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What is life’s wisdom in the raw – part I

What is my life wisdom in the raw
part I

By Nathan Batalion, PhD, Naturopath, Triathlete

(Healingtalks) Raw life wisdom (or my own life wisdom in the raw) offers a revolutionary view of the world of nature, shifting from the mechanical, machine-like or dead vision to an oppositely life-centered understanding.

But life is rare

Of course life manifesting as sentient or aware organisms is quite rare in our universe. How can what is rare represent the essence of nature universally permeating? Isn’t that a contradiction? The aim here is to arrive at possible answers to such questions, and then offer to use that knowledge to turn around our major planetary ecological, social and health crises.


This also involves a certain pun in using the term “raw.” We advocate a raw-living foods diet as a result of a life-centered vision. However the “raw” view first refers to how our right brain sees naked of “conceptual illusions.

Left brain conceptual view

The left brain view of reality is the conceptual. ” Concepts are outline images that help us separate something out in our awareness. For example, we might be walking down a street and all the while  have a concept of a “building with red wood trim” in mind. We survey the different buildings and find one that fits our image. We then focus on it. This focusing is a separating out of an element of consciousness. Next we might have the concept of a sidewalk. So we focus on what is beneath our feet. Concepts focus attention using outline images. A line in an outline forms a visual separation. If we strip the mind of all its concepts, its mental separations, we no longer focus in a separative or isolated-elements way. This takes us to the right-brain dominant way of experiencing our consciousness – as an indivisible ocean.

Surface illusionary

Why might the conceptually-driven or left-brain dominant view be “surface illusionary”?  This is because it is akin to diving into an ocean  and thereby creating walls of water that did not pre-exit. We experience a created consciousness reality rather than a naked or raw one!

Partly real

In the surface or moment of time these created perceptions exist. They are real. But they tend to obliterate raw experience or cover over what is naked. For example in Nazi Germany a Jew was considered to be like a rat, worthy to be exterminated. But in raw experience Jews don’t look like rats. It is a conceptual imposition, an ideology, and thus a created illusion.


In general our left-brain mode of consciousness is separative and the right brain connective. We can allow the latter to dominate when we focus on (separate out) something in order to connect to it. For example, we dial a phone number  in order to find (focus attention on) someone. Ultimately this is in order to connect with them, and possibly to shower them with love. Or we might subject them to hatred. The former is  more consciousness-connective and the later consciousness-separative. Because mathematics abstracts how to separate all elements of consciousness, it is the highest left-brain symbolism used to potentially organize a worldview.

Uses of mathematics

The question then arises: shall we use such a math-constructed vision of nature in a dominantly-separative or subserviently-connective way? With the former choice, we gravitate to an atomic, math-based understanding as in physics and chemistry – which allows us to build atomic weapons and the means for chemical pollution – or is it a better life through chemistry? With a non-conventional approach, we use mathematics consciously and wisely. For example, with a thermometer we measure the departure form a temperature representing a state of balance, such as 98.6 Fahrenheit. This separative knowledge is used for a reversal, a return of the body temperature to a state of balance. We use a separate measurement in order to connect to wholeness and healing.

Double negative

The above refers to  a double negation that creates a positive. Because opposites are reversible in a wholistic understanding, the mathematical orientation can be used invaluably but  subserviently. Otherwise there are vast destructive potentials when used dominantly and without oversight.

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