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WHAT IS LIFE? – PART III | Healing Talks




Imagine that a deep understanding of ourselves – what is our life – will help us to stop destroying so many species on earth.

Something in our consciousness doesn’t either recognize, value, honor or nurture life around us. Curiously I believe this has to do with  our advanced bi-brain structure. This is because our right brain (tuned into our holistic consciousness) helps us in “connecting” deeply with the essence of life in nature while our left brain moves us in the opposite or” separating” direction – and with the latter being dominant.

My experience is that what the word “consciousness” points to the essence of life – and consciousness in turn allows us to connect to the world around us and within.  It has also been my insight that when we are in a  more right-brain dominant frame of mind, we again connect with that deeper holistic essence of consciousness; and in a left-brain dominant frame of mind we do not – disconnecting us from the depths of life and connecting us powerfully to the surface appearances. The very highest left brain skill is mathematical – using math symbols to separate all elements of consciousness. At least since the 17th century, we have used a mechanical  (math-0rganized and woven together ) vision of nature to best supposedly understand and relate to the core of nature – and which in my opinion a fundamental and profound mistake.

I am convinced this is the root reason why we are wholesale destroying organic life clear around the planet.

These are the precious creatures that wear the proud and rare “badges of organicity,” of the concentrated presence of consciousness and life within.

Life itself in nature cannot be destroyed – not if it is based on the irreducible and indestructible relationship of connection itself of all of nature which also creates nature’s oneness. That is ultimately untouchable. However specific life forms,  expressing organic life – or sentient beings that have taken literally millions of years to evolve – are being crudely extinguished, exterminated, killed, maimed  or annihilated. They are becoming extinct.

We are like bulls in this china closet of nature.

Humans may themselves soon become threatened species. We are threatened already with the existence and proliferation of atomic weapons. It is thus superficial to “green our lawns” by removing pesticides and herbicides, without greening first our minds or addressing our root inner visions that have made us into killing agents on killing fields.


Another major signs of things going wrong is a failing medical care system. Currently it is based on using surgery, drugs and radiation to make our bodies “whole.”  You can rarely cut something surgically apart and make it whole. With health epidemics like cancer quite rampant, that health care delivery system is in disarray,  being based on the same root mechanical (not life and consciousness-based)vision of nature. We thus fail to reverse several major chronic systemic illness. We rather poison ourselves with chemical drugs to make profits for Big Pharma. We especially see growing consciousness diseases – such as Alzheimer’s mental disarray, cancers’  silent spreading and diabetes’ diabolical neuropathy. If our modern world simply understood what is life and consciousness, we would , I believe, not have such pestilences.


We urgently need a root worldview change or global mind change. For me this refers to a shift to a life-centered vision of nature and away from the  mechanical-centered, math-based that spearheaded  the Industrial Revolution. This doesn’t mean we stop using machines, rather they must serve the more central needs of life.

As we change our very deepest core visions, everything else can and will change in tandem.

Otherwise the changes will  remain superficial and ineffective.

The power of deep-entrenched central beliefs allows them to become pivots for profound change.

Some 400 years ago we shifted our highest central beliefs about the nature. In the Middle Ages the Bible revealing a God-created and manifested universe. The modern world now sees a math-bound universe whose order is  revealed by numbers and equations. Looked at from an outside point of view, there are problems with the latter vision. Math symbols abstract how to separate all elements of consciousness. One cannot integrally connect a vision by systematically separating its elements. This contradiction permeates the whole math-tied view of nature.

The good news is that we can make another huge vision leap. The last such shift within was accompanied with a great deal of external political, cultural and economic violence. This time it may be accompanied by more environmental violence.


My vision  is that if we can and must shift to a higher level of consciousness, moving from a mechanical (Newtonian) to a life-centered vision of nature. This is also a consciousness-centered shift. How much of this is possible will depend on others taking on this banner. We certainly can shift to better ways to nurture, sustain and discover life in nature rather than best bringing out the machine-like, mechanical (Industrial Revolution).

I feel there is no more important inner task facing our modern world.

With mechanical things, motions have no inner life component to inspire them. With living organisms, motions are inner consciousness driven. In this light, and with nearly 1/4 of all earthly species headed soon towards extinction, we need a deep shift within to a higher level of consciousness – to redirect our lives and save our planet from its present path of potential self-destruction.

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