Back in ancient Greek times, the Greeks began to add vowels to their written language.

Without vowels, words had multiple meanings and one had to look at the whole connected context to understand what was being conveyed by a writer – thus needing mostly right-brain or holistic skills. Reading the Greek language originally had eye movements from right- to- left, indicating a culture that was right-brain dominant.

But about a hundred years after the introduction of vowels, reading started to become boustrophedron – like an ox plows a field or back and forth (going from right-to-left and then left-to-right and again right-top-left, etc.) – because the mind was too confused as to the dominance to settle upon. About a 150 years after the introduction of vowels (to give each word a more separate and  distinct rather than whole context meaning, reading eye-movements transitioned to settle on being  left-t0-right or left-brain dominant.

This had a HUGE cultural impact.

This corresponded with the beginning of the “Golden Age of Greece” and which, through the worldviews of Aristotle, Plato, Phythagoras and the atomists set the foundations of western civilization.  It took almost two thousand more years, or until the seventeenth century, that we find the adoption of the mathematical vision of nature – and which can be shown to be the very highest of high left-brain dominant worldview views (because math symbols are the high abstract means to separate all elements of consciousness) – or the naturally arising central paradigm of that left-brain dominance and bias!

Lastly, it still another 400 years to develop this culture proclivity – and to see the stark and often dangerous consequences in our daily lives.

bicameral mind

Transcending the divide

The real significance of  going beyond the bicarmel mind – the split brain – understanding the common foundation of these two essential forms of consciousness is that we thereby – and only thereby – can begin to understand what is consciousness itself

Knowing both sides intimately

My experience as a developed left-brain dominant person (a gifted math prodigy and linguist) was instructive in this light. Then my being radically transported to the opposite perspective was ultimately enlightening.  At first I was lost and confused.  Then I was forced to evolve a transcending view of  this divide.  Ultimately I chose to use the right brain’s  – the more raw, deeper and in touch with the nature of consciousness,  to guide the left.

This meant creating a brand new language to teach the left side how to re-see reality in the right brain way (which normally has no language of expression) – the more naked, raw, word-stripped way. It meant evolving a non- math dominated vision of nature.

None of the ancient traditions sufficed for me.

right brain dominanceWhy chose a right-brain dominance and to arrive at a whole brain objectifying view?

Looking at the picture above, could it be possible that knowing exactly how the colors of rainbow separate and reconnect back to white light represents a metaphor for how consciousness functions – and is more significant that understanding atom in the mathematical, left-brain dominant view?

Right brain dominance means the two brains are brought together with the right being the master, the left being the subservie servant.

The left brain has an essentially separative way of seeing reality, the right brain, connective.

What implications does that have for evolving a worldview? Would you rather connect what is most separative (right brain dominance) or the opposite, take apart what is most whole (left-brain dominance)?

species extinction

What if what is most whole in nature is organic life, and which dies when taken apart – so that the most extremely evolved left-brain dominant view might threaten the existence and survival of life on earth – as manifesting with the invention of atomic weapons, the spread of chemical pollution, genetic manipulations, and the extinction of species?


Jill Bolte Taylor Stroke of Insight

Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor holding a sample brain

Contrasted to Jill Bolte Taylor’s experience

Harvard researcher Jill Bolte Taylor had a stroke that took her into the equivalent of another universe.  A short youtube on her experience has been seen by millions. She also wrote a best-seller book on the subject entitled A Stroke of Insight. T

aylor describes therein her entrance into another  inner world with blissful terms.

My experience and summation thereof was very different.  I decided to look at this experience from above, transcending the right/left brain divide.  From this, as mentioned and the reason why, I became convinced we need a right-brain holistic view to dominate the left. clinical experience tells us the same. When a person has a car accident where the right brain is damaged they become schizophrenic. Their inner world falls apart. When another person has a car accident were the left brain is damaged, they have trouble speaking because they disintegrate or tear their inner consciousness apart – and words, concepts and symbols guide us to do! They are handicapped in the opposite way.

My inner stance, as I regained my verbal and mathematical skills, was to no longer allow these to dominate as they had earlier in my life. I took a trans right-left-brain view and decided on a favorite whole brain view that made far more sense. One cannot connect a vision to wholeness, or bring the two types of inner consciousness together through disintegrative (left-brain dominant) perspectives.  I am certain of this from an ice- cold, freezing impartiality look from above the right/left brain divide.

This gave to me the priceless gift of being able to not only see this but to outline how to exactly and precisely bring these two vistas back together as one. With that we can finally see the objective (non-brain biased) view of our universe!

It is not at all the mathematical view we are familiar with.

  Samuel Batalion

Samuel Batalion, my dear dad, and at the opening ceremony of the Betar School (1947)

Why a brain-detached overview is personally important

There are two ways in which this is vitally important.

The first is on a personal level.

I can explain this best with the example of my own dad’s life. Samuel Batalion was a intelligent and quite vocal person. As pictured above he was an orator and leader. He also had many practical skills in life.  He founded the Betar school after World War II to help teach young Jewish men who had luckily survived the Holocaust. The school taught them  skills for a trade – or to become  a plumber, carpenter, electrician and so on. This gave them hope for a new life.

My dad, however, died of severe Alzheimer’s disease!

Why point this out? Because while he had so many great skills in life, he lacked the one skill I consider most important of all – how best to navigate our inner consciousness not to get lost, not to  not to literally slip into inner darkness. Lose consciousness and you lose all other skill sets. So wouldn’t such a premier skill be important? In fact, might it be the most invaluable of all skills we can have. We can learn the hard way, latter in life, that material possessions are nothing, have no real value, if the life within us slips away to enjoy them.

Sir Isaac newton

Why a brain-detached overview is culturally important

Back in the 17th century, several philosophers introduced the idea that nature cosmically functions like a Grand Clock or is but a mathematical machine.

No one expressed this more cogently than Sir Isaac Newton how ideologically led the way for the transition from the medieval to the modern world – and to the Industrial Revolution. His vision became dominant because he offered to chart the course of stars – a seemingly super-human feat. As one contemporary wrote, “Newton knew more about the cosmos than all of humanity combined.” His knowledge was so mythologized and revered. It didn’t matter than almost no one read or could understand his Principia Natural Mathematica (The Mathematical Principles of Nature) – except other mathematicians and physicists. It still, in my opinion, became the second most influential book of all of western civilization (second only to the Bible) because of its end-game insight – to chart how the earth rotated around the sun. This contradicted the view of the Bible. Genesis tells us that the stars were created to “shine upon the earth” as if the earth was the center of the universe.

With the Bible no longer being the highest or last word, but rather the word of Newton, all of western culture’s foundations were upset, and thus a revolution, a global mind change ensued. This is how Morris Kline describes this unique development in his book, Mathematics, A Cultural Approach:

“Infused with the conviction that reason, personified by mathematics, would not only conquer the physical world but could solve all of man’s problems and should therefore be employed in every intellectual and artistic enterprise, the great minds of the age undertook a sweeping reorganization of philosophy, religion, ethics, literature, and aesthetics. The beginning of new sciences such as psychology, economics, and politics were made during these rational investigations. Our principal intellectual doctrines and outlook were fashioned then, and we still live in the shadow of the Age of Reason….to win victories over nature.”

So powerful was this vast global mind change, that with the dethroning of the Bible came a challenge of Papal authority in Rome to delegate power to Kings and Queens. In one night, the entire royal family of Russia was murdered. The French and American revolution had a similar genesis. All of life changed with the transition from the medieval to the modern world.

This teaches us that nothing can change a culture more powerfully, deeply and widely than a new universal wordview. Absolutely nothing compares.

And there was an exuberant excitement in the air during the 17th century that what had been discovered would unleash a new era of progress – for man to control nature and all of life.  Little did they predict what is really happening 400 years later – a world marked by a) the invention of atomic weapon which can destroy all of life instantaneously, b) ever growing chemical pollution, c) with uncontrolled epidemics of chronic ills, and c) widespread dying of species.

There was one strange thing that happened in that era which should have clued us in that something might go wrong with the vision. Newton died a as a schizophrenic, something akin to developing Alzheimer’s disease or where the inner world falls apart.

Charles Kuen Kao
Charles Kuen Kao (高錕 ), a Nobel Prize Winner in Physics who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease.

Something should have clued us in, four hundred years later, when several Nobel Prize-winning physicists. chemists, and physicians have succumbed to Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. Above is pictured Charles K. Kao because there is a Charles K. Kao Foundation for Alzheimer’s Disease Limited named after him.

Do we need  a new vision of nature – and for what purpose?

I know with 100% or absolute certainty that we do. For me this is the result of a distant,higher-objectifying and detached overviewing of how the two sides of our brain develop their two polar opposite forms of consciousness in a narrow bias – and what is the essential and best way to navigate both to bring their vistas together as one.

It happens that the left brain, developing separative consciousness, can guide us best toward a navigation of the surface view. The right brain, oppositely, can guide us to best navigate wider and more important depths. It is the former orientation by which we understand physics and chemistry – the mathematical way of seeing things. It is the latter by which we  avoid the inner dementia that my dear dad and some of the greatest scientists of our time have experienced.

In fact, we can truly raise, uplift and heal that inner consciousness rather than seeing it slip away as we age.

Wouldn’t that be a most invaluable skill to have, and more valuable even than an apparent external “control” of nature,” of material things, which can so easily slip away from within?

That’s not the only value of this knowledge.

What if it could veer us away from all the developments of modern life that have allowed chronic disease epidemics (cancer, diabetes, arthritis, and so on) that have exploded in our times – and once we understand that on a deep level these are actually inner consciousness or depth ills that manifest symptoms on the surface of our bodies.

The means by which to do all of this is what I call a right-brain dominant vision of nature, the life-and-consciousness centered .

It is a greater, deeper, and more integral fathoming of our cosmos than that of Newton who guided (or misguided) us to the modern world. It veers away from looking at that world as made up of just matter and energy defined mathematically. It also does not hinge on or anchor reality in the look at an atom – and derivatively not in the structure of the periodic table of elements.

William James

William James – Father of  American Psychology

Instead, it is, in my experience, we gain a commanding knowledge of our entire inner world, the ultimate purpose of the science of psychology. Wouldn’t that be something? William James,  father of American Psychology, once stated, essentially, that whoever discovers the nature of “consciousness” will make the greatest of discoveries of all  millenniums.

About the life-and-consciousness-centered worldview or vision of nature?

For brevity and better imagery taking on, I call it the life-centered vision of nature. But more essentially it really
a) defines what is the nature of consciousness and in a guru-like, expert or commanding way. It explains its role within, and how it forms much more – namely the inner essence of all of nature along with the essence of ourselves  that keeps us whole or illness-free and alive.

 foot of a diabetic

The dying foot of a diabetic

Not having this knowledge, we will never be able to consistently avoid consciousness diseases like Alzheimer’s or diabetes,  or where with the latter neuropathy is common in the extremities. Thus one can potentially not feel or be conscious of stepping on a nail or having the life in our feet cells and tissues die and fall apart or disintegrate.

Brian Clement, head of Hippocrates Health Institute, and which applies conscious healing principles, noted that in his nearly half a century of experience treating hundreds of thousands of patients he has never seen a single diabetes type-II patient who has not reversed their condition using his therapies. That is what you call a commanding knowledge and more significant than knowing the clock-like mechanical motion of the earth around the sun – what is only a surperficial knowledge.

What I want to thus impress thus upon the reader is that such knowledge is real. It is not about things that happen accidentally or appear as illusionary (wishful thinking induced). It is not empty philosophy but a knowledge to assuredly guide the navigation of our inner terrains – not to get lost, not to slip into inner darkness.

In order to communicate this to others, my main challenge has always been one of simplicity in expression. This is necessary because it is a whole brain and unifying view.

Essene Gospel of PeaceHistorical Perspectives

Many ancient cultures, on all global continents, had attained a life-centered view. This is perhaps because all of nature around them appeared alive. Also the living forces were sacred as they kept all alive in an interconnected and interdependent weave or family of life. Many of these ancient traditions were trampled upon or obliterated, especially by the Crusades. Coming into modern times, we have little knowledge that survives about them.  But most notably, we do have a record of the vision of the ancient Essenes, a Judea-Christian sect, a group of healers who counted among them Jesus Christ, and who had a distinctly and powerful life-and-consciousness centered view. This survives in the form of the dead sea scrolls and their writings are more often called The Essene Gospels.

The Outline

Here is my offering of a simple outline that helps to present this vision.



Planet Earth – an awesome video showing countless and magnificent life forms which

universally share one miraculous gift – sentience, awareness or consciousness


Central concepts

    Imagine life lies at the core of nature
    Imagine consciousness lies at the core of life making up its universal essence

(more pic’s to be added to the rest of the text later, please revisit)


  • Imagine consciousness is the universal relationship of connection in nature
  • the principle of connection itself
  •  what connects all things to each other.


The absolute highest reigning principle in this worldview and never subordinate (similar to the posture of  the Biblical God in the medieval times or to mathematics as supposed  the “last word” or defining of reality schemata in our modern times. Sometimes we call this also the supreme reigning central paradigm of a given or chosen worldview. It defines how all the elements are connected to each other and to create a chosen one-ing perspective – what we call a resulting or thereby constructed inner “worldview.”

As a result, consciousness is here conceptually or ideologically and literally or consciously and intentionally placed above all other mental conceptions or to consciously observe in practice how  words or concepts and symbols are formed by our conceptualization faculty – which is usually the left brain (though it can switch sides in about 10-15% of the population). We observe how our inner consciousness forms separate concepts and symbols to supposedly best understand the world to thereby navigate awareness. Consciousness is placed then fully above this process, and for both all religion and secular ideas without exception. Nothing is left sacred, including math symbols whose highest placement and claimed supreme navigation role in the modern view then becomes naturally challenged and as we shall see, hugely demythologized.

Consciousness so fully placed above becomes a more pure means to arrive at a trans-secular and trans-religious/mystical stroke of deepest insight.

Consciousness can integrally function as above only due to it being a universal relationship of connection. If it universally (and with true and integral universality) connects us to all things and connects all things to each other or among themselves,  then we can impartially and fully move to a mountain-peak view of the Oneness of all things being connected everywhere or universally as One.

This is in contrast to any culturally or personally chosen view – a partial-view or biased view – one connecting. Only to  a favorite or favored view of reality – and that is often forced upon people to believe in because the view is unnatural.

Our consciousness-centered view can then form its own true and truer science of consciousness, and derivatively of nature. Later we can explore why the conventional study of consciousness, and derivatively nature – has been made subordinate to a mathematical view (as required by the mathematical worldview being dominant and supreme). This means that the study of consciousness is ever subject to lab measurement to supposedly fathom what is consciousness. But this cannot lead us toward this goal integrally if consciousness is the universal relationship of connection in nature. It then has no separate beginning and end points to measure. Again consciousness has to remain the one and only reigning principle, the literal the “master” to form its own proprietary worldview – and all other conceptualizations then become the “servant” to that view. No exceptions, no matter how supposedly “holy,” “sacred” or “unquestionable” those higher conceptualizations claim to be.


If consciousness is the indivisibility principle in nature  then the atom is not. And the latter fact, that the atom is not indivisible but has parts, has long been proven by countless discoveries seen under an electron microscope. Yet that was postured as an unshakeable belief by Newton who claimed the ” indivisible atom was a divine creation of God.  It was a belief not grounded in our sense nor good logic. Still the mathematical vision’s atomic view is  held onto for dear life – for otherwise the vision might collapse – as it rightly should. Conventionally the atom remains central to the understanding of nature, as nature’s so-called building block.   Here the true indivisibility principle is consciousness, and  for very deep reasons that are also very simple. Only what universally and thus integrally and everywhere connects cannot be ever separated. This then holds true and has to hold true not only at every level of magnification (which the atomic view does not) but for the blended blur in between magnification levels artificially isolated or separated by our minds – or at every attempt to slice apart whatever we see under a microscope, and its tunneling of our vision brought into sharply cut and thus separate focus – or past the smallness of any perceptions within our consciousness.



Forming an integral worldview and piercing what is non-integral

    • INTEGRAL WORLDVIEW- Posturing a principle of universal connection to connect all things is an intellectually integral posture. It is not subject to internal contradiction – or the by-product of many contradictions….an essentially  illusionary view (one that due to its contradictions and illusion will disintegrate the integrity of consciousness)..
      • A HUGE MISTAKE – Posturing a principle of universal separation to connect all things is obviously not intellectually integral and if believed in, a terrible and very foolish mistake.  I dare say it is stupid. This takes a long explanation because it is so vastly counter-cultural to what we have all been taught to be believe. And such deep beliefs struggle to survive within us, like toxic parasites holding on for deep life when we detoxify.
      • ULTIMATE INTERNAL REVERSAL ILLUSION – So imagine it is a starkest of all reversal illusions (and the greatest of all inner reversal illusions revealed or pierced through only by placing consciousness above) to believe that principles of universal separation should guide our connecting of all things to form a worldview. It’s like trying to use a chainsaw to glue all things together.  Imagine it is the ultimate right/left brain illusion to tackle, to see through – but it is not seen through either by a person or culture that is left-brain dominant. This is because the left brain essentially separates all elements of consciousness – so that process seems to be the natural, and to reflect the natural order of things.
      • AN ILLUSION THAT HAS CONSEQUENCES – Lastly imagine that there is such a view and that it has more powerful consequences than any vast external illusions – such as the cosmic reversing of helio-centricity with geo-centricity (the sun centered with the earth-centered view).  Unraveling this external illusion lead to the creation of our modern world, with vast consequences. Unraveling this yet greater illusion has predictably yet great consequences still.
      • WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE MATH-CENTERED VISION – So what is this all about? Shockingly,  the principle of universal separation is symbolized conceptually by the number “1” – as found in pure mathematics and as a foundational concept in and of mathematics. One (1) this or one (1)that, applied universally we fins is a concept that invariably helps to separate an element of consciousness. Take three apples and blend them together and you can no longer count each as “1” in the applesauce. The same is symbolized by a point in spacial mathematics …or what we call simply “geometry” or the measuring of space. The “point” is a conceptual means to actually “disintegrate thoroughly” or separate all of space universally into separate points. The two views – of pure mathematics and of geometry – are merged or married together and very brilliantly in Cartesian geometry. Cartesian geometry formed the basis for Fehmi’s formulas that created the atomic bomb – to indeed separate space – and as could have been predicted many centuries prior as a consequence of that worldview.
      • THE MATHEMATICAL WORLDVIEW AS A WORLDVIEW - But worldviews don’t see themselves as worldviews, as biases. Nevertheless, what we visualize we create. Just as the atom is supposedly…that is supposedly according to the mathematical view ….forms the building block of nature (“the atom, what God created on the first day of creation” according to Newton).. so the number “1,” the indivisible one or 1/1=1 – and all related symbols that are built up around the sacrosanct number “1” (such as 2,3,4…and fractions) or concepts indirectly referring to the same set of symbols (like using the symbols “xyz” to replace missing numbers)… altogether forms the mathematical worldview intellectually. Then this worldview is applied to all of nature as not a worldview but the worldview. Newton’s “Principia Mathematica Naturalis” is not Natural Principles According to Mathematics but The Mathematical Principles of Nature. This forms the tenants of the mathematical worldview
        • KEY QUESTION – The key question arises, is that viewpoint really and truly -past cultural mythologizing – an objective, impartial and integrally wise inner stance?
          When consciousness is the arbiter of that very critical question (or is supremely placed above the pointing paths of math symbols) ….and to sacrilegious observe and judge their paths…what we find is that we can and even must demythologize that culturally assumed worldview.
        • UNEXPECTED ANSWERS CAN BE UPSETTING - Needless to say and believe this can be hugely upsetting to a physicist, chemist or geneticist (who holds the wisdom of a super-idolized icon like Einstein to be supreme – and will fight tooth and nail not to upset and pull the foundations out from under their worldview. They rather want to continue to follow faithfully from behind the pointing path again of these held-to-be sacrosanct symbols, and without further wise or challenging thoughts. On the other hand, their worldview is not just culturally chosen. It is the highest of left-brain integrating visions. But this is not enough to justify its overall dominance for we find, not  surprising, that several Nobel Prize winners have died of Altzheimer’s disease or essentially that the mathematical view did not safely or effectively navigate their depths our consciousness in a rescuing way. Imagine this is not accidental, or that patients in nursing homes fed chemical synthetics walk the halls like zombies, Imagiine the underlying math-based vision is essentially flawed  – very foundation of modernity – and very, very seriously flawed as a worldview vision.This means it needs to be overthrown or dethroned, exactly like the medieval view when contradictions and illusions were discovered. But why and more importantly how can we make this global mind change?  The worldview which we have inherited from the 17th century, and perhaps from ages prior as well, not only can be shown to be not integral – to harbor contradictions and illusions – but to be danger-filled due to its core contradictions being applied universally.
        • PLACING CONSCIOUSNESS ABOVE TO SEE SUCH CONSEQUENCES - Because Newton, Galileo and Descartes never really, in my view, placed their consciousness far above the use of math symbols,  to search for impeccable impartiality, trusting instead the unquestioned choice to follow the lead of mathematical guidance – and coming out of an age of faith – and following that to wherever this ideological posture might lead our consciousness – they collectively were pitch-blind to how dark a choice they had made and what the centuries-later implications would be – such as the future invention of atomic or nuclear weapons. To them chemical pollution was something unthinkable that wasn’t brought to our consciousness until the 1960’s (via works like Silent Spring). And Rachel Carson in the ending of that book refers to a primordial philosophy creating assaults on nature p but without pointing fingers.  We just trust that worldview implicitly, much as a modern physician prescribing chemical drugs trusts what he or she does.  Ultimately math symbols, naked seen, are simply universal symbols for how best to separate all elements of consciousness universally. And one cannot best connect a vision hereby. Its impossible.
        • TOWARD A CULTURE OF DEATH - For the past four hundred years what we have been guided or misguided to is
          • A CLEAR REVERSAL OF TRUTHS – and with consequences that are hugely global as well as non-sustainable.
          • DEATH AND UNCONSCIOUSNESS-CENTERED VISION - This is because we are everywhere materializing the very extreme opposite principles that brings out not life and consciousness ( nature’s essence to the surface) but rather and again the polar opposite –  death and unconsciousness in nature.  This creates a disintegrating culture of death and where inner life is disintegrating as well, or a zombie unconsciousness. It is not surprising in such a mislead world tat we increasingly see the wholesale death or extinction of species.


    • RECAP – After  a) consciousness is postured as the singular supreme central paradigm, a road-map-constructing principle to re-navigate consciousness toward its own essence and toward the perception of Oneness, what is itself a life-centered vision of nature ; and b) that vision is seen as having integrity – we then can proceed to trust that view to move much further along – to move down the mountain peak to define the first duality of that vision on the road to the bottom or the diversities of all of consciousness experience. Obviously that first duality is not going to be matter and energy defined mathematically. But what then?
      • PRINCIPLE OF SEPARATION – think of it as any element of consciousness (a surface appearance because consciousness is  indivisible) as the essential movement away from consciousness’ essence and the experience of undivided Oneness. A physical metaphor for the nature of consciousness is any body of water which dissolves the separation of separate drops. The can appear separate on the surface, defined by separate surfaces, but lose the separativity inside the body of water.
      • PRINCIPLE OF CONNECTION – think of it as any element of consciousness (a non-surface appearance or one having depth integrity) as the essential movement toward consciousness’ essence, its Oneness.
      • FIRST DUALITY IS DEFINED IN RELATIONSHIP ONLY TO THE ONENESS - and nothing else (or arbitrarily chosen by a culture’s ideological bias and that a culture becomes attached to).
      • CONNECTIVE MOVEMENT OF CONSCIOUSNESS IS SINGULAR and thus simple in nature (being a movement toward oneness and dissolving complexities).
      • SEPARATIVE MOVEMENT OF CONSCIOUSNESS IS DUAL - creating the beginning of separate and clashing complexities.
        • SEPARATIVE CONSCIOUSNESS HAS ITS OWN FIRST DUALITYIt is connective separation vs pure separation. This involves a connected spectrum, like rainbow colors, and of moving from partial unconsciousness and partial death at one end to full unconsciousness and full death at the other. Again the duality is solely defined by the essential nature of our world, and nothing else as a personal or culturally chosen view.  These become the true tertiary or third-level principles of this life-centered view.If we define “healing” in a living organism to be the process of inwardly connecting and reconnection that which has become torn or asunder, then an truly integral (and universally connecting, not separating, including with contradictions) view of our world is critically important for all healing processes. In fact, it becomes a means for re-guiding and revolutionizing the whole of our healing arts – and even healing consciousness itself.


  • AWAY FROM THE SOUL OF THE INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION – The exciting new natural science, the new proprietary vision of nature of the 17th century, was applied the most, and the most effectively, to the creation of machines.  The underlying vision was the  heart and soul of the Industrial Revolution – as well as our essentially commercial and materialistic (possessing separate things driven) society where human beings are guided to relate monetarily to each other and to nature in creating “progress.” That progress has some merit, as the mathematical view has some intrinsic merit in a servant, not master status and in reversal roles because it represents a reversal illusion.  Thus machines will objectively, if superficially, help us avoid what is not healing, mechanical chores, and this double negative that yields a superficial positive. But making our lives very deeply mechanical will destroy life itself. And we are in the process of doing just that, especially with genetic engineering. Also machines made of separate parts model the essential nature of the underlying vision that created them – rather than represent the deepest universal “Principia” or laws of nature.
  • TOWARD THE SOUL OF A NEW AGE OF HEALING – Similarly the life-and-consciousness centered vision materializes its own best modelling but in an exactly opposite direction to that of just creating artificial machines that never exist in pristine nature. It models itself via the greater and greatest healing of living organisms – or in the healing arts made integral, curative and brought to perfection  (which is the opposite of what is presently the case). In an Age of Healing, the perfection of healing, of being connected as one – and which happens through a development of higher consciousness, becomes the primary collective goal of life – not the accumulation of money and material things as the key to a progress that illusioary – and eventually falls apart because the foundation is but quicksand.


When the guiding principles of a worldview tend to connect us to the essence of nature, we are reconnected to our own essence and thereby heal. Under the guidance of a life-and-consciousness-centered vision, what kind of practices will heal us and which will not?

  • RE-UNDERSTANDING ILLNESS – If the foundation of nature is consciousness, separative and connective, and not matter and not matter and energy defined mathematically and charting its mechanical motions, what does this imply for the healing arts?
    • EARLY STAGES OF ILLNESS – The early stages of illness tend to be inflammatory or acid because what is fiery, created by friction, represents the byproduct of “connective separation” – oppositional relationships that generate and fuel fire.  It is the beginning of the burning out of life and consciousness. This parallels how the fiery colors of the rainbow are the first to come about as color separations come out of white light, the colorless Oneness of light.
    • LATER STAGES OF ILLNESS - The later stages of illness involve the movement toward pure separative consciousness or unconsciousness and death. We see this when a diabetic patient had neuropathy and no longer feels anything as a foot steps on a nail.
    • REVERSING CHRONIC/SYSTEMIC ILLNESS – CURING THE INCURABLE  – Only a vision that integrally understands the healing process, the re-movement within to Oneness, can guide the curing of chronic systemic ills.  There are several major and effective paths up this mountain. All of them involve the regaining of what is life and consciousness in the body. Overall this involves the practice of natural healing – rather than using drugs, surgery, radiation and genetic modifications – and based on giving the natural healing arts their own supportive worldview with integrity – rather than trying to justify natural therapies with the very worldview that undermines and leads to a supplanting and destroying of the natural healing arts.
      • FOUR MAJOR APPROACHES – Bring the best of living forces into the body (nutrition), take out the worst (detoxification), circulate both (exercise) and mind/body work to keep mind and consciousness on track.
        • NUTRITION – This worldview advocates for a living foods diet, full of sprouts, green juices, green blends and superfoods – and that help alkalize what is acidic in the body and tend to be anti-inflammatory. This includes a low-glycemic diet. The simplest of green plants, the grasses, tend to naturally be the most healing or reconnective – and in the form of their juices. These are oxygen rich and we need to bring  more oxygen into our bloodstream.
          • The concept of “oxygen,” while it belongs to the chemical/atom model of nature, is at the same time a bridge to the consciousness model. Having sufficient oxygen within, and in balance, is a means to reconnectively heal. When something oxygenates, it loses its life force unless there are anti-oxidants to ward that off. Thus freshly squeezed drinks should be drunk soon after making, and so the rest of the universe, which wants the same doesn’t get it and the force is released inside our bodies.
        • DETOXIFICATION – Here we want to make our overall lifestyle organic, avoiding synthetic chemicals (the products of the 17th century worldview) and work to remove these same chemicals (not ingest more in the form of drugs or IVs) and other life-toxins from our interiors. We want to remove what undermines our consciousness, or takes out the light from within. This can be done through fasting, exercising to a sweat, taking a sauna, doing some special liquid cleanses, hydrating with pure water, taking enemas and colonics, as well as via skin brushing and lympth stimulations – among many other means.
        • EXERCISE – This will improve circulation and, with aerobic exercises, will bring more oxygen into the body. Strength exercises will help build bone density, but the overall aim in healing is not to just develop separate muscles, as if the body was just a machine. It is to help heal and strongly carry the life force.
        • MIND/BODY – Meditations, visualizations, realigning our worldview, healing our emotions, reducing stress or conflicts in life – all are valuable mind/body approaches to support healing.


Because different worldviews each claim to best connect a vision of nature to Oneness, we can test each in nature – as well as in the healing arts meant to reconnect us.

  • TESTING IN ISOLATED DOMAINS – In our modern world we measure (find beginning and end points of consciousness separation) and then test things in intentional isolation (as in a test tube) from the interaction of separate elements defined atomically/to fit the mathematical model of nature. We use fire (Bunsen burners) to effect this separation to greater heights in isolating chemicals.  This approach is especially applied to multi-million dollar drug testing – that is to the testing of patented drugs in isolation because patenting creates uniquely separate identity in the market place to focus monetary attention upon. We then look at the impact on isolate symptoms. But does that tell us what heals?
  • TESTING NON-SEPARATIVELY – If we take a random and large mix of chemicals in order to test not one or another chemical in isolation but the whole chemical/math-based view of nature – and through that mix into a living environment like a compost heap, what happens? The compost heap is here chosen because all plants decay therein to form the building elements for all other plants in an unbroken circle of unity. So what happens with the large random mix of chemicals thrown in. We create a supertoxic waste site were all life there in dies and nature’s defining circle of unity is broken. In short the vision flunks out test in a more natural, rather than artificial environment.  In short, the isolative testing deceives. And part of the deceiving terminology is saying that what harms and even kills us is just a “side-effect.” It is not what is focused upon in isolative, non-holistic, non-objective testing.


We cannot green out world to depths without first greening and healing our ill worldview.

  • ARCHITECTURAL METAPHORS – With a worldview that forms the dominant roadmap to our lives, you can see that dominance revealed in physically in soaring forms of architecture.Thus at the head of Wall Street is Trinity Church. Built in the 17th century to represent the ideology of the Church of England, the medieval view, with the steeple pointed to God, it was originally the highest reigning building in Manhattan. This has long been dwarfed by insurance, brokerage and the like office buildings – representing a different worldview.  George Washington knelt in Trinity Church, praying there to bring about a new world order.
  • GREENING & HEALING OUR WORLD TO ITS DEPTHS – If we want to transform the world to its depths, this means not just recycling or saving energy (doing external things) but inwardly to our depths transforming our entire consciousness of the world – of what will make us more depth-connected to nature rather than more separate. We might need to question the universal presence of asphalt and cement, in City environs, covering the living earth. Cities were the places where monetary forces attracted people to live, from rural environment, to engage in the Industrial Revolution. But what if that revolution was based on a false foundation. Now we then need to thus reconnect the guiding worldview or whatever inwardly has been tearing us apart from nature. Choosing the highest symbols for separating all elements of consciousness is about the absolute worst choice for a vision’s supreme central paradigm – and not only worst and simultaneously most dangerous for potentially destroying all of life on earth.
  • TWO OPPOSITE PATHS, TOWARD AND AWAY FROM HEALING – Such a worldview needs to be challenged, its dominance overturned and made subservient to a better view. If we connect what is most separative (right brain dominance) we heal what is most ill and threatened in our world. If we do the opposite, or separate what is most connected, we destroy conscious, organic life on earth. That has been our 400 year course, in essence, with superficial appearance of progress. One view creates a world of growing health pandemics and species extinctions and the other the opposite – toward an Age of Healing.
  • SUPPORTING LIFE AND CONSCIOUSNESS - We thus need to support, not undermine, the greatest healing and promoting of our  lives, of our life’s consciousness, its essence and that of all of nature – and in order to not only heal ourselves but sustain the sacred living world that surrounds us –  interconnected and interdependent as One.


This blog post was written on the eve of a Memorial to Melinda Lichter Elliott, my partner of four years and who recently passed. It is an expression of gratefulness, for Melinda, among other things, helped first set up raw-wisdom.com and which introduced to the world the life-centered vision of nature as here outlined.




One man’s expression of the adoration of Life – part of his life-centered view, after having experienced war. The principal or highest adoration and reverence for life was common in the pre-modern cultures that were largely trampled upon, including that of the American Indians.


My early video that expresses the life-centered vision of nature

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