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Can our rational mind understand the nature of consciousness. In my experience it can but it is quiet a trek to get there.

Having personally experienced a left-brain (rational mind) shutdown due to a stroke-like occurrence is not something that everyone has. It is not something the average person can or would want to recreate.  Thus if I write and say the following propositions, it may seem hard to impossible for someone else to get an anchor onto what I try to explain as whole different vision of nature and the world we live in.

So rather than asking for blind trust  or faith (which is not at all my penchant) or a recreation of that experience (which is generally impossible) I have to point to other experiences that can justify the following. We know in the study of psychology, studying from the outside in, that we have a right brain that tends to see “holistically.” The question arises then “to what extent can we use our left brain to explain that other side’s experience of our world as unified and whole.”


First let me give an intro to this subject via the following.

  • NATURE’S ESSENCE – Imagine there is  such a thing as an “essence” to nature (like chocolate makes up the essence of a chocolate bar) or something universally permeating…and through that universality making nature One.
  • TRYING TO EXPLAIN THE RIGHT BRAIN VIEW – Imagine that any view of the existence of such an essence to nature is really right brain derived, and more so when the left shuts down or does not interfere. However, the right brain’s vision has a severe disability. It has trouble putting into words what it experiences intuitively. It thus needs serious help. It alone cannot well-navigate us to-and-from that Oneness in our daily lives.  We need this especially in the healing arts or when we are not at one.  The right brain merely melts into that Oneness. But is not good at the ship’s helm  to getting us to there if we are lost. It is rather the left-brain that practically navigates our everyday lives, but without right-brain intuitions can also get us  lost. Each side has a disability. So it stands to reason they should work together to negate their deficits. But how? All philosophies or put-into-words ways of trying to explain what the right brain sees are ultimately left-brain! But they come in different “flavors” some of which are more compatible with right or left brain dominance.  We can look at this in detail.
  • RELIGIOUS  IDEAS  – Most cultures lean on religious view of the essence of our world. In religious views there is a God, Great Spirit, and/or Atman or something like that which forms the ultimate Truth underlying all our world within and without. Religious and mystical ideas may really express powerful truths of holistic consciousness. But these often are not verifiable. Images formed in  our collective subconscious or dream world may remaim prominent, like that of Angels and Devils which speak to more the intuition of our spirits – even if there is nothing tangible, physical, or concrete to back up the view. No one,  to my knowledge, has ever seen any God sitting on a gilded throne in the sky. But it doesn’t matter to the spiritual/metaphorical view. At the same time, to the rational and more literal mind it does. This keeps our inner consciousness disjointed.
  • SECULAR IDEAS – The alternative is to explain the Oneness of nature in a way the rational mind prefers. We bring in primarily the concrete, physical,  or tangible world. This then allows that same rational mind to predominate. At the same time, it affronts inner intuitions. So what to do?  Should we attempt a better secular or religious view? Fully secular views are rare. Among them are the mathematical vision of nature (using physics, chemistry and biotechnology) and the yin yang philosophy (with its origins in China). Each attempts to formulate a “universal central paradigm” or means to see all things as One. Are any of these views authentic? Remember that the right brain quintessentially is the more connective, healing view. Thus an acid test for a left-brain formulated worldview is how well it performs in the healing arts. This applies to modern allopathic medicine rooted in the mathematical view and Chinese medicine rooted in the yinyang philosophy. If a derivative healing art does not heal, it brings into question the underlying philosophy. Today our world is filled with major and growing health pandemics, which thus is very telling.
  • PARTLY SECULAR, PARTLY RELIGIOUS – In ancient India it was proposed that consciousness forms the universal essence of nature. But the literature often remain mystical and is thus hard for our modern minds to best relate thereto. Still the ancient Hindu and Buddhist traditions have evolved their own derivative healing practice – such as Ayurvedic and Tibetan medicine. Again, if their remedies are effective it may evidence some signs of truths in the root vision. With this view in mind, the fact that several cancers have become epidemic in both China and India hints that all of the combined secular visions of nature we’ve developed may not be well-navigating enough.




  • Supplanting the Atomic Model - The core essence of nature is not objectively defined by the atomic model, supposedly objectified by what math symbols point us to. Rather that role is filled by what we experience as “consciousness.”  The atom was supposedly the indivisible One, like that of 1/1=1 and thus the building block of all of nature. Electronic microscopes have disproved that ideological illusion. In truth, consciousness is nature’s indivisible One, so we need to retrace our steps.
  • Consciousness Supplanting the Atom – Consciousness as nature’s essence can be defined as the “universal relationship of connection in nature.
  • Consciousness is at the core of life. Chronic illnesses of our bodies are thus not essentially mechanical but consciousness ailments – especially Alzheimer’s, diabetes and systemic cancers.  Knowing that is the master key to healing and preventing these ailments.
  • Rational Explanation of Consciousness – The above is a very powerful rational explanation of the nature of consciousness which usually defies rational explanation. The rational mind isolates elements in our consciousness with perfection. It uses symbols like those of mathematics, the highest abstractions for how to separate all elements of consciousness. But that essential approach actually moves away from the essence of consciousness. So we have to retrain the rational mind to point and focus  (like a camera) upon the unpointing and unfocusing process – or to re-see the undivided ocean of consciousness that exists to the depths of nature, past the surface appearance of the separate physical forms.This  is no minor knowledge and of what forms the essence of life, of nature, and ourselves – with powerful healing and environmental applications.
  • Organics Supplanting Math-Defined Lab-Creations – Among the first, to give an example, there is a very deep reason why we need to avoid lab-created synthetic chemicals, things deeply and purely math-designed, and to go organic in order to preserve our health and that of our environment whose inner essence is living consciousness. We also might incorporate more living foods that bring out nature’s essence, and more importantly than a combination of things math-described and defined (e.g. fats, proteins, carbs, sugars). This is unique knowledge that many ancient cultures did not have, even if they bordered on a life-centered view. So we modify and revive the life and consciousness centered vision of nature to apply it powerfully to the healing of our times. We need to do this because we are in the eleventh hour or destroying our planet by unrelentingly, ideologically (left-brain dominant)and arrogantly following 17th century illusions about the mechanical/math-based vision of nature instead.

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