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Healingtalks and healing tips | Healing Talks

Healing talks and healing tips

Healing talks and healing tips

By Nathan Batalion, PhD, Naturopath, Triathlete

(Healingtalks) Here is a little of the background for the founding of www.healingtalks.com and what the site is all about.

When I first started a website called www.Raw-Wisdom.com with Melinda Elliott back in 2008, I wanted to promote a solution-based approach to major planetary problems. I believe our civilization has been following a hugely failing ideology that promotes itself as the truest, most objective (so-called”scientific”) understanding of nature’s essential laws – the mathematical view.  It is actually a mechanical/dead view of nature that is a filtering screen for falsely seeing the essence of nature. Having been a math prodigy, at the age of 17 I had the equivalent of a stroke that temporarily shut down the left brain – that which mathematizes – and from the event had the enlightening experience to see how the mathematical view, my prior religion, did not represent a true view of nature’s essence. So I began the difficult task of reconstructing a vision of nature on much firmer ground – one that does not corrupt or illusionize (breakdown the integrity of consciousness) but heals – and where surprisingly the mathematical view introduced in the 17the century misguides us (most especially in the healing arts)

And so I advocate and uniquely outline a different life-and-consciousness centered vision of nature to renavigate all of life experience toward wholeness, being at one with nature, and thereby healed.

Detoxing our vision of nature

Ultimately what we really need to detox-the-most what is not in our bodies but in our minds – healing our root vision of nature.

Major problems we face 

Our modern culture must face the fact that half of all the earth’s life forms will soon become extinct unless we dramatically change our ways.  The web of life is deeply interconnected, and so our human survival is also really threatened. Furthermore, our social fabric is simultaneously threatened with disintegration. The single person living alone is the largest growing social statistic of our times. Health statistics reveal our medical-care system is likewise failing apart at the seams with persistent and growing global health pandemics – like cancer, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease. Conventional solutions, like “better living through chemistry” have not worked. The GREAT NEWS is that we can turn around all three of these harming trends by transforming the depths of our inner worldview.

How to turn around our major problems 

Our brains are wired with two main ways of seeing and which may compete for dominance: the left and the right brain ways. One is actually “catabolic” (seeing things systematically apart) and the other “anabolic” (seeing things systematically connected or whole). We critically need both working together, especially to best connect what is seen as separate. However, if the former, “the separative view,” dominates, we end up taking apart what is whole in nature, and thus creating catastrophes.

Unwisely and unknowingly we’ve chosen this former path as our guiding approach to nature. How? Again as a math prodigy, I used to belive nature’s depth essence was mathematical  and then became a renegade from that view. for math symbols are the universal symbols of separation. One cannot connect or heal a vision of nature thereby – bringing us into oneness with nature.

In my opinion this root thesis, underlying chemistry, physics. and the commercial nature of our society with which a marriage is made, is the greatest of  vision-mistakes ever made.  It is a dominantly catabolic or left-brain approach dominant to nature – what looks only at surface or surface-separate appearances and thus is illusionary. It is the chief cause underlying what now threatens, more and more, our environment as well as our social and inner health ecologies.

This is why an allopathic system of medicine, based on the prescribing of drugs, radiation and genetic modifications – oblivious to organics – causes a shambles of the medical arts and ends up being but a disease-care system for profit.


I thus try to offer in this blog some exciting, nowhere-else-to-be-found directives to see the deepest of deep flaws and illusions of our current culture – and to then effect a rescuing and revolutionary global mind change. I want to attract others, young and old, to our online and physical Raw-Wisdom community – to join us in envisioning this fundamental change, and thus creating a truly progressing and healing world – a real progressive heaven rather than non-sustainable movement and to hell on earth, the healing and nurturing rather than destruction and extinction of life – and as the main legacy we leave behind for all of life on earth, for ourselves, and for all future generations.

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