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WHAT IS LIFE? Part – I | Healing Talks



There is hardly a question more important to ask.

If you don’t know exactly “what’s life” and especially your very own intimate life force, how can you know the ways to best nurture, heal or restore life?

If  you want to become more and more alive, or in the negative, stop being devitalized or subject to an aging process, how is that possible without knowing (transpersonally and objectively), again “what is life?”

If that life force is seriously ill, how will you choose between different ways that claim to reverse illness – without knowing deeply and thoroughly …. what is life?

If  you feel  somehow that your life is our of sorts, how can you move to fulfill your life, again and again with knowing what
…….God help us all to know …. what is life?

If you want to live a long and full life, and maybe for a century or more, how will that be made possible without first knowing, and precisely for sure the secrets of …. what is life?

If you are seeking a diet that is more enlivening, and choosing between a regular, raw, and raw-living diet, what exactly demarcates the difference and why?

If life on earth is seriously threatened with extinction (with nearly 25% or more of all of life slated to become extinct in this century)  plus if the causes are humanly triggered, how can we best deal with this crisis and know what causes and can stop this, without knowing first what is life?

My answer to these questions is as follows. Life manifests, and especially in living organisms, through the concentrated presence, expression or drawing out of nature of what is consciousness. The mathematical principles that design machines draw out of nature the mechanical, which is relatively not conscious.

Life draws out of nature its consciousness.

Consciousness thus forms, in my view, the quintessence or irreducible distilled essence of what underlies all of life – and the development of that consciousness then becomes life’s distinguishing characteristic and sets its deepest core purpose in existing.

Thus billions or more of plants, animals and microbial life species have , in my opinion, just one commonly-held characteristic. They are sentient. They react to their environment in ways that does not fit the mechanical, unconscious billiard-ball colliding model.

We see this awareness in all of life, from the largest of dinosaurs to the tiniest of nano-viruses.

Life and its forms come, however, in a variety of not just sizes, but shapes, colors, textures, and many other features. Some live in the air and others in the soil or underwater. A horse may, for example, move very quickly. But a tree stands relatively still, rooted in its whole life to the ground. A squash plant may grow horizontally, hugging closely the earth. A tree will grow otherwise, reaching up to the sky.

Each life species has its distinguishing characteristics but they all share what is life.

Looking at plants, and their reactions to their environment, the presence of consciousness is not as evident. Books like the  Secret Life of Plants bring out that this is not the case. Plants are sentient.

Now if the bringing out of consciousness is the essence of life, this begs the question, what is consciousness.

For me, consciousness is the principle of connection itself in nature.

Continued inPart II

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