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WHAT IS LIFE? Part II | Healing Talks



Simple truths are often the most profound. There is hardly a more profound truth to consider than what really is “life” itself.

We can observe that any living organism is connected within as a whole. Therefore, metaphorically, it wears a “badge of organicity” – some exterior design that reflects a living unity within. For example, a flower radiates from its center displaying such a paradigm of unity. A floral beauty is other than something helter-skelter.  A leaf similarly branches in a pattern of unity from its root vein. The eye of animal radiates like a flower or the solarity of the sun.  All of these are “organic badges” –  exterior signs of organic/organized life and consciousness within. For I propose that consciousness is the foundation relationship of connection itself in nature. When concentrated most purely it then manifests as organic life in its beauty and glory.

A reverse evidence is obtained by cutting a living organism apart, destroying that organic connectedness. There and then consciousness leaves and the organism dies.

Living organisms do connect to their environment from within, from their consciousness. We can see this more in contrast or the reverse evidence – as when mechanical billiard balls do not do the same. Thus a billiard ball will move and react mechanically or only based on a reaction to a surface interaction. There is no inner connecting consciousness. The balls are “alive” in the sense of moving but dead in terms of having any inner motivating force, moving rather in a mechanical way. A seed that grows to become a tree has true life within. It will gather the force within needed to attract nutrient to grow tall with. Imagine it does so, at all cellular levels, from its consciousness flowing later within a tree’s sap. What is flowing is life within, withing the hard protective bark housing the softer life’s consciousness.

Following my train of thought, imagine first that life is the concentrated presence of consciousness, then that consciousness again forms the cosmic and pure principle of connection itself in nature, and finally that anything which connects life to its wholeness nurtures that life. The flip side implies anything which separates, severs, scalpels or cuts apart (or surgically disconnects that wholeness)  and thereby harms more than on a superficial level – harms life. That’s why life feels pain when deeply cut. Fire also harms life by being a separative or de-composing agent. It draws the light and consciousness out. The exception is to cut out something toxic  or life-harming – or where a double-negative that yields a positive. Water also nurtures life – which implies it must establish the same deeply integral connective/consciousness relationship. We can see this when water rounds the sharp corners of rocks. A sharp corner is something in geometrical opposition. To be so in opposition means something is not at one. When water rounds sharp corners it brings what is not at one back to connective oneness. Water re-establishes the connective relationship of nature that forms life. It thus also creates circular bubbles which have no points in opposition. This equates over and over again with our core and revolutionary view that consciousness form the root, foundation or pure relationship of connection in nature!

This is why water not only forms spherical bubbles, but also brings out the rainbow (another paradigm of nature’s oneness) and thus the miracle of life from every seed. Water, in this view, is not essentially H2O as chemically, dead, surface-effecting, or math defined in the mechanical view – which ideological orientation of the 17th century still dominates our modern culture.

Imagine life is thus grounded irreducibly in consciousness, and consciousness in turn  forms this irreducible relationship of connection in nature. Then this powerfully differs from the Newtonian world-picture which adds that supposedly the atom, “the indivisible one” or “what God created as One on the First Day of Creation,” forms the building blocks of nature. Newton believed this premise because he thought that a) nature always mirrored mathematical order, b) numbers formed the building blocks of mathematics, therefore c) atoms, representing numbers, were the building blocks of nature. This was Sir Isaac Newton’s mystical logic for believing we need also something akin in the laboratory to search and find the atom under the microscope. We have nowadays culturally adopted his beliefs as objectively true.  The reorganization of nature based on that contorted view has opened up a vast Pandora’s box.

Shifting away from that Newtonian vision, imagine that nature is not essentially made up of separate building blocks to conform to Newton’s vision. Imagine instead that it has a connected inner weave – a weave of consciousness – which binds all of nature together.  Guided by the Newtonian view, we are destroying that weave. Imagine further that consciousness is rooted not in what’s solid or physical as much as what’s physical is rooted in is conscious. Life then flows “in between” what appears on the surface as separate.  And our life’s consciousness travels instantaneously from brain to toe, if the latter is consciousness-accessible.  Life also travels via a tree’s sap and via our bodies using various connecting fluids.

Cut an apple open and it soon turns brown or “oxidizes.” Oxygen is a concept also created within the atomic view.  Imagine that when life is impaired, severed, made toxic, inflamed, or its vessels are cut apart,  life begins to leave. With the apple, it browns and then further decays. Its connective life force, so to speak, is absorbed by what surrounds it (when no longer protected within a whole and enclosed or shelled form).  We can think of a tortoise’s soft body being protected within its hard exterior. That aliveness then does not belong to the organism’s shell or its outermost form but rather to the inner softer, pre-physcial world centered within – and to the universal principle of connection itself  or to consciousness – which unifies living nature and to which life returns.

In my deep personal experience there really are two essential and main directions of consciousness. I wish I could invent that proposition but nature displays this with our split left and right brains as tuning forks – each tuning into two opposite and primary consciousness directions. They work like a wave flowing towards a seashore and then returning to the ocean. These two directions also involve going away from and back to consciousness’ own underlying inner connected oneness. These two potential directions are why we and other animals have bifurcated brains and opposite “tuning forks” towards these directions.  One side tunes better into what I call the separation of all elements of consciousness (moving away from the  essence of life and living awareness). The other moves consciousness back towards what I call its connective essence. The latter movement is more healing, the former is not. However because things are ultimately and organically one, there is a kind of yin yang co-dependent between the two opposite directions. They need each other to co-exist. Their reversal expresses the other’s reality. For example, we cannot separate something that is not first connected. We cannot connect something that is not first separated. The two must be present for each other.  We therefore need both sides of our brain to think in a whole way. But if the right brain dominates, we can best connect what is most separate or broken apart.  If the left brain dominates, we tend best do the opposite, to break apart what is whole. The latter turns out to be destructive of life. There are vast consequences of adopting the later, and manifesting as a  mechanical, left-brain dominant vision of nature.

Continued inPart III

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