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Is there a root cause to all diseases? | Healing Talks

Is there a root cause to all diseases?


(Healingtalks) All of my writings are essentially attempts to share what I have learned about “seeing beneath the veils” or the surface illusions of life and to better heal ourselves – and more deeply at all levels. Seeing a deeper cause for disease is part of this overall picture.

Lowered consciousness 

John Tilden, in his Toxemia Explained, apparently made the very famous claim that “all diseases have one root cause, toxemia.”  Many naturopaths follow this philosophy. My view is this  is partly true and party not. A root cause means, strictly speaking, something so encompassing that it explains the origins of all forms of diseases and at their foundation.  Now I can be ill by having my finger cut and  then infected. This has nothing to do with toxemia!

Healing philosophy of raw-wisdom

My own healing philosophy of raw-wisdom offers a different view. Toxins are physical substances that are poisonous. Emotions and thoughts can also be toxic. They all take life, inner light and consciousness out of our bodies. Ultimately it is this taking away of connective consciousness that engenders disconnection, not-being-whole or experiencing disease.  This is why Alzheimer’s is obviously a consciousness disease. So is diabetes  or where a person can step on a nail and not feel anything due to necrosis in the extremities. Cancer is another dramatically consciousness-depleted disease as it can grow unnoticed to destroy life.

There are further reasons why I uphold this view.

Consciousness defined

At the foundation of the raw-wisdom view is the simple but revolutionary proposition that “consciousness forms a potentially  universal relationship of connection in nature.”


Among the powerful implications of the above unique statement is a direct challenge to the math-based vision of nature that has fully dominated us for four centuries and which supposedly best helps connect our vision and understanding of the cosmos – the philosophy of Newton, Galileo and Descartes. This  formed the essentially modern way of seeing nature.

Why the modern vision is contradictory 

That view is actually and very deeply contradictory. It lacks lacks integrity because of what I will explain in a moment and it  points only to surface appearances. The reason is that math symbols uniquely direct us to principles of separation in nature. To count two apples they have to be separate. Make applesauce and you can’t count them anymore. Math symbols are not the mystical tools for God’s plan for nature that Newton assumed and then popularized. This is why those quantitative symbols do direct us to build machines made of separate parts and that are distinctly unconscious. This is also why the modern world is so globally destroying much of living and sentient nature. Ultimately this is why allopathic medicine, grounded in this misguiding worldview, fails to integrally heal with chemical drugs, surgery and radiation – and also points to mostly surface  or symptom ameliorations which are not depth-real.

At the root of healing 

What consciousness does is it c-o-n-n-e-c-t-s our inner being together as one. The presence of consciousness keeps us whole and alive.  The absence or loss fosters diseases. Lose more consciousness, and we lose life  in the body. The body falls apart then and turns to dust.  Thus raising consciousness either by physical or inner means is very integral to all healing. Healing is symbolized by a cut that mends or re-c0nnects – that regains integral consciousness within. But healing can also be engendered simply by educating, by raising the  level of insight past illusions and deceptions about things that do not heal but harm our bodies. Ultimately it is a lowering of consciousness that forms the disease process. Each just has a different surface mask. This is also why non-physical approaches like meditation, emotional healing and adequate sleep can further help pull us together or to heal.

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  1. Dragon7095 says:

    This is very well written.  to bad the general population does not grasp what you mean.  Thanks.

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