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RAW-WISDOM is a revolutionary view the essence of nature. It shifts from the mechanical, machine-like or dead view of nature to an oppositely life-centered understanding. This is in order to turnaround our major planetary ecological crises.

We offer words of wisdom about the growing chemical and genetic pollution and overall destruction of planet Earth.

In modern times we’ve invented at least 4 million chemicals (as reported in scientific literature), most all in the last 100 years, including 150,000 drugs, 100,000 chemicals in commercial production, 10,000 in food processing and at least 1000 toxic ones lodging deeply in our cells (even in mothers’ placenta for the unborn). Cancers logically follow, but doctors rarely advocate organics and prefer prescribing drugs. Now 2/3rds of Americans annually take drugs and 2/3rds remain victims of long-term illnesses. Supposedly the drugs “scientifically” control conditions but statistics belie this. They show major illnesses persist and just get labeled as “chronic.” Also genetic engineering is rapidly dominating staples in just a few decades. These two huge trends are happening primarily because a very, very powerful seed idea was planted in the 17th century. Now 400   years later this is bearing crops (like global pollution).

This one seed idea should have faced huge skepticism yet it was universally accepted. Even naturopaths tend to take in what is so cogently taught in modern education and by mass media. This refers to the root belief that nature is surely but a math-based, mechanical/atomic enterprise. This central belief, having universal applications, underlies many planetary ills.

Our surrounding world reflects the immense loss of wisdom. This is reversible by a simple change of mind, and from again a death to a life-centered vision of nature or where we elicit out of nature what is life rather than death delivering and create what Gabriel Cousens calls a “culture of life.”

Nathan Batalion, the originator of “raw-wisdom” was born in Germany to a Jewish Holocaust-surviving family which made him sensitive to the more cruel aspects of our modern world. In his early years Nathan was a math-prodigy. But at 17 he had a high fever that caused his left-brain to shut down, giving him a strong glimpse into a right-brain way of seeing (which contradicted his math-grounded view). Over several decades he refined his unique philosophy of nature which he refers to this as “naturolism” to support naturopathy or natural healing. He considers “raw-wisdom”  a right-brain-anchored view, stripped of left-brain illusions. The term “raw” refers to seeing passively or naked of conceptual projections. Our left-brain creates mental concepts which are outline images that guide (and therefore shape) the direction of consciousness. Shaping consciousness is like diving into a body of water to create temporary walls of water all around you. When you leave the waters, the walls reconnect.  The right brain view seems the ocean more passively and the left-brain not.

Nathan also is a certified traditional naturopath and a passionate eco-activist as a result of his experience with raw-wisdom. He helped found Food & Water, Inc fighting food-irradiation and is the author of 50 Harmful Effects of Genetically Modified Foods and follows a living-food vegan lifestyle. He is currently working on a PhD in environmental philosophy at Binghamton University. He co-founded the Gerson Wellness Center at Sedona in Arizona (treating cancer patients naturally) and is creating a Raw-Wisdom Community in Oneonta NY as a branch of Gabriel Cousens’ Tree of Life.


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